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business final project


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final project

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business final project

  3. 3. A.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This Business Charity Drive have been held for 5 days at Taylors University Lakeside Campus from 19th January till 23rd January. The purpose for us to hold this meaningful event is to raise fund for charity organizations. In this event, our group which is named “Wow Wow” are selling dog food related products and also Hokkaido cakes to support Paws Animal Welfare Society. One of the reasons for us to donate to a pet shelter is that all of us are pet lovers and there are still lots of animals out there need our help and support. For our booth, our best seller is the Hokkaido cake, where most of our customers love it. In the other hand, our dog foods are very welcome by the pet owners. Where they buy some dog food not only to reward their furkids and also to give a helping hand to the pet shelter. Furthermore, our group have successfully raise an amount of RM 2512.50 for the pet shelter, which we are very proud of ourselves with this amazing result. It also has exceed our estimated target. In conclusion we have learnt lots of things such as planning, organizing and lastly take action. In other words, what we plan is just one thing when you need to carry out what you have planned you will realised it is not an easy task. So this is a good experience for the four of us. We hope that there will be more activities similar to this for us to experience.
  4. 4. B.OBJECTIVE PAWS AS OUR CHARITY ORGANIZATION PAWS is a non-profit organization where is known everywhere. One of the main reason, who choose to work with this pet shelter as we want to relate the product we sell with the organization we are planing to contribute. This make our group more unique from others. Furthermore, all of us are pet lovers, so we would like to give a helping hand to the animals in need, especially after the serious flood issue in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. As we are unable to help as a volunteer, hence we plan to aid them through donation as much as we can. Another reason, for us to choose PAWS is that they are more known in the society and very trustworthy. So when we promote outside the campus, we may meet foreign customers and they may recognize and feel reliable to this organization. QUANTIFIABLE OBJECTIVE Our group have targeted to collect RM1000 for this business charity drive, this is just an estimated amount, we still hope that we could raise over this amount of money. One of the reason we set this target is that we think that RM2500 is far from expectation we can achieve but we still will try our best to raise more. As we have a plan to sell outside the campus, hence we have set a certain amount that we need to reach. For example, in the campus we have set to hit around 60% of the total target we need to achieve and the remaining 40% will need to reach when we are selling outside the campus. Later on the money we collected we guarantee that it will all goes to PAWS. Youtube Link:
  5. 5. C.TARGET MARKET OUR CUSTOMERS Main customers are students in Taylor’s University, as our main booth is located in the campus for the first four days. During those days, we encourage our members to sell and collect donation as much as we can. The following days, we went to Desa Parkcity and other universities, those days our target customers are mainly pet lovers and also students. In the campus, almost all of the students support us when they heard that we are donating to PAWS. Furthermore, those customers we met in Desa Parkcity all of them have almost the same healthy hobby such as jogging in the park, bring their dogs for a stroll, and gathering with friends. Most of them are Chinese, Indian and foreigners, their culture normally have the interest in pets. Hence when we explain to them our selling objectives, they do not hesitate to help and support us. WANTS AND NEEDS Our customers are normally interested in food where they can have it for their lunch time or tea time. So when they saw us selling dessert most of them could not resist it and in the end they bought it. Our Hokkaido cake which is homemade, where lots of people like to have them during their break time as the cake is light and not heavy after they consume. SPENDING POWER Most of the people in the campus are very generous, they are able to spend RM5 and above. Wherelse in Desa Parkcity, the customers’ spending power is more huge compare to the customers in campus where they are able to spend at an average of RM20 or more than this amount. Customers in the campus or outside the campus normally gives donation at an average between RM2 till RM10.
  6. 6. D.Competition Analysis 1ST Competitor Chow Hong Da’s group. They are selling mug cakes (chocolate flavor), tarts, donuts, and fruit kebabs. The strengths of their business are that they promote their food by selling them at the moderate price. Besides that, they have created their own Facebook page in order to advertise their food and drinks. On the other hand, they do have their vulnerabilities as well for instance they only focus on the customers in Taylor’s Campus and limited production capacity compared to our Hokkaido cupcakes. We have produced almost 200 of Hokkaido cupcakes during a weekend. Therefore, we have the ability to sell more in a day compared to theirs. Their costumers would buy the food or the drinks from them because the effect of advertising through social media and they do have more variety of foods to choose. 2nd Competitor Ray’s group. They are selling fried chicken, fries, milkshake, toast and lemonade. The potential strengths they have in their business are that they sell everything at the cheapest cost among all the stalls. For example, a cup of lemonade only costs RM 1. Moreover, they have more variety of foods as well and more choices provided for the customers. On the contrary, the weakness of their business is that they did not keep their table clean and organize. In addition, their promotion and advertisement are insufficiency with information. Besides that, their chicken wings are hard to preserve in freshness. They need to finish selling within few days due to the expiry date. The customers would buy the food and drinks from them because their food products are the cheapest among all. Furthermore, they booth are just beside us so competition within ourselves will be quite high.
  7. 7. E.Products The products we are selling are dog foods and Hokkaido cake. There are three types of dog foods we are selling, the first one is cheesy bone cookie which sponsor by the Blink Pets Bakery the ingredients to make the cheesy bone are cheese, egg, flour, and unsalted butter, this flavor of cookie is more common and suitable for all types of dog. The second one is natural dehydrated chicken breast which sponsor by Barkery Oven. It is made of turmeric, basil, and chicken breast. The third one is natural dehydrated mackerel skin which is also sponsored by Barkery Oven. The Hokkaido cake is handmade by all of our members at one of the member home. All the cakes are fresh because we made it a day just before the charity drive. The pastries and treats sell at Blink Pets Bakery are all homemade and providing a well balanced diet to all pets. The cheesy bone they provide to us is also made one week before our charity drive starts to ensure the freshness of the cookies. By the way the ingredients of cheesy bone are all organic because there are no preservative added. Moreover, all dog treats sell by Barkery Oven are also handmade and freshly made to order. Every single ingredient has been painstakingly researched, so they can be sure they are feeding the dog with foods that are safe for them to consume. Both the shops that sponsored us provides us pastries and treats which are organic and fresh, these are the main attraction for our customers to buy our products. Besides, the homemade Hokkaido cakes baked by all of us are fresh and no preservative added so it is healthy and tasty. PACKAGING The packaging of the cheesy bone is pink in colour at the back and transparent at the front. At the back of packaging also have the sticker of the Blink Pets Bakery. It just likes normal plastic packaging which has a sticky layer at the top of the plastic and sticks it at the back of the packaging.
  8. 8. The packaging of the natural dehydrated chicken breast and mackerel skin are pack in a sealed plastic with the shop’s label. The label of the shop includes the contact of the shop and also some pictures of the owner with her pets. The packaging of our Hokkaido cakes is a pink plastic box. We will provide it when customers buy 3 or more cupcakes. The box are design specific to pack the Hokkaido cakes, so we can sell our cakes in a good condition. The customers who only buy one or two Hokkaido cake, we will give them the cake with no packaging but the cake itself is made with the paper cup so it is fine with no packaging if they buy one or two cakes. EXPLANATION The packaging of the cheesy bone will attract people to buy it rather than the packaging of the dehydrated mackerel skin and chicken breast. This is because the packaging of cheesy bone is more colourful and well designed with a logo of the shop. Besides, the packaging of the cheesy bone is pink in colour so it will attract more ladies customer to buy because it is cute and most girls like pink. On the other hand, the packaging of the dehydrated mackerel skin and chicken breast are slightly simple because there are no design on the packaging it just a transparent plastic packet with the label of the shop. Although it has no design on the plastic, the packaging is sealed to keep the dehydrated products in a good condition, so it will attract customers to buy our products too.
  9. 9. Furthermore, the packaging of the Hokkaido cakes is a pink box with cute design on the surface of the box. The design and colour are refine and cute and the box can keep the cakes in good condition which can attract more customers to buy our cakes. Youtube Link:
  10. 10. F.PRICING DECISION (a) What is your products’ unit selling price? [Dog Food] Cheesy Bone Biscuit: RM 5 per Chicken Flavor: RM 8 per Fish Flavor: RM 10 per [Human Food] Hokkaido Cupcakes: RM 5 per (b) What is your products’ unit cost price? [Dog Food] Cheesy Bone Biscuit: Sponsorship Chicken Flavor: Sponsorship Fish Flavor: Sponsorship [Human Food] Hokkaido Cupcakes: RM 2 per (c) Are your products popular or attractive? Our products are indeed more attractive compared to popularity. This is because Hokkaido cupcakes could be found everywhere. However, unlike dog food. They are more attractive because the packaging and the shape of the dog food do capture the attention of people. (d) (i)What are your strategies if you have difficulty selling them? (ii) What if you are selling them faster than anticipated? (i)Promotion and reducing the price of the products. (ii)We will try persuade our sponsor to request whether they can sponsor us more as we are selling the dog food fast.
  11. 11. G.PROMOTION Our main marketing message is Save the Stray Dogs and Cats. Nowadays, we can see the streets or anywhere are crammed with abandoned cats and dogs. Maybe they are abandoned by their owners for some reasons, but this cause a huge number of cats and dogs are killed daily by vehicles on the roads while others are severely harmed or abused. So, our group have decided to donate our money to the Paws Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) at Subang to help and protect defenseless animals. This is because innocent, healthy animals do not deserve to suffer and die unnecessarily. We have used many tools to promote our products such as making poster, telephone calls and so much more. However the two main tools for promoting our products are telephone calls and face-to-face conversations. The reasons we using telephone calls method are because telephone calls works well with our close friends, parents, classmates and also relatives. We can explain our aim for this charity drive easily to them and they will trust and support us because we know each other. Besides, we can also ask their help to promote our products to their friends and parents. Hence, our market can be bigger through this communication method. Next is the face to face conversation. This is almost similar to telephone call method because we can promote our products easily when talking face to face to customers. This way is suitable for selling our products in the campus and also outside campus. From face to face conversation we can explain our aim of this charity drive and also our products to other people more easily compare to just showing the poster. Besides, we can also persuade the people more efficiently by telling them our aim for this charity drive. These two ways depends on how our communication skills when communicate with others. Because all the money we earn are donating to a charity organization, so telling people by own are more persuasive than using some social media such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. This is because there have been many victims of fraud caused by the various social media. Youtube Link: Our Posters
  12. 12. OUR POSTER
  13. 13. H.SPONSOR List of sponsor that we have approached 1. Blink Pets Bakery 2. Barkery Oven 3. Petsmore 4. Pet World 5. Pawz Bakery 6. Pet Affinity The list above compiles all the six sponsors’ name that we have approached, but in the end there are only two willing to sponsor us. For Blink Pets Bakery, Petsmore, Pet World and Pet Affinity are corporate business. As for individual business are Barkery Oven and Pawz Bakery. The sponsors that are willing to support us are Barkery Oven and Blink Pets Bakery, two of the sponsors are very kind and generous. They sponsor us quite a large amount of dog treat and they also taught us some tips about how to make the dog food more edible for dogs such as crushing the dog food and mix with dog pallet for their pets. REASONS FOR US TO CHOOSE THEM AND THIER SUPPORT TO US First and foremost, we get to know Blinks Pet Bakery and Barkery Oven through online. As these two shops are quit known for their dog foods, there are lots of good feedback from their customers. For Blinks Cafe, it is a corporate business and its shop is located inside the same shopping mall with Ikea where lots of people know them very well and their company are financially generous. So the popularity to it is quite high. The shop is also very supportive to our charity drive and are willing to help us raise fund for PAWS. Furthermore, we trust Barkery Oven and choose them as one of our sponsor because all the dog treats are homemade with no preservative are added and is healthy and are safe for pets. Another reason is also the lady of this business is very helpful and very sincere to help us. She taught us lots of techniques and knowledge about dog foods so that it is easier for us to sell-out her product.
  14. 14. PRODUCTS AND AMOUNT SPONSORED Products and amounts sponsored: Barkery Oven 1. Dehydrated fish 2. Dehydrated chicken
  15. 15. Blinks Pet Bakery 1. Cheesy bone cookie
  16. 16. APPROACHING THEM Ways of approaching them: 1. Email 2. Contact them 3. Face to face meeting 4. Sponsorship letter
  17. 17. First of all we send email to all of the sponsor. After a few day no matter they replied us or not we will give them a call to require a confirmation. For those sponsor who agree to sponsor s we will require a face to face meeting. During the face to face meeting we will provide them the sponsorship letter and discuss with them. Our discussion will also include persuading them to sponsor us more dog food and we will repay them by helping them to promote their shop. This is also a way to show our gratitude towards them.
  18. 18. I.DISTRIBUTION PRODUCT DELIVERY First we separate our group into two teams in order to save time and able to get our product according to the time and date the sponsor request. As the two sponsors has chosen the same date and time for us to collect the product from them at two different places, so we have no choice to just act separately. Each team will drive their own car to go and meet with the sponsor at the instructed location. As for our Hokkaido cake we went to one of the member’s house to bake the cake and later on the the next day she is in charged to bring a portion of the cakes to the campus. Each day we will decide to take a certain amount of cakes to the campus, as the cakes need to be refrigerated in order to keep it fresh and tasty. Other than that we decided to do this as we need to estimate each day’s amount of customers we are targeting, if not the cakes will turn bad. As the first few days we are selling in the campus with our booth set in front of SLC, so there would not be a problem for us to keep our stocks. Each day we bring sufficient amount of dog foods and Hokkaido cakes for us to sell. Customers does not actually need to wait to buy our products, as all our products are arrange in front of our stalls. One of the good things are also it is visible and easy for the customers to see or buy. But if there are situations arise for example, the Hokkaido cakes are on the way to the campus, we will tell the customers that our products are on the way. We will also try to chit-chat with the customers to minimize their waiting time. If the Hokkaido cakes still could not arrive on time or the customer is in a hurry, we will suggest that we will bring it to them when the cakes arrive. At the booth there will be two person in charged of all the things, when the other two group members are out to walk around the campus and sell the products. Each time each group member can deal with only one customer per time. All of our group members are very efficient when it comes to handling customers’ orders, hence it will not be a problem when our business is very busy. Yes. Our customers are able to order our products through the phone. They can contact us in advanced to order their product. This can ensure that they can get the products they wanted before our stock finishes.
  19. 19. J.GREEN MEASURE First and foremost, we have four types of products, such as cheesy bone, dehydrated fish, dehydrated chicken and Hokkaido cake. Cheesy bone is made in Blink Pets Bakery’s factory, so we cannot see how they make it or do its packaging. But we can see the shop is in a clean condition, hence we can assume that the products are made in an environmentally- conscious manner. Wherelse, for the dehydrated fish and chicken are homemade by Barkery Oven. We have been to the sponsor’s house where we can see their working place is very clean and tidy. This we can be very confirm that our products are made in a environment friendly way. As for the Hokkaido cakes they are made in one of our member’s house, all of us where there during the whole baking process. We can see that the kitchen is very clean and all the waste are thrown in a proper manner. All the four products’ packaging are all recyclable as all consist of paper and plastic only. Our product are all small around 9cm by 9cm or smaller. So it would not be a problem to dispose them. Carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual. We have reused and recycled all the paper we used to keep track of things. Other than that we also apply alternative driving where we avoid driving when we are able to walk to our destination. During the time we promote around Desa Parkcity we also choose to walk to sell our products. We suggest our customers that after usage of our product, they can recycle them. When running the event our usage of paper is the most. Unlike the other booths we do not use electricity and water, as all of our products are all well prepared. Papers that we used to scribble or draft are all recycled paper, so this is environmental friendly.
  20. 20. K.HUMAN RESOURCE PLANNING ORGANIZATION CHART All the four members are in charged of sales where we persuade customers to buy our product or do some donation. Lim Pui San is in charged of accounting report as she has some basics of accounting since secondary school. Wherelse, for the video and photography Beh Nianzi, Lim Pui San and Lee Pui San they own the camera and have the video editing software, hence it is better for them to handle it. For project management, Lim Pui San and Loh Wei Ling are in charged of it. These include finding sponsor, meeting and discussing with sponsors. Beh Nianzi is in charged for advertising such as designing the posters and also the design of the donation box. Although each of us have our own position handling a certain job scope, but we still help out each other when we face problems. The purpose for us to distribute our jobs in such way is to ensure each of us are clear with what we should do. Furthermore, they are more distinct with their strength, so it is better for them to handle what’s their strength. LEADER (LOHWEI LING) ACCOUNTANT (LIM PUI SAN) REPORT (LEE PUI SAN) REPORT (BEH NIANZI) REPORT (LOH WEILING) ACCOUNTING REPORT ADVERTISING SALES PROJECT MANAGEMENT VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY
  21. 21. L.Evaluation of Results Throughout the whole process, we did quite well in selling and promoting. However, it was a bit risky as we choose to sell dog food in this charity drive because we might not get any attention from the students in the campus. So, this caused our group into a downfall situation because we did not sell out a dog food in campus. Hence, we turned our focus on selling the Hokkaido cakes in campus. Hokkaido cakes became our best seller in campus and we got a few good feedback from the customers, which definitely motivated us. On the flip hand side, the dog snacks and treats were easy to sell-out in Desa Parkcity compared to Taylors campus, because there is a dog park where there are lots of people strolling with their dogs. So we choose to target the dog owners. If this event will be held again, the changes that we will do is to create more choices of products in our booth to attract more people. Instead of just selling Hokkaido cakes, we can bake more other types of pastries to increase the choices available for our customers. Next, we should contact more sponsors and plan earlier such as we should seek for permission for selling our products in Desa Parkcity earlier to make sure everything goes smoothly in a long run. By the way, we learned a lot and hope to improve in our future. Youtube link: Income Statement RM Sales Revenue 1,994.00 Less: Cost of Goods Sold (Hokkaido Cakes) 125.8 Gross Profit 1,868.20 Add: Donation 890.50 Adjusted Gross Profit 2,758.70 Less: Operating Expenses Typhoid Injection 235 Cake’s Packaging 11.2 246.20 Net Profit 2,512.50