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Christus dominus


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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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Christus dominus

  1. 1. CHRISTUS DOMINUS DECREE CONCERNING THE PASTORAL OFFICE OF BISHOPS IN THE CHURCH Submitted to: Mr. Ramonito Perez Prepared by: Charlene May Manlapig Ana Luisa Cruz
  2. 2. Proclaimed by His Holiness POPE PAUL VI on October 28, 1965 The Apostolic Constitution "Christus Dominus," issued by the Sovereign Pontiff Pius XII happily reigning, grants several faculties and dispensations with respect to the observance of the law of the Eucharistic fast.
  3. 3.  Introduction * Catholic bishops are the successors of the apostles. They are leaders in glorifying God, sanctifying men, and building up the Body of Christ. * The Roman Pontiff holds primacy in the universal Church, for he “has been granted by God supreme, full, immediate and universal power in the care of souls.”
  4. 4. * The Pope and bishops together carry out the work of Christ as teachers and pastors. In their unity, they form the episcopal college with the Pope as the head. Each bishop has the responsibility for his own particular Church, or diocese, but always remains in union with the Pope.
  5. 5.  The Role of the Bishops in the Universal Church * The Pope and bishops must remain closely united in the episcopal college, and together they exercise “supreme and full authority” over the Church. Bishops have the right to participate in ecumenical councils in union with the Pope. * Bishops ought to be “solicitous” for the universal Church and for all the particular Churches, especially those in mission territories and those that are struggling. Bishops should help each other with brotherly care.
  6. 6.  Christus Dominus in Its Own Words “In this Church of Christ the Roman pontiff, as the successor of Peter, to whom Christ entrusted the feeding of His sheep and lambs, enjoys supreme, full, immediate, and universal authority over the care of souls by divine institution. Therefore, as pastor of all the faithful, he is sent to provide for the common good of the universal Church and for the good of the individual churches. Hence, he holds a primacy of ordinary power over all the churches.” (#2)
  7. 7. “In exercising their duty of teaching-which is conspicuous among the principal duties of bishopsthey should announce the Gospel of Christ to men, calling them to a faith in the power of the Spirit or confirming them in a living faith. They should expound the whole mystery of Christ to them, namely, those truths the ignorance of which is ignorance of Christ. At the same time they should point out the divinely revealed way to give glory to God and thereby to attain to eternal happiness.” (#12)
  8. 8. “Individual bishops who have been entrusted with the care of a particular church-under the authority of the supreme pontiff-feed their sheep in the name of the Lord as their own, ordinary, and immediate pastors, performing for them the office of teaching, sanctifying, and governing.” (#11) “As those who lead others to perfection, bishops should be diligent in fostering holiness among their clerics, religious, and laity according to the special vocation of each. They should also be mindful of their obligation to give an example of holiness in charity, humility, and simplicity of life. Let them so hallow the churches entrusted to them that the feeling of the universal Church of Christ may shine forth fully in them.” (#15)
  9. 9. THANK YOU !!!