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My personal UX challenge


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All online services and apps are heading for more satisfied users. Good news, most web workers already know that a good UX is a key factor for success. But how to build an easy to use product?

Find my thoughts about my "personal UX challenge"...Feel free to like and share..

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My personal UX challenge

  1. 1. Pineapple or Kiwi? It doesn´t matter! Hendrik Lennarz, #UXCologne 10.05.2016 „My personal UX challenge“
  2. 2. My personal UX challenge
  3. 3. Do button colors make a difference? Jetzt kostenlos absichern! OR
  4. 4. Is Snapchat easy to use?
  5. 5. Is a double opt in useful?
  6. 6. Is Amazon nice?
  7. 7. We all use stupid passwords…
  8. 8. Bots will kill UX. Not!
  9. 9. Bad iPhone UX
  10. 10. When to upgrade?
  11. 11. Copytext is not UX. Fail.
  12. 12. Why can´t Germans make good UX?
  13. 13. Solution?
  14. 14. The TEAM is in charge of the USER eXpierence UX Business - What is the goal? - What is the budget? Tech - What is possible? - What is realistic? User - What is needed? Team
  15. 15. Designers shouldn´t be expected to get it right the first time; Nobody else has to
  16. 16. Who we are?
  17. 17. What inspires me?
  18. 18. Hendrik Lennarz Head of Product & IT Twitter: @lennarz Blog: Product: