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Solar system slide2

  2. 2. THE SOLAR SYSTEM The solar system consists of a set of stars that revolve around the sun. Do not fall because the engraved holds in its orbit. ● The solar system is 4,600 millions years ogo. Around the sun the are 8 planets, 162moons and other planets, a number of meteorits,comets and asteroids. Our entire solar is in the Milki Way. ● ● Pau Pereira ● Maxim
  3. 3. THE SUN What is it? ● ● The Sun is the most prominent feature in the our. The Sun is the largest object Cesc i Núria
  4. 4. Characteristics ● ● At about 333,000 times the mass of Earth,the Sun contains about 999.8 percent of all the mass in the solar system. Heat and light from this average-size itar travel a mean distance of 92.96 million miles 149.6 million kilometers to reach Earth and support all life on our planet. Cesc i Núria
  5. 5. MERCURY The distance from the Sun is 57.910.000 km. Cesc i Núria
  6. 6. Characteristics ● Mercury is the closet planet to the Sun. ● Mercury is the second smallest. ● It is a rocky planet. ● Virtually has no atmosphere ● ● Small magnatic field,uihich means there are no satellites It make a complete orbit around the Sun every 88 days. Cesc i Núria
  7. 7. Number of Moons ● Mercury has no Moons.
  8. 8. VENUS ● Venus is the second planet closer to the sun Venus is 108.200.000 km. N Arnau Amanda Soufiane
  9. 9. characteristics ● Venus is slightly smaller than earth . Venus is made up most of the carbon dioxide . Venus is the second planet warner. Arnau N Amanda Soufiane
  10. 10. Number of moons ● Venus has not got any moon. Arnau N Amanda Soufiane
  11. 11. The Earth 1.Situation: The Earth is the third planet in distance from the sun, and is 1496 milions km. Xesca, Vali i Eloi
  12. 12. Characteristics The Earth is the only planet that we know to support life, because it is not too close and not too far from the sun. -The Earth is a small and the rocky planet,with an atmosphere that is made of mostly nitrogen (78% N2) and oxygen (21 % O2). Xesca, Vali i Eloi
  13. 13. THE MOON What is it? ● The Moon is the only natural satellite of Earth. Cesc i Núria
  14. 14. Characteristics ● ● Earth's single rocky Moon is about one quarter the diameter of Earth. At a distance of 385,000 kilometer,the Moon is about 30 Earth diameters away from the planet completing one orbit every 29 days. Cesc i Núria
  15. 15. MARS ● Mars,the red planet is Also Called The Fourth planet in the solar system according to theire distance from the Sun. Txell i pau
  16. 16. Moons Mars have two moons Txell i pau
  17. 17. characteristics It Takes 24 hours and 37 minutes for Mars to complete one rotation. Mars is known as the iron oxide found in the soil. Txell i pau
  18. 18. JUPITER Maxim Pau Pereira
  19. 19. Jupiter ● ● ● Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system. Jupiter is the fastest spinning planet in the solar system completing one rotation every 10 hours. Jupiter has 63 moons
  20. 20. SATURN ● Saturn is known for its rings.Its beautiful rings are 169.800 miles wide. Nevertheless, the rings are encredibly thin,estimated at less than one kilometer thick. Txell i pau
  21. 21. Characteristics ● ● Saturn is not perfectly round like most of the other planets. Saturn is the second largest planet in the Solar System and the only one with rings visible from Earth. Txell i pau
  22. 22. moons Saturn has 53 moons interim officers and 9. Txell i pau
  23. 23. URANUS Uranus is the penultimate planet is the solar system. Is 2,872 milion km from the sun. ● Xesca,Vali i Eloi
  24. 24. Characteristics Uranus was the first planet discoverd that was not know in ancient times. ● Xesca, Vali i Eloi
  25. 25. Numbers of moons Uranus has 27 moons and most important are: Titania,Oberon,Umbriel, Ariel,Miranda... Xesca,Vali i Eloi
  26. 26. NEPTUNE ● Neptune is the eighth planets from the sun and the fourth largest . Neptune is very far Arnau N Amanda Soufiane
  27. 27. CHARECTERISTICS ● Neptune is blue at times in it trades plases with pluto and becomes the 9th planet. Neptune has a very stormy atmosphere similar to the of Jupiter. Arnau N Amanda Soufiane
  28. 28. NUMBER OF MOONS ● Neptune has 13 known moons Arnau N Soufiane Amanda