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Honolulu Museum of Art


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The building was based on the plan, designed by Bertram Goodhue. It layout reminds one of an ancient Roman countryside villa, with several courtyard surrounded by exhibition rooms, with low roofs. Its collection features painting by van Gogh, Gauguin, Monet, the American artists, with emphasize of paintings connected to Hawaii. Because of its racial diversity of Hawaii, it also houses a collection of traditional South Asia & South Asian art, together with Chinese, Japanese and Hawaian art. It also used as a venue for contemporary arts. I particularly enjoyed getting acquaintance of art connected to Hawaii.

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Honolulu Museum of Art

  1. 1. First created 26 Apr 2016. Version 1.0 - 12 May 2016. Jerry Tse. London. Honolulu Museum of Art All rights reserved. Rights belong to their respective owners. Available free for non-commercial, Educational and personal use. The East meets the West Entrance to the Museum
  2. 2. Centre Courtyard
  3. 3. This sculpture head and the one on the slide are from Afghanistan, Both show distinctive Greco-Roman influence. Afghanistan is the cross road between the western and eastern civilizations, since Alexander the Great went to India. Afghanistan 3C - 5C
  4. 4. Afghanistan 3C - 5C
  5. 5. India 9C - 10C This breaded man probably come from sculpture decorating the exterior of temples in northern India. He could be a temple disciple, patron, or attendant to a god.
  6. 6. China 7-10 This Tang Dynasty is one of the Zenith of Chinese civilisation.
  7. 7. China 11C In China, Guanyin (Avalokiteshvara) is the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Guanyin is often shown with female features. Tangut Xia is also known as Western Xia. It was an empire of the Tangut people and Tibetans, occupied an area covered by modern province of Ningsiz, Gansu, eastern Qinghai and northern Shaannxi.
  8. 8. China 11C Note the tiara in the head. Buddhism was introduced into China from India.
  9. 9. Indonesia 19C Tau tau are wooden effigy of ancestors, normally clothed and display on cliffs overlooking on the fields below. The are particular to the Toraja ethnic group in South Sulawest, Indonesia.
  10. 10. Japan 3-5C AD
  11. 11. Japan 10C Kichijo Tennyo, the auspicious fairy of Japan. She is the goddess of fertility, fortune, luck, beauty and merit.
  12. 12. Cambodia 10C The Khmer Empire is the predecessor state to modern Cambodia. It was a Hindu-Buddhist empire.
  13. 13. Cambodia 12-13C
  14. 14. India 10th Century
  15. 15. South India 18th Century
  16. 16. South India 18th Century
  17. 17. India 18-19th Century
  18. 18. Chinese Courtyard
  19. 19. China 10C The Five Dynasties was a period of upheaval in China, after the fall of the Tang dynasty.
  20. 20. Korea 12C
  21. 21. Vietnam 16C Between the 14C to 17C Vietnam exports its ceramics to other parts of Asia.
  22. 22. Mediterranean Courtyard
  23. 23. Hawaiian
  24. 24. Hawaiian
  25. 25. Hawaiian
  26. 26. Hawaiian
  27. 27. Hawaiian Herbert Vos (1855-1935) was born in Maastricht . He work in England from 1885 to 1892 and he was a member of the Royal Society of British Artists.
  28. 28. Hawaiian
  29. 29. Hawaiian
  30. 30. Hawaiian
  31. 31. Hawaiian
  32. 32. Church – 19C American
  33. 33. Cassatt - 19C American
  34. 34. Cassatt - 19C American
  35. 35. Cassatt - 19C American
  36. 36. Cosimo – 16C Italian
  37. 37. Eakins – 19C American
  38. 38. Moran – 19C American
  39. 39. Sargent – 19C American
  40. 40. Ito Shinsui – 20C Japan Shinsui Ito was a ukiyo-o woodblock print artist. He was one of the great names of the shin-hanga art movement, which revitalized the declining traditional Japanese art.
  41. 41. Ito Shinsui – 20C Japan
  42. 42. Paul Jacoulet– 20C French Paul Jacoulet (1896-1960) was French but raised and lived in Japan for most of his life. He father was an ambassador. He lived next door to Ukiyoe wood block artist.
  43. 43. Paul Jacoulet– 20C French
  44. 44. Paul Jacoulet– 20C French
  45. 45. Paul Jacoulet– 20C French
  46. 46. Paul Jacoulet– 20C French
  47. 47. Paul Jacoulet– 20C French
  48. 48. Museum Plan
  49. 49. All rights reserved. Rights belong to their respective owners. Available free for non-commercial and personal use. The End Music – Over the Rainbow, by Israel Kamakawivo’ole
  50. 50. American Museums of Arts