epistemic fluency actionable knowledge higher education professional learning knowlegeable action higer education assessment tasks interdisciplinary education professional education interdisciplinarity educational research epistemic artefacts interdisiplinary skills learning interdisciplinarity functional epistemic games professional knowledge conceptual blending design thinking flexible teaching hybrid teaching covid19 professional edication hyflex epistemological craft practice-based research epistemic games epistemic infrastructures tel technology enhanced learning new models of learning social quality of learning learning at knowledge frontiers knowledge co-creation students as innovators wicked problems skills for future learning through innovation social learning work integrated learning preparing for workplace inter-professional skills inter-professional learning research methods unit of analysis conceptual knowledge multimodal blending material blending epistemic values epistemic practice dynamics of professional work professional expert cultures assessment nature of professional knowledge work readiness pre-service teacher education role of universities australa innovation bootstrapping approach design based research teaching and learning learning sciences epistemic environments sociomaterial entanglement knowledge building objectual practice responsive action soft system methodology systems thinking design based developmental implemendation research educational neusocscience extended cognition enacted cogniton embodied cognition brain learning mind learning technologies enculturated cofnition knowedge-in-pieces p-prims mental resources professional learning; multimodal view of affordan
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