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is our fear to fail preventing success?


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patent information at mtc
- ten years of product development with deparom
- introduction to our new elasticsearch backend
- lessons learned

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is our fear to fail preventing success?

  1. 1. is our fear to fail preventing success? patent information @ mtc Arne Krüger, Founder & CEO Moving Targets Consulting GmbH, Arndtstrasse 34, 10965 Berlin, Germany Mail: Tel: +49 30 847 12 44-0
  2. 2. #prolog
  3. 3. #agenda patent information and mtc elastic search and patents lessons learned
  4. 4. mtc & patents 2004 first contact
  5. 5. mtc & patents 2006 relocation and take over deparom
  6. 6. mtc & patents 2010 espacenet goes cloud
  7. 7. mtc & patents 2012 open patent data
  8. 8. mtc & patents 2014 the BIG rewrite
  9. 9. objective technology- and competition monitoring with patent informationen
  10. 10. results organisation expierence ten years working with patent information six team members with domain know how (3 developer, 1 supporter, 2 service) deparom: 80 clients ca. 500T € revenue p.a.
  11. 11. results new production system based on Elasticsearch parallel production since ten weeks 15 mio processed patent publications
  12. 12. architecture srs simple ressource service dss deparom satz service don deparom online dcc deparom collection creator dqt deparom query translator
  13. 13. Patent Search Engine
  14. 14. Patent Document Store
  15. 15. results infintely faster then the current system. infinetly scalable, without further efforts. modular open architecture.
  16. 16. #epilog when technology precedes requirements, the user experience suffers. this approach also leads to solutions in search of problems.
  17. 17. we’ve sucessfully failed every single time until today, but...
  18. 18. ...we’ve learned and we’ve grown. 2015 sixtyfive employees, 7,5mio € revenue managed and owned by the two founders self-financed and independent
  19. 19. lesson one just do, then fix if u are afraid, you seek perfection and never finish the already complex solution starting simple is the hardest if u are afraid, you will fail
  20. 20. lesson two just do, then ask if u ask customers, their problems get yours if u ask employees, you only get, what is feasible if u ask, to feel secure, you won’t move if u ask for shortcuts, u will fail
  21. 21. lesson three just do, don’t blame if u do, things happen, mistakes, breaks, failure a mistake is just a mistake, not mine or his mine brings guilt, his brings anger if you look whom to blame, you will fail
  22. 22. lesson four just do, don’t compare success is exactly what? why are you doing this? others are doing it better, faster and cheaper! if u compare yourself, your will fail
  23. 23. #conclusion yes, fear prevents success. the success of fully living your life in this very moment.
  24. 24. Arne Krüger, Founder & CEO Moving Targets Consulting GmbH, Arndtstrasse 34, 10965 Berlin, Germany Mail: Tel: +49 30 847 12 44-0