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Designing society through thinking | University of Helsinki


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The University of Helsinki launched its participation in the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 year with a comprehensive theme “Designing society through thinking”. The aim is to communicate the actions of the university that contribute to the cultural, economic and social development of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the living environment in general.

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Designing society through thinking | University of Helsinki

  1. 1. Designing societythrough thinking
  2. 2. university of helsinki &WDc helsinki 2012The University of Helsinki launched its participation in the World Design CapitalHelsinki 2012 year with a comprehensive theme “Designing society through thinking”.The aim is to communicate the actions of the university that contribute to the cultural,economic and social development of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and the livingenvironment in general. The University of Helsinki expands the concept of design toencompass social innovations – design is seen not just in its traditional form, but as ahuman-oriented way of solving challenges.Follow the university’s WDC blog at inforMationIra LeväahoProject Manager, World Design Capital Helsinki 2012University of HelsinkiCommunications & Community RelationsMobile +358 50 505 8152E-mail
  3. 3. teaching & learning Designing society through thinking The Finnish educational system and teacher training at the University of Helsinki create Passiona strong foundation for Finland’s success in PISA evaluations and they have become an increasingly export product. Projects in the Department of Teacher Education bring together strong scientific expertise to develop learning contents, physical spaces and services and networks with the help ofnew technology, creating a platform for distributing the Finnish equal-opportunity model of teaching and learning both nationally and internationally.ele – neW learning environMentsin teacher eDucationLearning environments of the future integrate a variety of spacesand services and combine contact teaching with digital tools.Internet- and mobile-based working and learning platforms are learning to be a teacher The University of Helsinki designs society through teaching and research. The project gives a face to Finnish teacher train- ing, which has gained international recognition as the result of Finland’s continuing PISA success. The project is an audi- to learnnaturally connected to the learning experience. The seamless fusion of pedagogic and psychological know- ovisual introduction to teaching practice, an integral part of Finnish teacher training. First class research shapes the Finn- Adapting new ways of collectivehow and technology supporting active learning and inclusive ish teacher training, which in turn designs Finland’s whole learning for better results.methodology is important. The project aims to develop learning educational system.spaces and technologies for use in teacher training. The labora-tory for creating knowledge creates not only new understanding More inforMationand learning, but also new practices and pedagogic solutions. Elina Kuusisto Postdoctoral ResearcherMore inforMation University of HelsinkiOskari Salmi Mobile +358 50 318 0309Project Manager elina.kuusisto@helsinki.fiUniversity of HelsinkiTel. +358 50 3185
  4. 4. sustainable environMent Designing society through thinking The environmental projects will create opportunities for improved quality of life and a better future. The projects seek solutions to environmental problems and develop ecosystem services for green the needs of urban residents. They will create new spaces, experiences, natural areas and sustainability amid the issues of climate change, as well as mental and physical well-being. Sustainable development is an ideology and operating model that grows increasingly effective through social discourse between urban residents and decision-makers. Zone fifth DiMension: innovative solutions anD global environMental change: university ecosysteM services to benefit our cities of helsinki Designing a sustainable future An upcoming trend in the world’s metropolises is urban retro- We aim to highlight top scientific research on global environ- fitting – the development of cities towards more sustainability, mental problems as well as innovative solutions to solve them. where the use of urban space and ecosystem services play a The project themes are climate change, the Baltic Sea and urban key role. ecosystem services. The popularity of green roofs, or roofs of buildings covered The core idea in this project is the dialogue between the citi- with living vegetation, is growing rapidly around the world, and they are seen as an essential element of sustainable develop- zens and decision-makers through the new innovative methods by using environmental and bio art as media in science com- Rethinking our environment ment. However, Finnish building culture, urban planning and munication. Enhancing the use of environmental research in for more sustainable living. design are lagging behind in this respect. societal discussion and decision-making forms our society, and Green roofs are an excellent means of reducing the adverse can be considered as design for the future. environmental effects of urbanisation and problems caused by climate change. While the climate has been found to be chang- More inforMation ing even faster than forecast in the latest Intergovernmental Kati Vierikko Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, one of the counter- Coordinator of Environmental Research measures taken by many major cities is the goal of radically in- University of Helsinki creasing vegetated roof areas. Department of Environmental Sciences Mobile +358 40 7372298 More inforMation Susanna Lehvävirta Researcher University of Helsinki, Finnish Museum of Natural History Mobile +358 50 576 2952
  5. 5. learning environMent Designing society through thinking The design of learning environments provides us with new types of ‘oases’ for learning oasis of that suit the needs of widely different learners. They serve as showcases of science and facilitate encounters between different actors. Interactive learning environments and service models that encourage participation are developed in a user-orientated manner through service design, making use of space and technology in a new way.sMart Design – helsinki universitylibrary’s service Design ProjectThe objective of the service design project at the Helsinki Uni-versity Library is to create a coherent, user-oriented and flexibleservice concept with the help of a web-based developer commu- Kaisa building), the high quality experiential services offer the World Design Capital 2012 an impressive design product and an interesting venue in the monumental centre of Helsinki. sciencenity. The new service concept and involvement of users enable Creating an intelligent andthe reform of traditional library services, the probing and im-plementation of new technologies and work processes as well as More inforMation Inkeri Salonharju inspiring space wherethe long-term development of library services also in the future. The service design project will improve the Library’s on-site Project Manager new science can be born. Helsinki University Libraryand online services aimed at its user base of nearly 100,000. Tel. +358 9 1912 4377, +358 50 415 5528Together with the new City Centre Campus Library (a.k.a. the
  6. 6. stuDent caPital Designing society through thinking A student-centred approach and participation are key terms for the set of projects aimed at stuDent bolstering the national and international competitive strength of the Helsinki metropolitan area asan attractive place to live, study and work. The Student Capital brings together the public, private andthird sectors, acknowledging the real needs of the different actors. The Student Capital aims to satisfythe needs at every stage of a learner’s life, from the beginning of university studies to lifelong learning, turning learners into proud alumni who act as global ambassadors for not just the university caPital but Helsinki as a whole.WorlD stuDent caPital helsinki suMMer schoolThe more than 90,000 higher education students in the Helsinki The thirteenth Helsinki Summer School (HSS) will be arrangedcapital region is an invaluable resource for the city. The objective on 7–23August 2012. HSS celebrates the World Design Capitalof the World Student Capital project is to make students visible 2012 by offering high-quality multidisciplinary courses on de-in the city and encourage them to be active and creative citizens. sign. In addition we are rethinking our service concept with the Through the World Student Capital, students will create sus- help of service design. The multidisciplinary courses – all taught Co-creating Helsinkitainable solutions for everyday challenges, serving both studentsand other citizens. The student initiatives will cover topics such in English – aim at stimulating thought and intellectual develop- ment in an open and diverse environment. A city known for its the world’s most studentfriendlyas urban living, transportation, entrepreneurship and lively cam-pus culture. design, technology, and vibrant cultural life, Helsinki is sure to be the experience of a lifetime. community.More inforMation More inforMationAura Kostiainen Pauliina MikkonenThe Student Union of the University of Helsinki Programme managerMobile +358 50 595 0329 Tel. +358 9 191 24
  7. 7. see you in the think corner!During the WDC year, the University of Helsinki will take top-level researchand the university’s many WDC projects to the public, hoping to ignite livelydebate over various topics. For this purpose it will open the Think Corner atAleksanterinkatu 7.The Think Corner is a meeting place for the university community and thepublic, turning science into an approachable experience. Drop in for a cup ofcoffee, pick up something interesting to read or have an inspiring chat with otherfriends of science. Come to the Think Corner and share the WDC year with us!To find out more about the Think Corner programme, read the university’s WDCblog at inforMationIra Leväaho Tanja PaananenProject Manager, World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 Marketing Communication ManagerUniversity of Helsinki University of HelsinkiCommunications & Community Relations Communications & Community RelationsMobile +358 50 505 8152 Mobile +358 50 415 4508E-mail E-mail