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Introduction to Design Thinking & Correlation to Scrum


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Introduction to Design Thinking & Correlation to Scrum

  1. 1. Agile + Design thinking = Super user oriented solutions 04 2018 – Jeff Angama
  2. 2. Question What are the benefits ?
  3. 3. Associated quote to agile •Smart Small, Think Big – Steve Jobs •Fail fast – Don’t know
  4. 4. Communication improved – Daily Meeting • Before • After
  5. 5. React to a changing environment
  6. 6. Office 365 Agile Transformation - Case Study • Competitors were coming in (Jive / Sitrion) • Moved from a 3 years release to a quarter release
  7. 7. Office 365 Agile Case Study Define roadmap Plan features Plan services (fast track etc) Deliver Major release every two years 4 minor release every year Engage Annoncements Build communities (online / physical) Find champions (MVP) Check Design Thinking ? Customer & User feedbacks (user voice) Market Study Act
  8. 8. Example of Design thinking process Rethink windows : windows 8 Microsoft Surface Apple iMac
  9. 9. Design Thinking Definition
  10. 10. Air b n b
  11. 11. Domain of application • Air b n B • Astronautes • Apple • Consulting • IT • Etc.
  12. 12. What does she needs ?
  13. 13. Design Thinking Why
  14. 14. Iterative process 1 2 3 4 5
  15. 15. Empathy • 5 Why • When / How • What’s your destination • AS IS / TO BE • Frustrations ? • Needs as a verb • User stories
  16. 16. 1/ Empathy Interview people
  17. 17. 1/ Empathy
  18. 18. 1/ Empathy
  19. 19. 1/ Empathy
  20. 20. 2/ Define « Little young girl 8 years old, alone, struggle to get a book too high » « An app to help a 10 people support team to get things done 2 time faster »
  21. 21. 3/ Ideate Brain storm many idea « The good idea come up from a lot of idea » Get feedback from users for idea.
  22. 22. 4/ Prototype • Prototype, good enough to be tested
  23. 23. 5/ Test • Test : by users, understand feedbacks, re iterate the entire process
  24. 24. Summary Phases Why How 1 Emphatise Understand the user • Issue tree • Empathy map • 5 Why • Interview • Focus Group 2 Define User need / insight, point of view 3 Idea Brainstorm a great solution • Brain storm, post it • Categorize, attribute points to idea 4 Prototype See it ! • On mockup (on a sheet) • On tool (ninja mockup ?) • POC 5 Test Feedback from users and improve • Get feedback from mockup (sheet) / POC • Get feedback from digital mockup • Retrospective
  25. 25. Iterative process 1 2 3 4 5
  26. 26. Mix Scrum and Design Thinking
  27. 27. Scrum Framework Create Backlog Split in sprints (1 to 3 week per sprint) Backlog grooming (specs, tech specs, mockup, test case) Sprint Planning Deliver to prod Sprint review (Demo) Sprint retrospective (Continous improvement) Iterate to next sprint Plan Do Check
  28. 28. Design Thinking + Scrum Framework ? Create Backlog Split in sprints (1 to 3 week per sprint) Backlog grooming (specs, tech specs, mockup, test case) Sprint Planning Sprint review (Demo) Sprint retrospective (Continous improvement) Iterate to next sprint Plan Do Check DESIGN THINKING
  29. 29. Design Thinking and Scrum share common concept Prototype / Deliver Get feedback Improve USER CENTERED FEEDBACKS ORIENTED IMPROVED ITERATION
  30. 30. Comment appliquer ces méthodes à notre contexte ? • Phase de cadrage • Recueil du besoin • Définition d’offres • Repenser un processus • Durant un SPRINT 0 avant de commencer un projet SCRUM • En fin de projet pour auditer l’existant • Etc. => Processus a remodeler à notre besoin tel IBM / Google / Microsoft
  31. 31. Ressources • Google create its design thinking kit. Tutorial and practice • Ibm as well : Entreprise design thinking • Cases studies • Apple • Google • IBM • Introduction & practice
  32. 32. The end THANK YOU
  33. 33. Is agile always the best project framework ? • No • Case to case • For agile the team need to be available, collaborative, skilled • It is a culture, if the customer don’t embraise it… nevermind • Require more than 2 person 
  34. 34. Agile 4 values •Individuals and interactions over processes and tools •Working software over comprehensive documentation •Customer collaboration over contract negotiation •Responding to change over following a plan More information in : Agile Manifesto website
  35. 35. What is scrum • One of agile methods among others (xp, kanban, design thinking) • Scrum Guide pdf free • Scrum theory, values, team (product owner, dev team, scrum master), events (sprint planning, daily scrum, review, retro), artifacts (product backlog, sprint backlog) • Scrum (n): A framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value.
  36. 36. Scrum - Daily Meeting 15 minutes daily meeting, morning or evening when it suit the team Each person in 2 minute present their : • Done • To do • Block Update the Scrum board Common mistakes : 1. Exceeding 15 minutes 2. Trying to solve problem during the meeting 3. Not updating the board
  37. 37. Backlog
  38. 38. Design Thinking / Agile Deliverable Design Thinking, deliverable are • Concept design document • Testable prototype Project as scrum, deliverable are • Backlog • Product
  39. 39. Design concepts
  40. 40. Prioritise backlog Complex Impact Simple, High impact Complex, Low impact Complex, High impact Simple, Low impact
  41. 41. Feedbacks from 1.5 years of Scrum Perform backlog grooming often => avoid long sprint planning Don’t forget test cases for user stories in a dedicated test case => avoid understanding gap Validate the solution with the customer => avoid gap Do not skip sprint retro in rush => continous improvement When working with ux designer, => find a win win cost solution with the customer / ux designer during backlog grooming
  42. 42. Design concepts
  43. 43. Design concepts

Editor's Notes

  • Contexte 260 user stories, pr 8000 user, phase avant projet a prit 1 an. Comment FaciLiter expression besoin, etre plus orienté utilisateur, délivrer encore + de valeurs à nos clients et faire en sorte que les projets se passent mieux.
    Objectif : vous présenter le design thinking et vous comment cest appliquable à notre cas
    Qui entendu Design thinking ?
    Agile? Scrum - Qui a travaillé avec quoi jusque là ?
    Bio + decouvert design thinking
    Peut on partager les autres
  • Which company use Agile ? Why.
    What are the benefits ?
    Orienté utilisateurs / collaboration / communication / working product over docs
    Réagir aux changements de son environnement (fusion, compétiteurs)
  • Quote
  • Example d’un bénéfice communication
  • Agile adresse cela


    Magasin de musique sont devenus spotify
    Photo sur insta
    Agences vers air b n b & booking
  • Imaginez comment ils y sont arrivés ?
    Etes vous daccord?

    Since 2012 with Windows 8
    Understand – this phase focuses on the research and gathering information about the user in order to observe their needs and clearly understand it.
    Envision – In this phase, the design team analyzes the data collected from the understand phase and use it to think of the solution for the addressed problems.
    Specify – After sharing and discussing ideas, the design team define the solution and build a detailed specification for the product.
    Implement – The product is developed based on the specifications highlighted in the previous cycle. this phase includes developing the prototypes and testing the product before releasing it to the market.
    Maintain – The product is a case of continuous evaluation and testing in order to apply these modifications in the next releases it.
  • Double user experience , compromis technique
  • Design Thinking, process iterative pour comprendre les utilisateurs, challenger les suppositions, redefinir les probleme et identifié strategies et solutions non evidentes. Orienté solutions plutot que problemes. Inclus lesprit, le visuel, la collaboration pour arriver à une solution.

    Exemp De lapplicatioN du Designn thinking :
    Imaginez vous, a sf , hotel chers , appt d’à côté est vide car le mec est parti en weekend.
    Hotel, hotel en ligne, agregateur d’agences, air b n b (disruption)
    Air b n b est né de l’idée de matelas gonfables
    2009, 200$ benef par semaine..
    Improve thx to design thinking
    Apprenne que ce qui calme les gens sont les photos… => prise photo DSLR pour améliorer les photos des apparts des proprios. Non scalable mais user oriented
    Become the Patient’ to Build Better Products
    Chaque nouvel employé va dormir dans des air b n b et feedbacks leur experience.
    Brainstorm and change the star en un cœur et 30% de plus de clics

    Think bigger.

    Source :
  • Verbe : monter, atteindre le sommet
    Penser action, verbe, usage, plutôt que solution

    Design thinking : existe depuis 1950, democratisé par stanford
  • Approche creative pour créer un produit / service.
    Comprendre le vrai besoin (need) derriere (insight).
    Approche pragmatique, critical thinking.
    OOTB thinking.
    Penser comme les UX Designer.
  • Empathise – with your users
    Define – your users’ needs, their problem, and your insights
    Ideate – by challenging assumptions and creating ideas for innovative solutions
    Prototype – to start creating solutions
    Test – solutions

    Design Thinking is extremely useful in tackling problems that are ill-defined or unknown, by re-framing the problem in human-centric ways, creating many ideas in brainstorming sessions, and adopting a hands-on approach in prototyping and testing

    Source :
  • understand, listen, why, old ppl meet ppl in shops... Context found out After interview : fell from a wheelchair n nobody helped. Create persona
  • User / Needs / Insight
    Utilisateur le plus représenté ?
    Utilisateur le moins représenté ?
  • Group synergy
    Brain storm ideas, meme la plus farfelu, balancer du post-it au tableau
  • Mock-up ui (ninja mock)
    Basic code, show an app
  • Define : give verb to their need, problem statement " old ppl after 70yrs without family struggle finding relationship« 

    Ca marche pas, why
    C’est lent, pourquoi qu est ce qui est lent
    Le site internet, pourquoi, cest quoi rapide pour toi ?
    Moins de 4 seconde, pourquoi cest plus de 4 seconde desormais ?
    Je suis passé en wifi
  • Source :

    Conclusion : generer des idées, etre creatif… THINK BIG : Air b n b crée Infinite.js, library scroll
  • Etablish AS IS : Understand existingt Define TO BE : Design thinking
  • Man days instead of story points (valeur importance au metier)