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Re invent The Future of Patent Information


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Openness, Platform Thinking, Abundance und Co-creationare expressions that, in this presentation, will illustrate the drivers for the on-going digital revolution currently taking place outside the patent world. The talk will direct some concrete demands at patent offices and commercial providers, based on some of today's most popular websites in the areas of communication, shopping, curation and project management, all with millions of users. It is essential to adapt existing patent information systems in line with these developments for the long-term future and success of the entire patent system.

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Re invent The Future of Patent Information

  1. 1. re:InventThe future of Patent Information Arne Krüger CEO Moving Targets Consulting GmbH
  2. 2. The Internet The World Wide Web 1990
  3. 3. Publishing The printing press 1440
  4. 4. Network ways of doing businesschallenge orthodox market assumptions about self-interest. Jeremy Rifkin The Empathic Civilization
  5. 5. Open Being a platformService design thinking Social Networks
  6. 6. Collaboration Co-creation Crowd-sourcing Maker movement
  7. 7. CloudTechnology revolution Abundance General purpose
  8. 8. Patent Information?
  9. 9. In networks, optimizing the interest of others increases ones own assets and value. Jeremy Rifkin The Empathic Civilization
  10. 10. Search
  11. 11. Curation
  12. 12. clean design content curationsocial collaboration subscription
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Commodities
  15. 15. sharing and selling of digital commoditiesdead simple, friction free
  16. 16. Collaboration
  17. 17. Basecamp super fast, easy to usefull control, who sees what easy invite, easy access
  18. 18. Companies dont fail because they choose the wrong course - they fail, because they cant imagine a better one. Marty Neumeier
  19. 19. Patent Information PatentAuthority Provider Professional
  20. 20. patent information are bydefault social data
  21. 21. future of patent information is about giving amateurs access
  22. 22. Your time is limited, so dont waste it,living someone elses life. Steve Jobs
  23. 23. Thankyou!Moving Targets Consulting GmbH Arndtstrasse 34, 10965 Berlin, Germany