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Gut Checking Your 2015 Integrated Digital Marketing Plan


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Progressive brands are analyzing and prioritizing digital integration in their 2015 plans. Speakers shared a few key considerations throughout the planning process. They will discuss research and strategy, integrated tactics v. programs, and full-funnel analytics as we move into 2015.

Attendees of the webcast will take away the following:

Planning: What inputs and analysis are used to understand where tactical and integrated opportunities exist?

Execution: Where do “program” opportunities exist to improve cross-channel efficiencies and results?

What tactics will help your team successfully plan and execute winning digital campaigns?

Full-Funnel Analytics: What plans should be made to measure and capitalize upon results throughout the funnel, online and offline?

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Gut Checking Your 2015 Integrated Digital Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Is Your 2015 Integrated Digital Marketing Plan Complete? Time for a Gut Check? Thursday, December 11, 2014 - 1:00 EST(10:00PST) Speakers: David Robidoux, VP, Marketing, Franchise Services, Inc. Mike Bell, VP, Marketing, Parchment Mike Corak, EVP, Strategy, ethology
  2. 2. Viewing Tips  Turn Off Pop-Up Blockers  Technical difficulties? • Click on “Help?” link • Use Q+A box  Submitting questions to speaker • Q+A session at end of webcast • Use “Ask a Question” box to submit questions • Send questions at any time • #DMDwc #GutCheck
  3. 3. Today’s Presenters David Robidoux VP, Marketing, Franchise Services, Inc. Mike Corak EVP, Strategy, ethology @mikecorak Mike Bell VP, Marketing, Parchment #GutCheck @michaelrsbell
  4. 4. About Parchment Parchment 5.0, our electronic credentials platform, delivers the full B2B2C credential lifecycle securely and at scale. 2. Learners Request, Collect, Deliver & Share Multiple Credentials via 3. Credentials Are Displayed in Online Profiles Parchment Send Parchment Receive Issue. Request. Collect. Deliver. Share. Analyze. Parchment 5.0 #GutCheck One Account 1. Issuers Move from Paper to Electronic Credentials (Issue, Order, DRM, etc.) 4. Credentials are Delivered to Official Destinations (e.g. Admissions) A Secure & Trusted Platform
  5. 5. About Franchise Services Franchise Services, Inc. is a franchise management company that owns the franchise brands TeamLogic IT, Sir Speedy, PIP, Signal Graphics and MultiCopy. FSI’s award-winning brands support the small- to medium-sized business market. #GutCheck
  6. 6. Top Considerations 1. Planning Process 2. Tactical Needs 3. Integration 4. Resourcing 5. Analytics 6. Budgeting #GutCheck
  7. 7. #1 PLANNING PROCESS #GutCheck
  8. 8. Pro Tip: Budgeting… But Still LAST! #GutCheck
  9. 9. Polling Question 1 Poll 1: Where do most marketers plan to focus their digital efforts in 2015? a) Brand Awareness b) Revenue Support c) Data Acquisition d) Digital Channel Expansion e) Improving Customer Experience #GutCheck
  10. 10. Ethology (Annual) Integrated Planning Process Business Goals • Definition •Map digital KPIs •Audit ability to efficiently measure and tie back to business goals Audits & Inputs • Consumer Insights • Content Demand • Personas • Tactical Audits •Customer Experience Audits • Resource Audit •Competitive Analysis • Share of Voice •Offline Marketing Plan Review • Tool Assessment • Funnel Definition Strategy •Opportunity Assessment •GAP Analysis • Brand Taxonomy • Tactical Strategy • Integrated Strategy • Content Strategy • Resource Assignment • Projections • Journey Mapping Plan •Ops Design • Service Design • Tactical Calendar • Content Calendar • Technical Roadmap • Usability Roadmap • Resource Roadmap • Innovation Roadmap • Integrated Processes • Roles & Responsibilities Budget •Cost Estimate Against Program & Outcomes • Feasibility Assessment Adjust and Repeat Until Approved #GutCheck
  11. 11. Parchment Planning Timeline Strat Plan Quantitative Brand Qualitative Member Road Show Learner • PR • Influencer • Education • Interactive • Social 7’14 8’14 9’14 10’14 2015 Q4 15 Phase 1 Strategic Planning Phase 2 Research & Analysis Phase 3 Brand Identity • Parchment Vision • Strategic Pillars • Map Current Tactics to Pillars • Map Future Tactics to Pillars • Identify KPIs • Map Org Chart to Strategic Direction • *Pricing Strategy Phase 5 Execution • GA Audit • PPC “Test” campaign • Positioning • Brand Drivers • Creative Brief • Logo Refinements • Logo/Brand Extensions • Style Guide • Presentations • Internal • Sales • IR • PR • survey • Member Focus Groups • Learner Focus Groups • Social Listening • Consistent but custom messaging • Insight-driven initiatives • Targeted Campaigns • Segmented Decks Phase 4 Socialization • Interview internal stakeholders • Gain consensus on Strategic Pillars • Socialize KPIs • Present final Strategy Systems Team Marketing Sales Product Marketing Product Sales Agency Partner Marketing Product Sales Agency Partner Marketing Product Sales Finance Marketing Sales Product #GutCheck
  12. 12. FSI PLANNING #GutCheck
  13. 13. #2 TACTICAL NEEDS #GutCheck
  14. 14. Polling Question 2 Poll 2: Where do you tactically feel that your digital marketing execution has the most opportunity for improvement? a) Mobile b) Big Data c) Conversion Optimization d) Content Marketing e) Marketing Automation #GutCheck
  15. 15. Tactical Focus #GutCheck
  16. 16. Content Marketing Challenges #GutCheck
  17. 17. Polling Question 3 Poll 3: Organizationally where do you feel the biggest opportunity for digital marketing improvement lies? • Integration • Resourcing • Analytics • Budgeting #GutCheck
  18. 18. #3 INTEGRATION #GutCheck
  19. 19. Common Integration Deficiencies Upon Audit • Modern SEO: Technical SEO, Content Strategy, UX, Creative, Social • Local: National SEO, Local SEO, Local Content, Social (reviews), Localized Content • Customer Experience: UX Design and Content Strategy (Service Design – Offline) • Retention: CRM, Email, Social, and Offline • Multi-Channel Analytics (Attribution) #GutCheck
  20. 20. Content Strategy at the Core social promotion and discussion paid media promotion tactically-agnostic future-friendly search analytics lifecycle marketing (email) content creation content strategy lenses: local + mobile #GutCheck
  21. 21. #4 RESOURCING #GutCheck
  22. 22. Top Impediment to Integration #GutCheck
  23. 23. Cultural Shifts That Break Down Silos • Reimagine your organizational structure, processes, and ops design • Rally teams and partners around integrated programs • Assign common success KPIs across teams (incentives) • Create a senior level content position • Include cross-channel teamwork in performance reviews • Celebrate group successes • Educate! #GutCheck
  24. 24. Staffing Model Extremes In-house • Tactical execution with internal staff • Consultation from tactical industry experts • Examples: Intuit, Amazon Benefits: Cost effective, activity oversight, integration control (in theory) Risks: Planning ability, talent, ability to tactically stay cutting edge, team management, knowledge for program evolution and integration Delivery Partners • Tactical execution with external staff • Partnered planning • Examples: CPG Benefits: Tactical accountability Risks: Direct tactical oversight and staffing, cost, multiple agency management and integration, ability to understand where to make bets (partner competition) #GutCheck
  25. 25. FSI Marketing Staff
  26. 26. #5 ANALYTICS #GutCheck
  27. 27. Marketing Mix Value #GutCheck
  28. 28. FSI Media Mix #GutCheck
  29. 29. #6 BUDGETING #GutCheck
  30. 30. Budget Allocation #GutCheck
  31. 31. Forecasted Market Factors 1. Improved measurement controls superfluous spending 1. Contextual marketing steals media dollars #GutCheck
  32. 32. Recommended Areas of Focus • Foundational Tactical Improvements • Content Strategy, Content, and Content Marketing • User Experience and Technical Roadmaps • Infrastructure: Systems, Tools, and Staff (Content Managers, Program Managers) • Direct Improvements: CRM, email, sms, integration • Service Design • Advanced Analytics • Testing Slush-Fund! #GutCheck
  33. 33. Thank You! #DMD #GutCheck