Agile Scrum Training (Part 3)


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Agile Scrum Training (Part 3)

  1. 1. Agile / Scrum (Part 2)Enough to be dangerous: artifacts andother weapons of mass productionCreated By Jeremy Hutton
  2. 2. Review Take Notes?
  3. 3. Value The Why
  4. 4. Sell Manage Implement Share MarketingProject Estimation Project Management Cadence Agile Methodology Value Blood, sweat and a few tears
  5. 5. Roles• What do the following do? Product Owner Scrum Master (PO) (SM) Team (T) Stakeholder (S)
  6. 6. Terms• Define the following, or how they relate to current terms. Definition Sprint of “done” Scrum Backlogs Shippable Stories Product Time Spikes boxing
  7. 7. The Artifacts & Tools Let’s get dangerous
  8. 8. Weapons of Mass Production Plan Execute Improve • Product Backlog • Task Board • Sprint Review • Sprint Backlog • Burndown Chart • Retrospective • Sprint Planning • Daily Scrum • Sprint Goal Ka-boom!
  9. 9. PlanMeasure twice, cut once
  10. 10. Artifact: Product Backlog• Owner: PO• Value: List of feature requests• Drives: Sprint Goal & Sprint Backlog• Includes: Feature/Capability (PO), Value/Priority (PO), User (PO), Acceptance Criteria (PO), Estimate (T) Answers “what are we going to do?” question
  11. 11. Tool: Feature Estimation Dot Voting Thumbs (Stakeholders) Up/Down/Sideways
  12. 12. Meeting: Sprint Planning• Owner: T, mediated by SM, PO prioritizes• Value: Creates Sprint Goal & Sprint Backlog• Parameters: Happens once at beginning of Sprint and less than 8 hours (time boxed), most are 2 – 3 hours Gets Team to agree and commit to the goal
  13. 13. Artifact: Sprint Goal• Owner: T & PO• Value: Guides decisions for the Sprint• 1 – 2 sentence description of overall sprint goal. Nothing fancy here
  14. 14. Artifact: Sprint Backlog• Owner: T• Value: Prioritized list of all sprint tasks (story or spike) that can be reprioritized at any time• Parameters: All tasks are in 2 – 8 hour increments• Includes: Type (Story/Spike), Task, Sequence/Priority, Dependency, Acceptance Criteria, Estimate. Answers “how are we going to do?” question
  15. 15. Product Backlog vs. Sprint Backlog Product Backlog UI A B C Business Req. Task Task Task Task Services Task Task Task Task Database Task Task
  16. 16. Examples• Module 1 Let’s see the backlogs!
  17. 17. Tool: Task Estimations• Fibonacci Sequence – 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 Effort Effort Comp 13 lexity 5 Complexi ty Risk Risk Estimate: 5 Estimate: 13
  18. 18. Execute Don’t miss
  19. 19. Artifact: Task Board • Owner: T • Value: Visual representation sprint backlog items and sprint burndown chart4 states for tasks: not started, in process, done, blocked
  20. 20. Artifact: Burndown Chart• Owner: T• Value: Representation of actual completed tasks against ideal completed tasks over time
  21. 21. Examples• Performance Training Module Let’s burn!
  22. 22. Meeting: Daily Scrum• Owner: T, mediated by SM• Value: 15 minute time-boxed daily status• Purpose: to communicate 3 things: – What you did yesterday? – What you are doing today? – What is blocking you? Commit and keep quick!
  23. 23. Bonus! Artifact: Bug Tracking• Owner: T• Value: Shows progress of bugs over specified duration. Who doesn’t love extras?
  24. 24. Examples• Module 1 Bugs!
  25. 25. ImproveWhat doesn’t kill you…
  26. 26. Meeting: Sprint Review• Owner: T, managed by SM & PO, S welcome• Value: End of Sprint meeting to present/review PSP and highlight next feature set from Product Backlog• Parameters: Less then 90 minutes (time boxed) Time to shine
  27. 27. Meeting: Retrospective• Owner: T, SM mediated, PO welcome• Value: End of Sprint team meeting to review things that worked and did not.• Purpose: Review what to Keep/Drop/Add• Parameters: Less then 90 minutes (time boxed) No finger pointing
  28. 28. A Month in the LifeThe perfect world of agile scrum
  29. 29. A Month in Agile w/ Scrum Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4• Daily Scrums • Daily Scrums • Daily Scrums • Daily Scrums• Sprint Planning - • Sprint Backlog • Sprint Backlog • Sprint Planning 1 day time boxed Updates Updates (New Sprint meeting Backlog • One off meetings • One off meetings Confirmed)• Sprint Goal Developed • New Product • Sprint Review – Backlog 90 minute time Refinement boxed meeting • New Product • Retrospective – Backlog 90 minute time Confirmed boxed meeting Rhythm
  30. 30. Feedback Gut check
  31. 31. What is… 1 tool that helps prioritize features with stakeholders?
  32. 32. Answer: Dot Voting or Thumbs Up/Down/Sideways
  33. 33. What is… The value of Sprint Backlog?
  34. 34. Answer: Prioritized list of all sprint tasks (story or spike) that can be reprioritized at any time.
  35. 35. What is… Burndown Chart
  36. 36. Answer: Shows representation of actual completed tasks against ideal completed tasks over time .
  37. 37. What is… Scrum?
  38. 38. Answer: 15 minute time-boxed daily status, answer only 3 questions: what you did yesterday, today and blocking issues.
  39. 39. What is… A Retrospective?
  40. 40. Answer: Team only meeting to review things to Keep/Drop/Add based on what worked or didn’t.
  41. 41. AskDon’t be shy