The Solar System


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It is a great information powerpoint about The Solar System! Everyone will enjoy it!

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The Solar System

  1. 1. Our enormous star, the sun, takes up 99%of the space in The Solar System due tothe fact of it being extremely large! TheSun is mostly made out of hydrogen, whichis its main fuel. Phenomena such as SolarFlares and Sunspots are evidence of thesun’s most magnetic field. the brightlight from the sun can reach the earth inONLY 8 MINUTES. WOW! This is calles THESPEED OF LIGHT!
  2. 2. The planet MERCURY is the closestplanet’s to the bright sun. it issupposed to be possible to seeMercury from the Earth withoutusing a telescope or binocularshowever its closeness to the Sunmakes it hard to see. Mercury hasbecome part of the mythology anda legend of almost every culturethroughout the history of Earth.This planet is also called theMORNING STAR this is because it
  3. 3. PLANET - Venus The planet Venus has long been one of the most misunderstood of all the inner planets. Also relating to Earth Venus has an atmosphere although Venus atmosphere is far thicker than that of the Earth. Interestingly Venus is the 2end closest to the Sun. It is an extreme place – hot and dry. The surface is hidden by sulphuric acid clouds, and the planet is similar to the Earth in size.
  4. 4. PLANET - EARTH The earth is where we live. About 30% of the Earths surface is covered with land, while about 70% is covered by oceans. It is the third planet from the sun. Earth was formed 4.54 billon years ago. Very interesting! This planet is homed to millions of species.
  5. 5. PLANET- MARSMars is more like Earth thanany other planet. Evidenceproves that Mars once hadrivers, streams, lakes, andeven a ocean. Mars is oftenreferred to the “redplanet”, this is because thesurface of the amazing planetis red. Strangely, if you stoodon Mars you will be able to seered dirt and rocks everywhere!
  6. 6. Planet- jupiter Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System by far. Interestingly, Earth could fit in Jupiter more that 1000 times. AMAZING! It is a very stormy planet. In addition there are storms found throughout the atmosphere however most storms don’t seem to end! jupiter is a very colourful planet!
  7. 7. Planet- SaturnSaturn is very similar toJupiter, but it is very small.Furthermore it is the secondbiggest planet in the Solar System.Saturn is the sixth planet awayfrom the sun. It is second biggest inthe Solar System. Saturn alongwith Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune isa gas giant.
  8. 8. Planet- UranusUranus is a cold planet itsatmospheric temperature is -216degrees celsius. Its distancefrom the sun is 2,870 millionkilometres. Uranus spins on itsside. People think it does thisbecause it was once struck byanother planet.
  9. 9. Planet- NeptuneNeptune uses a gas called Methanewhich gives it a blue appearance.Neptune diameter is 49,528km and theplanet is home to incredible winds.Triton, one of Neptunes moon, is thecoldest place in The Solar Systemwith a icy temperature of -235degrees celsius.
  10. 10. The moonThe moon is what come out atnight. The Moon has noatmosphere, which means it issilent. The surface of the moon iscovered with craters. A rare gascalled hellium-3 is found on thisplanet. Its thought helium-3 mightone day provide energy on Earth.