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Encanvas digital transformation data sheet


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For businesses looking to drive their digital transformation with a bi-modal IT (two-speed) approach, the majority are looking to grow DevOps (Development Operations) teams. And those teams will need software to build apps faster than ever before. This data sheet explains how Encanvas meets these needs.

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Encanvas digital transformation data sheet

  1. 1. APPLICATION DATA SHEET DIGITAL TRANFORMATION TRANSFORM THE VALUE OF  TECHNOLOGY TO YOUR CUSTOMERS Digital Transformation – what happens when businesses realize the potential of  digital technology to bring value to their customers.  It’s created a demand for  two‐speed IT… because coded legacy IT is plain slow. Agile DevOps teams need  fast, code‐less tools to implement digital transformation projects that lower skill  demands and produce sustainable results.   Meet Encanvas DX ‐ the fastest way  for DevOps teams to build and deploy enterprise grade apps – bar none. Modernize applications many ways using a  single suite of development software What separates Encanvas from all other DevOps products is its all encompassing nature, its completeness and its commitment to 100% code‐ free publishing. With Encanvas, IT teams can engage business stakeholders across‐the‐desk, not in back rooms. Designed with DevOps teams in mind, Encanvas is a modern web server architecture that fully leverages Microsoft.NET. Serve the long‐tail of applications demand IT teams are faced with growing lists of demands from information workers for applications that combine disparate combinations of information assets to create applications that respond to new business situations. This growing list of requirements for new applications is being described as the ‘long‐tail’ of software applications (i.e. A small number of individuals and small groups of users who need to use large numbers of applications as opposed to the majority of users who only require a small number of applications). Encanvas helps IT teams to serve the long‐tail of business applications; making information workers more productive and removing applications development costs. Powering lean process automation Encanvas streamlines human‐centric processes to boost workforce productivity and gives leaders the insights they need to make more informed decisions. Integrated middle‐ware Encanvas incorporates one of the most advanced data integration layers ever created in an enterprise computing applications development environment. It employs a point‐and‐click suite of data connectors, a drag‐and‐drop systemized information flow designer, and a multi‐linking capability that blends data from disparate sources to create new data structures. Encanvas is a true multi‐threading technology that can engage a series of data sources at the same time. Ready‐to‐use design elements Encanvas includes a series of ready‐to‐use building blocks that can be brought together in different ways to produce new applications. These include components for data capture, business intelligence, reporting, search and discovery, content management, instant messaging and more. Unrivalled enterprise security Encanvas enables IT administrators to manage every aspect of master data management, portal deployment, user identity and access management and data governance no matter how many portals and mobile applications are developed. Why DevOps Teams Use Encanvas To Go Code‐less Bridge between IT and the business Encanvas makes the partnership  between business and IT work through iterative development  Reduce project costs and make more  projects possible Encanvas reduces the complexity  of IT projects by delivering  concept‐to‐real implementations  in 4‐steps A comprehensive development  environment provides the  essential tools authors need in a  single design and deployment  platform Improve IT team productivity Fewer IT skills are required and  fewer IT tools Up to 60% of project specifying  and simulation time is removed Re‐working of applications is all  but removed (up to 25% of costs)  Master Data Management and  web service strategies cascade  robust IT platform support the  long‐tail of applications demands Right‐first time applications  The fastest and securest means  to deliver .NET portal and mobile  applications
  2. 2. Feature Benefit Development without coding  or scripting Modernize legacy applications or create new business  applications that respond to ‘long‐tail’ demands Life‐cycle management Supports the complete application lifecycle No re‐working Point‐and‐click authoring across the desk creates  right‐first‐time results Unparalleled integration Create new database applications or integrate with  existing systems ‘Data mashup’ capabilities  come as standard Blend data from disparate systems across the  enterprise with Encanvas’s powerful data mashup  capabilities to create federated map views Maps and visualization Present your world of business information on a single  map. Improve enterprise accessibility to mapping tools Extend legacy IT systems Add new features and capabilities to legacy  applications Reduce project risk Develop working prototypes within hours  Encanvas platform For class‐leading user identity management, group  creation, website administration, business analytics,  data governance/security, data entry and applications  customization capabilities For more information For further details about Encanvas visit © 2017 Encanvas. All rights reserved. Encanvas® is a registered trademark. All other trademarks and trade names are acknowledged as belonging to their respective owners. Encanvas® reserves the right to modify specifications of applications without notice. Encanvas is a cloud‐deployed  application fabric. No client  installation is required. Private  cloud and host platform options are  available for in‐house deployments. Host platform Microsoft® Windows Small Business  Server 2003 through to Windows  Server 2016. Requires Microsoft® SQL  Server or Microsoft® SQL Server  Express (not supplied). Out‐of‐Box Features Business intelligence Charts & reports Data mashups Forms and databases Spatial visualization Mobility Portal Services Printing Search & discovery Other applications Live Wire‐Frame Dashboards Maps Robotic Process Automation IoT & Big Data Digital Transformation Digital City  Business Intelligence Life‐Cycle Dashboards Unique Innovations The whole code‐less LEGO® brick thing Encanvas is designed on a model similar to LEGO® bricks. Instead of asking designers to code and work with technology components that are all different, designers use ready‐made building blocks that slot together to create the applications businesses need without the human error or risks introduced by manual coding applications. Canvases Canvases are a light‐weight data structures used in the Encanvas platform to bring together the logic of applications and their resources into a single file to ensure coherency in master data management and application lifecycle. Version‐Rollback™ future‐proofing Encanvas creates applications designed to change over time. To make this possible we’ve invented Version-Rollback™ technology: Canvases record a description of the version levels of applications used to create and deploy them. When canvases are edited, the applications used to edit and publish them ‘rollback’ to original versions so new features are not initiated unless settings are overridden. Scalable solutions There’s no limit to the size and scale of applications Encanvas can produce. View our case studies to find out about large‐scale enterprise and industry deployments. Remote[Spaces] Encanvas Remote[Spaces] technology means that administrators and tech support teams can support many remote private customer sites from their desktop and easily replicate good practise. Unparalleled usability Encanvas is so easy to use that any business analyst with some database engineering expertise can design and deploy business applications. For IT managers it means they can develop a larger pool of applications designers requiring fewer skills. Application Life‐cycle Management Encanvas supports the complete application lifecycle from design concept to completion. It includes tools to streamline application orchestration and deployments, the creation of help text and site design. Business intelligence and geo‐spatial maps Encanvas incorporates sophisticated business intelligence and geo‐spatial mapping features as standard, so there’s no need to purchase additional software for mapping or BI. Created on Microsoft® .NET, deployed on  Microsoft® .NET web server architecture  Encanvas has been created using standard Microsoft® technologies and produces business applications designed to work best on Microsoft® operating systems and technology platforms.