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  2. 2. 2010 Household visits• Total households (RFCA) in 2010- 28,415• Household visits 24,223• Usage percentage 85%
  3. 3. Survey at all Rec Centers• 1345 Surveys• 59% ages 29-54• 27% ages 55+• 9% ages 18-28• 5% ages 17 and under
  4. 4. Program Participation• 55% have participated in one program.• 24% are currently participating in a program.• 38% get program information through the activity guide.• 19% get program information through HRCA News.• 16% are informed about programs through the HRCA web site.
  5. 5. Recreation Programs are:• 81% strongly agree/ agree programs are diverse• 76% strongly agree/ agree programs are high quality- 22% don’t know; 8% disagree• 68% strongly agree/agree programs are well managed-22% don’t know; 10% disagree
  6. 6. Rec Centers are:• 98% strongly agree/agree they are clean• 98% strongly agree/agree they are well maintained.• 94% strongly agree/agree they are well managed.
  7. 7. Fitness Equipment is:• 96% strongly agree/agree – clean• 96% strongly agree/agree – maintained• 90% strongly agree/agree - available
  8. 8. Rec Center Customer Service Is: • 75% Very courteous • 24% Courteous.
  9. 9. SOUTHRIDGE•“Love this place.”•“Awesome facility.”•“Great staff.”•“I have been all over the USA and never seen a better gym.”•“We appreciate the work you do! Great place to work out,swim and enjoy.”•“Great equipment, very clean, and well maintained.”
  10. 10. NORTHRIDGE• “Great job.”• “Love the staff here.”• “Love it here, go 6 times per week.”• “Love the work out equipment.”• “The cleanliness of the fitness rooms is so good and so appreciated.• “Everything is well maintained.
  11. 11. EASTRIDGE•“Love it, staff is friendly and helpful.”•“I love it.”•“The staff is excellent.”•“Awesome service, it is one of our favorite places.”•“I have been to many gyms and this one is the best by far.”•“Great staff, friendly, warm and helpful! Thank you.”
  12. 12. WESTRIDGE•All employees are great, the best.”•“Awesome.”•“Such a great staff.”•Everything is well maintained and clean”•“Enjoy the pools, always in good shape.”•Workers are helpful and friendly.”
  13. 13. Community Attendance atCommunity EventsOver 74,268 attendees at HRCA EventsOver 38 Cultural Programs = 44,065attendees
  14. 14. Do You like living in HR?• Love it / Like it 93%• It’s okay 5%• Time to move 2%