Art Business LIfe


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Art Business LIfe

  1. 1. Business Life Art
  2. 2. Picasso said he spent half his life trying to paint like a child. I've spent most of my life trying to avoid it – what a mess. But we can understand his drift -, or can we?
  3. 3. O ften we seek to either mystify or demystify Art Why ?
  4. 4. What makes art anyway and how does it gain mysticism?
  5. 5. Is this art? One of the original four. When trying it out I lost control due to the absence of brakes. A remarkable oversight for race determined to take over the world
  6. 6. Are these 3 meter high painted buildings art?
  7. 7. Used here in Pink Floyd's The Wall . Pink Floyd - Ronald Searle - Alan Parker Was The Wall an art form?
  8. 8. Or this for Terry Gilliam?
  9. 9. Or this?
  10. 10. 'Planet 247' – H stage Shepperton Studios Alien had some challenging briefs – and difficult problems. Note painted landscape on cyc
  11. 11. Many things about Alien are now part of film mystic. This is the 'oiled' down interior of the Nostromo in 'C' Stage Shepperton. Note the studio wall and mirror. Is art involved in this?
  12. 12. So how does something become art and gain mysticism?
  13. 13. St Francis of Assisi described art thus:- The doing with the hands is the labour The doing with the hands and mind is the craft The doing with hands, mind and heart is the art The patron saint of animals an expert on art?
  14. 14. Giotto painted St Francis extensively and was a founder of the Florentine Renaissance. There is real emotion. We are included in the event. Which is exactly what St Francis did with his theatrical Biblical shows. He brought the bible alive and made it relevant
  15. 15. ALIEN went on to become one of the top ten Si-Fi films of all time. It reinvented the genre.
  16. 16. The David must be in the top ten sculptures of all time It was also vandalised within two weeks of being exhibited
  17. 17. The 4 ton marble block of unbelievable purity was mythical before Michelangelo was born
  18. 18. His genius lies in choosing the moment before the event. He cut the 'Gordon Knot' by twisting the torso to accommodate the narrowness of the block. Just think, two tons of marble pushing down through those ankles. One false chisel mark in four years would have ruined the block, him and Florence. No Sistine Chapel, no . . . .
  19. 19. The block was only two foot wide at this point and had defied two earlier sculptors In his time art had to display perfect detail. It was also very political
  20. 20. Nearly 60 years of contant striving later, his chisels reveal something else is trying to escape. Is it here, that perhaps the 'Divine' Michaelangelo, is trying to carve the unobservable.
  21. 21. Art contains something indefinable beyond execution of craft. 2,500 years ago Plato developed his Theory of Forms of which art was one. We can never experience pure Form on this world. Justice is also a Form but the pure Form of Justice can never exist on earth, we only have approximations of it. Only the immortal soul can journey in the realm of Pure Forms.
  22. 22. We experience art in many forms; in business, in sport, in life. Art can help develop our own philosophy, providing a cause higher than our daily distractions.
  23. 23. Art and Myth Art and Power Art and Politics Art and Media Art and Ideals Art and You
  24. 24. To quote Ernest Short “The Painter in History” “As for the fair fruit, those who would saviour it's rich variety may well be thankful if they can say . . . 'I know what I like' ”
  25. 25. There are many ways to paint. This is but one. Art expression celebrates individuality
  26. 26. The End