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Charity drivereport


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Charity drivereport

  1. 1. ! Foundation of Natural & Built Environments (FNBE) Introduction to Business [BUS30104] Lecturer : Ms. Tay Shir Men Final Project Charity Drive Event Report Group members : TUNG SIEW HUI 0323823 TANG FU HONG 0323092 TEH WEI HONG 0323742 THOMAS TING SHII KAI 0323962 TEOH ZI WEI 0323372 TAN YAN JIE 0323906 TAN JIT KIM 0323854 FOO JI SUN 0323550 JOSEPH SOH 0323887 NG CHUAN KAI 0323738
  2. 2. Table of Contents Contents Page Number 1. Executive Summary 1 2. Objectives 2 3. Target Market 3 4. Competitor Analysis 4 5. Product and Packaging 5 6. Pricing 6 7. Promotion 7 8. Sponsorship 8 9. Distribution 9 10. Green Measures 10 11. Human Resource Planning 11 - 12 12. Evaluation of Results 13 - 14 13. Appendix 15 - 18 14. References 19
  3. 3. Executive Summary After this charity drive, I am glad that we manage to achieve our objective RM2000. It was not an easy process to collect that amount within a short period. We were shunned by most of the passersby when we try to approach them to buy our goods even though we mentioned that we are doing this for a good cause. I believe these charity organisation might face the same obstacles we faced. Besides that, we also learned that starting a business is not easy as we have to face many obstacles that were to come. We have to keep track on our daily profits or loss and planning new strategies to reach our goal. Moreover, each individual in our group plays an important role to ensure our business is able to run smoothly. We learned how to work as a team to achieve our objectives, although we had conflicts among our group members we manage to solve them. We took each and every member’s opinion and suggestion seriously, especially in planning new strategies or a back up plan. In conclusion, I would say starting up a business from scratch is a long process. We have to be awake as early as 5am to prepare and end our business around 5 to 6 pm. We faced many obstructions throughout that period of time, but we did not give up. I will end this summary with this quote “It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success. “–David Feherty 1
  4. 4. Objectives The charity organization we chosen is SHINE Award Centre. The reason why we chose Shine Award Centre is because the centre will be supporting the Jom Botak 2016 event scheduled to take place in June 2016. Jom Botak 2016 is a one-month long campaign which will be held to create cancer awareness among students, lecturers, staff of Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus and the public. This event is planning to carry out various activities to create the awareness among us such as carnivals, workshops, talks, and the highlight of the campaign which is the auction to go bald, with all proceeds going to our beneficiary MAKNA, the National Cancer Council Malaysia. Thus, my group members and I decided to fund the donation for this event. After we have chosen the charity organization, my group members and I had a meeting and discuss about the target donation amount and target sales unit. The conclusion of the meeting was to collect RM2000 for the Jom Botak 2016 event. The target sales units of our group was RM400 per day of the charity drive. Other than that, we also planned to raise the fund around RM400 from public too because it was a semester break for degree students and some foundation intake students during our charity drive. So we forecasted that there will be little students around the campus that time. This is the reason why we decided to raise fund from public. 2
  5. 5. Target market The target market for our business is students and staffs in Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The customers are mostly students and staffs, their age ranged from 18 to 40 and consists of different races. In addition, most of our customers were from middle level to upper level income household groups. We decided to sell food because as a student in Taylors we understand how other students and feel about choosing where to eat. Whenever we have around an hour break we often have this question in our head, “Where to eat?”. We have been eating the same few restaurants now and then, which I believe even the staffs in Taylors are sick of eating at the same place. Why not try something new? This is why we decided to bring in a variety of food for the students and staffs in TULC. The products we sell is food and temporary tattoos. Food is under the category of our customer’s needs because it is able to fill their hunger. Additionally, temporary tattoos which we sell is under the “want” category because it is which not necessary which they desire for. Students were the ones who are willing to spend as much as RM4 to RM20 when they arrived our booth to purchase our products. However, most staffs did not spend much as they rather dine in restaurants in Syopz instead of having fast food. On the other hand, fast foods which we sell was able to attract most students because it is fast and delicious. They do not need to wait a long time to receive it, especially when they are late for class. 3
  6. 6. Competition Analysis The two main competitors are the students who carry out the same project especially Leong Darren’s group and Norwegian Sandwich Co. For the first competitor, Darren’s group is one of business groups which carry out the same charity drive with my group. They are selling waffles, ice cream and other food which really threaten my group because we are selling some common food and drinks. The strengths of this group are the group members are good in roping in the customers to buy their products and the food and drinks they sold are delicious and some are even organic. Their vulnerabilities of this group are the other groups carry out the same project because most of the groups were selling food and drinks. Thus, this point not only affect my group but Darren’s group too. Besides, the reason the customers will buy the waffle from them is because of the ice cream topping. My group did provides ice cream topping for the waffle too but Darren’s group provides more flavor which walked away most of the customers. The second competitor is the campus cafeteria, Norwegian Sandwich Co. which located in Level 1, Block D, Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus. The cafeteria is selling waffles, sandwiches and drinks which pose a threat to my group too. The strengths of the cafeteria is that they are serving the tables and chairs for customers and they got a better cooking environment than us. The vulnerabilities of this cafeteria are the traditional waffle they sold and some customers are seeking for fresh joys. The cafeteria is selling the traditional waffles whereby my group is selling the Belgian waffle which is a new try to most of the students, lecturers and staff around the campus. Most of the people from the campus already cloyed with the food and drinks around the campus, so we believe the customers will give a try on our food because of the new innovative. The reason why the customers still will purchase from the cafeteria is customer loyalty. The customers got both an attitudinal and behavioural tendency to favour this cafeteria over all others, whether due to satisfaction with the product or service, its convenience or performance, or simply familiarity and comfort with the eating environment. 4
  7. 7. Product and Packaging The products we sell were chicken popcorn, Belgian waffles, Sausage twizzlers, soft drinks, wedges, fried egg, homemade drinks and temporary tattoos. The chicken popcorn and wedges is oil free and consists of an adequate amount in for each packet we sell. The Belgian waffles were made with love by our chefs, we had to wait for about an hour or two for the dough to expand so that it is able to be placed in the waffle maker. Besides that, there will be different flavours and topping for the waffle which is caramel, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, chocolate sprinklers and rainbow sprinklers. Then for our sausage twizzlers were cut, brushed over with egg and rolled in bread crust by us at 5am in the morning before we start our booth. The products were placed in a white A5 sized paper bag with our booth sticker on. The logo and menu of our booth is designed by our creative editor Fu Hong. I believe our packaging will attract the customers as it is clean and the cute little logo on each packaging which you are not able to get it anywhere else. Our Menu 5
  8. 8. Pricing According to the tips given by Ms. Tay, we are encouraged to set the products’ unit selling price two times the cost price. This is to ensure that all the prices must cover costs and profits. The table below shown the products’ unit selling price and unit cost price. Table of Products’ Unit Selling Price and Unit Cost Price The products we sold are popular and attractive. We can say that our business is really success because there are some customers even come everyday to buy our products which we acquire the loyal customers within a week. Although our products are popular, but we still decided to maintain the initial selling price (excluding the promotion period) to restrain the loyal customers and avoid the inequitable feeling among the original customers. The strategies when we have difficulty selling our products are giving half price for certain items after 5pm and giving free homemade drinks with any purchase after 3pm. The reason why we made these promotion is after the lunch period, the population of the campus become less. Although our products are popular, we still need some promotion to clear our daily stock because we prepare the ingredients every morning and do not store the food overnight. Products Unit Selling Price (RM) Unit Cost Price (RM) Belgian Waffle 3.00 1.00 Cheesy Wedges 5.00 2.50 Sausage Twizzlers 3.00 1.00 Hashbrown 3.00 0.90 Chicken Popcorn 5.00 2.00 Soft Drinks (per can) 1.90 0.80 Homemade Drinks 1.00 0.40 Temporary Tattoo (per piece) 3.00 1.00 6
  9. 9. Promotion Throughout the business project, we planned many promotional strategies to attract customers. We used “Jom Botak” or “ Bald for cancer” as our main marketing message. We explained to the customers about our charity organisation and how the money is going to help them. Besides that, the campaign “Jom Botak” is to create awareness among the crowds to show support towards the cancer patients. We used giving free samples of our products and face-to-face conversation with our customers as our main tool for promoting our products. Giving free samples to our customers would allow the customers to test our products whether it is a worth purchase. In addition to, customers would return to purchase more after trying our products. Some of our group members would be walking around having face-to-face conversation with the customers, explaining to them our products and the good cause of purchasing products from us. Not to forget, we also designed our very own posters and promotion set posters. We placed our poster on the soft board so that it can be seen by passersby. Contrarily, for our promotion set which costs only RM8 for sausage twizzlers, hashbrown and scrambled eggs. The sausage twizzlers were RM4 for original and RM5 for cheese, and RM3 for hashbrown and RM3 for scrambled eggs, with this promotion set you’re able to save RM2 to RM3. You do not have to pay extra if you want cheese sausage, this is definitely a steal. ! ! - Our Poster - Our Promotion Set 7
  10. 10. Sponsorship Unfortunately, we did not get any sponsors from any companies but we did contact a few companies for sponsors. We did some research on companies that supply the ingredients we need for our products such as milk, sugar, flour and sausages. The companies we approached were Dutch Lady, Farm Fresh and ayamas. Waffle is one of our main product, therefore we need sponsors for our ingredients to reduce our expenses. We also created a proposal for companies to sponsor us. We stated in the proposal if each of them sponsors us at least RM50 we will make a cup for them with their company’s logo. Besides that, if the company sponsors us Rm100 we will make two cups with their logo as well that will be given out as a free gift to our customers as a form of advertising. The cost of making a cup is RM8, which will be deducted from the sponsorship money. However, this proposal cannot be used because they it takes one week to produce all of the cups and most of the companies took about one week to reply us. So we decided to collect donation from the public instead of waiting for companies to sponsor us. Furthermore, we also planned to meet up with the authorities of several companies to discuss on the proposal we made to get immediate reply. Lastly, we collected some donation from our group mates parents and friends. We collected a sum of RM190 from some of our group member’s parents. 8
  11. 11. Distribution We did not do any delivery service to other place besides campus because most of our products were cooked on-the-spot. In the beginning, we sent out a few of our group members to walk around campus to sell and deliver our products. Then, we noticed most customers rather opt for delivery service instead of walking to the pathway in front of student life central. Thus, we began to widen our delivery service where they are able to message us through Facebook or contact us with the given contact number to purchase our products. We assigned two group mates under delivery ,they are able to deliver around 4 to 5 customers each round time. One of them will be delivering to Block B and C and the other would deliver to Block D and E. Alternatively, we also assigned three group mates to collect donations within and outside campus. To minimize the waiting time, we cook the food even before we receive orders from our customers. We would leave the food in the Airfryer to ensure the food is kept warm. The products would normally take about 4-8 minutes to be delivered depending where the location is. We would normally choose to use stairs instead of lift because we figured that taking the lift would take up more time and it is usually full. However, we would only use the lift if we have to deliver our items to the 6th floor onwards. This is because we do not want our group mates to get exhausted by running all around campus. 9
  12. 12. Green Measures In this project, we have decided to adopt environmentally friendly measures to ensure that we are not impacting the surrounding environment in any ways other than good. This can also plant confidence in the consumers of our products and encourage them to support and raise awareness in protecting the environment. First of all, our main product, which is sausage twizzlers, may seem to be made under unhealthy circumstances. But we ensured that everything is produced in a healthy manner by changing the frying oil and make sure we do not reuse it. We also incorporated the use of an air fryer as it does not require oil. Next, our packaging is 100% recyclable. We specifically requested our packaging producer to have our packaging made in recycled material and ensure that is can be recycled again after used. Other than that, to reduce our carbon footprint, we ensure that our appliances are turned off when not used. This will reduce the energy consumption level. When travelling to get ingredients, we take the public transport even though we have our own vehicles. Furthermore, our product wastes, specifically trash are separated and recycled. The used oil is disposed properly. We pour our used cooking oil into a container and have it properly sealed. After that, it is thrown into the trash. Finally, we reduce the consumption of electricity by turning off the appliances when not used as well as cooking our food in larger batches to avoid having to keep our appliances turned on all the time. As for paper, we use recycled cardboard and magazine pages to create our flyers and stuff like our donation boxes. As for water, we make sure that the water used to make our drinks do not go to waste by distributing them for free to our fellow course mates when the day comes to an end. 10
  13. 13. Human Resource Planning • Head of Director In charge of job distribution, assigns job to respective department. Developing strategic plans to ensure there is back up plan for the business charity drive. Besides that, building and also maintaining an effective management team. • Creative Director Excellent design skills in Photoshop, InDesign, Flash etc. Designs the logo, posters, menu and also website of the company. The designs are able to attract customers to buy our products. • Marketing and Sales Director Plan new strategies for the group so that we can achieves marketing and sales operational objectives. Establishing pricing strategies; recommending selling prices; monitoring costs, competition, supply, and demand. 11
  14. 14. • Accounting and Finance Director Collectively, their goal is to fulfill revenue objectives and adhere to accounting and reporting policies. Responsibilities also include verifying the integrity and accuracy of financial operations, safeguarding organizational assets and developing efficient business processes to record revenue. • HR Director Promotes and implements human resource values by planning and managing human resources programs; directing staff. Used to follow the orders from head of director and distribute jobs to each member. 12
  15. 15. Evaluation of Results The results at the end of the project is we successfully raise RM2000 fund for the Jom Botak 2016 event. The process was not easy but my group members and I very satisfying with the result. The table below shown the profit and loss statement of the charity drive event. Profit & Loss Statement of Business Charity Drive Event RM RM Sales Revenue 2099 Less : Cost of Goods Sold Ingredients 1123.82 Package (food) 154 Package (drinks) 18 Total Cost of Goods Sold 1295.82 Gross Profit 803.18 Add : Another Revenue Donation (Day 1) 311.60 Donation (Day 2) 288.40 Donation (Day 3) 338.15 Donation (Day 4) 301.85 Total Donation 1240 Adjusted Gross Profit 2043.18 Less : Operating Expenses Receipt Book 7.6 Printing (Advertising Purpose) 35 Total Operating Expenses 42.6 Net Profit 2000.58 13
  16. 16. During the charity drive event, my group members and I concluded an analysis for this assignment. The things we did right was chose to donate the money to the charity organization which will helping them to hold the event smoothly. Besides, we previously reserved the best place for our charity booth which between the SLC entrance and ATM machine, we knew that this location can be easily spotted by the people pass by and this strategy really worked. Many people stopped off and looked at our booth. Apart from that, we also planned well for the entire business plan. That is the reason why we can reached the target well. For the things we did wrong was did not plan the time management well. Most of the group members skipped some meetings due to some personal issues and we always open our booth business after 11am which originally need to be open the booth on 10am. My group members and I did reflect on ourselves for this mistake. Moreover, the second mistake was the communication between the members. We frequently misunderstood each other words because most of the time we discuss through Whatsapp. We were attempted to improve on this part. In nutshell, if we can repeat this project one more time, we will choose to improve the above mistakes and set up a better group. First thing we will do is to prepare the ingredients early instead of last minute. Secondly, we will try to add more options for the menu so that we can satisfy more customers to buy our products. Thirdly, we will assign each others with individual work so that everyone can contribute in the group without a hitch. In conclusion, my group members and I were extremely fun with this assignment. The module is perfectest herald of joy. We were blooming with happiness during the charity drive event. Thank you Ms. Tay for the advices and recommendations during this project which really help a lot to us. 14
  17. 17. Appendix • Photos of the Charity Drive 15
  18. 18. 16 • Permission Letter from Shine Award Centre
  19. 19. 17 • Official Receipt Letter from Shine Award Centre
  20. 20. 
 18 • Receipt Books and Accounting Book
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