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My space powerpoint in ICT by Mathew Hollingworth

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The solar system.pptx start

  1. 1. By Matthew Hollingworth Click on a planet to see it
  2. 2. MercuryMercury is the closet planet to the sun, so itextremely hot. Its maximum temperature is 465°!Mercury has 176 days of sunlight & 176 days ofdarknessIf you put a tin of baked beans on mercury, it wouldexplode and the beans would burnAt night the temperature is -180°!From one extremeto the other!
  3. 3. Venus is a deadly world where the surface temperatureis hot enough to cook a meal in mere minutes.Venus is just like the Earth, but it is like a Earth that’sgone wrong.Venus is full of thick clouds of carbon dioxide, it is adeadly planet.
  4. 4. The Earth population is 6,840,507,000 as of 2010The Earth is travelling through space at a speed of almost30km a second!The Earth has one moon. Its name is Luna.For the earth to go around the earth, it takes 365 days,that’s a year!The time it takes the Earth to spin, and entire day wouldof passed
  5. 5. Mars once had rivers, streams, lakes,and even an ocean. Mars has higher mountains, and deepercanyons than any other planet.The largest canyon on Mars wouldstretch from New York City to LosAngeles on the Earth. That makes theGrand Canyon look tiny. It also has the Solar Systems biggestvolcano, Olympus Mons, which is nearly3 times larger than Mount Everest.
  6. 6. JupiterYou can see four of Jupiters moons With apair of binoculars at night. Also, Jupiter spins really fast; it only takes 10hours to go from night to day on Jupiter.For this reason, its middle has been stretchedout. Rather than round it is short and fat. Kind of like when someone spins pizza doughreally fast to stretch it out.
  7. 7. SaturnSaturn is the furthest planet from Earththat can be seen without the help of atelescope.It is the second largest planet in our SolarSystemSaturn is the lightest planet that we knowof.Its beautiful rings are 169,800 miles widebut the rings are amazingly thin. If youturned the rings on their side, they wouldbe able to fit between the goal posts on afootball field.
  8. 8. Uranus UranusIt is believed that Uranus is made up of rockand ice and has a large rocky core.There could possibly be trillions of largediamonds in or on the surface of this planet.Scientists also believe that on the surface ofUranus there may be a huge ocean. And,interestingly, it is thought that thetemperature of this ocean may be extremelyhot, maybe even as hot as 5000 degreesFahrenheit .
  9. 9. NeptuneFor many, centuries people did not knowthat this planet even existed. It wasdiscovered by Johann Galle and HeinrichDArrest in 1846.Neptune is a very windy place. No otherplanet in the Solar System has winds thatare as strong as Neptunes. The winds nearthe Great Dark Spot were believed to havereached nearly 1,200 miles per hour