Pencil Shavings: 2Q12 GPC, Beirut


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A roundup of Leo Burnett’s 2Q12 Global Product Committee meeting in Beirut, including links to 7+ work, creative profiles and more.

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Pencil Shavings: 2Q12 GPC, Beirut

  1. 1. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12A Letter from MarkDear Friends,Five weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Beirut, discussing and evaluating work alongsidesome of the brilliant leaders of Leo Burnett’s Middle East & North Africa region. It was an inspiring week, filledwith candid debate and good company, and the entire 2Q12 GPC team relished our time in Lebanon. Beirut is anastonishing place that confounds expectations, a vibrant creative hub filled with cosmopolitan people who have awealth of life experience and a truly unique perspective on the world around them. The city has an ancient heritageas well as a modern mentality, and multiple languages and traditions coexist to form the rich cultural mosaic thatis Lebanese society. There is something timeless about Lebanon and its people, who have endured centuries ofturbulence and uncertainty but have never let events overwhelm their passions or identities, or stifle their love ofideas, their taste for high fashion, or their ambition to transcend limitations and borders. There is a lot we can learnfrom our friends in Beirut, and I’m delighted that the GPC finally had an opportunity to visit one of the Leo Burnettnetwork’s most celebrated offices, in one the oldest and greatest cities of the world. 1
  2. 2. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12A Haul of LionsThe great Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran once wrote that “progress lies notin enhancing what is, but in advancing toward what will be.” Every year Ifind myself reflecting on our progress as a company as I depart Cannesin late June. Beyond it’s role in honoring the great work produced overthe past year, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity alsooffers up a tantalizing glimpse into the world that lies ahead. Cannes isboth a barometer that charts the health of our industry, and a showcaseof future-facing thinking that helps determine how we must reinvent our-selves each year to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s world. We cannotsimply refine the skills we have and expect that to suffice: we must alsoembrace new ways of thinking and adapt to new tools and mediums.Our business is changing as communication evolves. Cannes offers us an honest assessment of where we standin relation to our competitors, and also shows us that a future we can barely imagine is much closer than we think.This year, I’m proud to say that the Leo Burnett global network won the largest number of Lions it has ever wonat Cannes. Our previous record was an impressive 52 Lions in 2010, but this year, the network won a total of 55coveted Lions, a remarkable achievement that highlights our global creative prowess. We were awarded 9 Gold,16 Silver, and 30 Bronze Lions, and we also had a record 173 pieces shortlisted, across a range of categoriesand communication channels. 22 different offices contributed to this total, demonstrating the depth and breadthof our talent around the world. Leo Burnett offices from Milan, Detroit, Shanghai, Sydney, Beirut, New York,Melbourne, Zurich, Bangkok, Toronto, Seoul, Tokyo, Colombo, Mumbai, Warsaw, São Paulo, Bogota, Singapore,Brussels, Dubai, Chicago, and Lapiz all won Lions in 2012. There were highlights every night, but I’m particularlyproud of the fact that the iconic Bundy Rum “Watermark” campaign that LB/Sydney produced for Diageo, whichwon a Gold PR Lion in 2011, was awarded a Gold Creative Effectiveness Lion in 2012. That’s two years in a rowthat Leo Burnett offices have won Gold Creative Effectiveness Lions, testifying to the fact that our finest creativework, rooted in brilliant strategic thinking and executed with impeccable craftsmanship, inevitably results in strongbusiness growth for our most important clients.It’s also hugely encouraging that we won two Gold Lions for Branded Content and Entertainment in the category’sinaugural year at the festival. This is arguably the most exciting and future-facing field. We are no longer in thebusiness of advertising at ‘consumers’: we are people’s partners in their ongoing quest to find compelling contentthat entertains and inspires them. The ability to curate creativity is becoming as important as the ability to produceoriginal content, and two Gold Lions in this category means we’re on the right track.It’s clear from our performance at Cannes that we’re firing on all cylinders, and our HumanKind philosophy ishelping to push the needle forward for the entire industry. We are poised and ready for what comes next. I’m veryproud of everyone who poured blood, sweat, and tears into our product to get these results, and I want to thankyou for all your hard work. Each year, we are taking the necessary steps to advance towards the lofty goal ourfounder laid down so many years ago: “best in the world, bar none.” In 2012, we took home the largest haul ofLions in company history. This new benchmark is a sign of progress, and I hope in the years to come we continueto break our own records as we pursue the greatness that is our birthright as part of Leo Burnett Worldwide. 3 2
  3. 3. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12Now that Cannes is over, we must return to the work at hand with renewed energy. Although our record-breakingsuccess at the festival this year was hard won, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. It is one thing to reach thegiddy heights of our profession, and something else entirely to stay up there, where the air is thin and where theview is dizzying. It is a constant battle to overcome the complacency that accompanies success which sets thetruly great apart from everyone else. Success must become something we practice routinely until it becomes ahabit we come to expect. I ask you all to savor this moment, to celebrate your Lions and those of your colleagues,to praise your teams, and to reflect on all that it took to get us here. Let’s use this success as an inspirationalspringboard to get back to work. The campaign for Cannes 2013 starts today.A great example of an agency with this singular focus is Leo Burnett/Beirut. In 2009, at Cannes, Beirut won the firstGold Lion ever awarded to a Lebanese agency for their brilliant ‘Khede Kasra’ campaign for the Hariri Foundation.In 2011, they won a Silver Lion for their ‘Fake it All’ campaign for the Brand Protection Group. The team regardedthese accomplishments not as an end, but as a beginning, the start of a new chapter, and began their workrejuvenated, with the expectation that they would win another Gold Lion in 2012. Their relentless drive paidoff, as last week, Leo Burnett/Beirut won a Gold PR Lion, two Silver Lions and two Bronzes for their phenomenal“No Rights No Women” campaign, and the agency also picked up another Lion for work featured in the followingpages. This is an agency committed to producing great work, and they do an excellent job of taking advantage ofevery opportunity that comes across their desks. They are passionate about what they do, and they are hungryfor the kind of sustained success that the world’s best agencies enjoy. It’s a credit to their leadership team thatthey’ve improved upon their performance at Cannes last year, and I hope to see them on stage at Cannes againnext year and in the years to come, earning further recognition for the outstanding work they are producing.Please take a look at some of Leo Burnett/Beirut’s amazing work in the pages that follow. We were delighted toaward the agency with only the second 9-Ball the GPC has ever bestowed, for their inspiring campaign “A Bet forA National Conscience” created by former CCO Farid Chehab. This HumanKind campaign that has the potentialto change an entire country’s fortunes, and it’s wonderful that Leo Burnett is the driving force behind it. The 2Q128-ball gallery is also full of Cannes Lion winners from around the world, and this quarter’s 7+ collection features arange of intelligent, well-crafted work. Please spend some time, as the GPC did, marveling at the creative outputof our company and the talented people we have working under the Leo Burnett banner.On behalf of all the 2Q12 GPC delegates, I want to extend a deep thank you to Carol Hanna, Hala Akiki and thewhole team at LB/Beirut for being amazing hosts, and I also want to thank LB/MENA’s CEO Raja Trad for makingthis GPC possible. A special thank you also goes to Bechara Mouzannar, the CCO of LB/MENA, who repeatedlywent out of his way to provide all of his guests with an immersive experience of his country. Bechara served as anincomparable tour guide, offering up insightful commentary and providing us with a window into the rich history ofLebanon. His generous hospitality went above and beyond what anyone expected, to the point where years fromnow it will became the stuff of legend. All of us departed Beirut deeply appreciative of our shared experience. Allin all, it’s been a marvelous few weeks, and the future looks bright indeed.Kind regards,Mark TutsselChief Creative OfficerLeo Burnett Worldwide 3
  4. 4. HumanKind GPC 2Q 12aims to add somethingto people’s lives.
  5. 5. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12ContentsThe 2Q12 Global Product Committee 6Starting from Scratch: ReBoot 7Bechara Mouzannar: Not All Who Wander Are Lost 8Farid Chehab Comes Full Circle 9The 2Q12 9-Ball Gallery 10The 2Q12 8-Balls 11The 2Q12 7+ Gallery 24 “Conferences are often valuable, and it is not necessarily true that five people in a room are five times as stupid as any one of them, but the only creative conference worth a damn, in my opinion, is one in which everybody in the room starts from the same base of fact, a consuming appetite for ideas, no matter how wild they may first appear, and a humble respect for them. I have learned that producing outstanding ads is a process of profligate wastefulness of people’s time, skills, and sometimes their feelings.” 5
  6. 6. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12The 2Q12 Global Product Committee Clockwise, from left to right: Bechara Mouzannar (LB/MENA), Raja Trad (LB/MENA), Pawel Heinze (LB/Warsaw), Peter Kacenka (LB/Slovakia), Mohamed Fouad (LB/Cairo), Per Erik Jarl (LB/Oslo), Areej Mahmoud (LB/Beirut), Rich Stoddart (LB/Chicago), Ahmed Hussain (LB/Cairo), Nabil Rashid (LB/Dubai), Jean Traboulsi (LB/Dubai), Grisha Sorokin (LB/Moscow), Mark Tutssel (LB/Worldwide), Cristiano Tonnarelli (LB/Milan), Nada Abisaleh (LB/Beirut), Carol Hanna (LB/Beirut), Paulo Dematteis (LB/Milan), Rosalie Geier (LB/Chicago), Hala Akiki (LB/Beirut), Farid Chehab (LB/MENA), Fuad Ahmad (LB/Bangkok), Peter Bidenko (LB/Dubai), Haakon Dahl (LB/Oslo), Jennifer Skidgel (LB/Chicago), Anja Radulovic (LB/Belgrade) 6
  7. 7. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12Starting from Scratch Sometimes you just need to start over. Throw out the rule book, discard everything you think you know, and begin with a blank sheet of paper and an open mind. Wipe the slate clean. Too often in our business we make the choice to simply follow formulas, to take the path of least resistance and accept the dubious briefs we’re handed without fighting for anything more. The easiest way to produce forgettable work is to simply do what’s expected of us, to go through the motions and let the machine crank out something safe, familiar, and predictable. Beset with deadlines, hemmed in by research, and tasked with delivering something on a budget that clients will actually buy, inertia almost always prevails. Without a time and space to really give new ideas and fresh approaches an honest hearing, we tend to fall back on what we know, and ultimately end up with the safe media buy, the clichéd product demo, and the tried and tested techniques that have worked since time immemorial. We end up doing uninspired work. This is why the Global Product Committee is initiating the ReBoot Series. Quarter after quarter, year after year, the GPC has observed that a certain stagnation occasionally seems to set in on any given account. It’s a perfectly understandable situation, but without some external impetus to shake up the complex web of egos, relationships, and attachments knotted up around a piece of business, the problems will likely become more entrenched, and fresh ideas will find no inroads in. The business may be fine, and the advertising may be working, but that does not mean that we cannot do better. The GPC believes that every brand team should have a periodic opportunity to examine its brand anew, stripped of all its scaffolding, and regarded like a shiny piece of new business that our agency would like to befriend for the first time. If you were pitching to this client for the first time, would you present to them the work that you’re doing now? Maybe so, but it can’t hurt to spend a weekend, a day, or maybe just a few hours examining your brand with new eyes. Strip away all your premises and look at it with a fresh perspective. Invite random people in to reconsider its purpose. ReBoot it, and see what makes it tick. Replenish your idea pool by contemplating alternative possibilities. Recharge, rejuvenate, and reset. The ReBoot Series will give brand teams the opportunity to restructure platforms, reappraise strategies, and consider ways to buck convention. Without this series, it’s likely that our communication calcifies into predictable campaigns, and our daily work becomes replication instead of creation. Perhaps the ReBoot Series will simply be an hour spent throwing out half-formed ideas that could never work. Perhaps nothing usable will emerge, and we will return back to our previous approach with a renewed appreciation for the status quo. That’s fine. But there is always the potential that we stumble upon something profound, or something brilliant or even just more fun, and if we don’t make space for this kind of open reappraisal of ourselves, we are not fully serving our clients or their brands. We are launching the ReBoot Series in the second half of 2012. It’s coming soon to an office near you. 7
  8. 8. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12Bechara Mouzannar:Not All Who Wander Are LostIn the middle of a Rio de Janeiro street at night, just behind Copacabana, a Lebanese traveler is being held atknife-point by a gang of Brazilian men demanding all his money. Surrounded by hostile faces and with a bladeplaced flush against his throat, there is no escape available, no hero waiting to intercede, and no possibility ofany outcome that defies the harsh and unforgiving reality of favela life. The blade is pressed against his chin andabove him looms a hard and threatening face indifferent to his fate. At this moment, with his life in the balance,the man opens his mouth and begins to sing: “Tristeza não tem fim, felicidade sim. A felicidade é como umagota de orvalho numa petala de flor....” The first phrases of the iconic Brazilian love song ‘A Felicidade’ pourout of him, and the blade drops from his throat as his surprised captors stare astonished at the man singing hisheart out in Portuguese. The cloud of danger suffusing the moment drops away, and is replaced with suddengood humor at the unexpected turn of events. The knife is pocketed, and the men surrounding the travelerbegin to laugh, and they join in and sing the song’s last refrain together: “A Felicidade é como uma pluma, queo vento vai levando pelo ar...” The man looks out at the group and they look back at him, with newfound respectand curiosity, and when he offers them his money they refuse to take it. In a few minutes he will depart the sceneunscathed, with his wallet intact, and with new friendships made in one of the most dangerous neighborhoodsin the world. They have recognized in each other a shared humanity, and they part ways with blessings andgood wishes all around.This is a true story from the life of Bechara Mouzannar, a man of profound depth who navigates the worldwith a studied grace that colors all of his interactions. Bechara serves as Leo Burnett’s Chief Creative Officerfor the Middle East & North Africa, overseeing the work of multiple offices in the region. A 2009 graduate ofMichael Conrad’s Berlin School of Creative Leadership, Bechara’s long and storied career in advertisingover two decades has made him one of Leo Burnett’s most highly regarded global creative leaders. He hasbeen an ardent champion of the work from the Middle East for years, and under his leadership, the offices inLB/MENA are rapidly ascending the global creative rankings. Beyond his invaluable contributions to the LeoBurnett brand, Bechara is also a devoted family man, and the proud owner of a formidable film collection ofover 8000 movies culled from video stores across the planet. Bechara is so much more than an ad man. Heis a connoisseur of art and beauty, a scholar of history, a rich repository of culture and ideas, and an avidtraveler who bridges seemingly impossible gulfs with unassuming grace, a gifted tongue, and a refined mind. 8
  9. 9. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12Farid Chehab Comes Full Circle “My name is Farid Chehab, and I am from the past.” This self-effacing proclamation at the beginning of the 2Q12 GPC drew laughs from the group, most of whom have known the silver-haired gentleman in the corner of the room for many years. While he has transitioned from his role as the Chief Creative Officer of Leo Burnett’s Central Europe, Middle East, & Africa region (CEEMEA) into semi-retirement, Farid was invited to participate in the 2Q12 GPC because he is a celebrated authority on creativity, and because he has lobbied for a GPC in his hometown of Beirut for many years. Farid’s experience is invaluable, his perspective is unique, and when he grips a microphone and lets loose on the merits or flaws of any given piece of work, it’s clear that he is far more than just a quirky voice from yesteryear. Farid offers cutting and insightful critiques, with a brutally eloquent honesty that is one of his trademarks. He is never shy about offering his opinions, and his outspoken assertions have long been a highlight of GPC debates. As the cofounder of H&C Leo Burnett/Beirut in 1974, he is a legend in his own right, and indisputably one of the greatest ad men the Middle East has ever produced. What does one do for a second act, after a long and illustrious career at Leo Burnett? Farid chose to write a compelling book entitled “A Bet For A National Conscience,” and has invested time and energy in fostering a dialogue about the future of the Lebanese people. In his book, he puts forward market-based solutions to some of Lebanon’s ongoing problems, and the book serves as both a challenge issued to the Lebanese people and a call to arms for those occupying positionsof influence to begin a vast series of projects that have the potential to remake the country’s civil society. Itmakes a brilliant case for change, and through Farid’s charisma, connections, and the strength of his ideas,the book has already begun to bear fruit. Below is a short passage from his book (available for free onlineat in French, English, & Arabic) where Farid reflects on the motivations underlying his writing.“Someone once told me that a man needs three things to be happy: start a family, build a house, and writea book. I would add a fourth prerequisite to reach happiness: giving back. Giving back to society what itgenerously gave to you. This is probably what pushed me to finally write this book......Each of us, in our search for happiness, has a duty to give back: the industrialist through initiatives to helpthe environment he destroys, the researcher through life-saving discoveries, the philosopher, with new conceptsin a distraught world searching for new answers. If this book is able to move our destinies forward, it wouldbe wonderful. At the very least, it will have made me a little bit happier and appeased my conscience.” 9
  10. 10. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball galleryLeo Burnett Beirut A Bet For A National ConscienceLeo Burnett / BeirutCategory: IntegratedLebanon has been continually plagued with political unrest for decades. Multiple wars and regional conflicts have hindered the nation’seconomic progress and development, and the country’s government has struggled to effectively serve a diverse population comprisedof many different social and religious groups, each with different agendas and concerns. In the face of constant upheaval, and without acommon national objective to rally around, the Lebanese people have lost faith in their politicians, and have trouble envisioning Lebanon’slong term future. With the intention of changing this mentality, and enacting alternative solutions to the country’s problems, Leo BurnettMENA’s chairman Farid Chehab authored a book entitled “A Bet for A National Conscience,” in which he puts forth ideas designed to helpthe country develop a federative economy. The widespread interest in the interactive book (available for free online in Arabic, English, andFrench) started a national conversation, and the ideas and proposals suggested by Farid Chehab quickly became the basis of a muchlarger initiative. The book helped bring together some of the country’s top entrepreneurs and business people to form a Civic InfluenceHub, which serves as a committee with the economic power, vision, and connections to begin working on huge public projects designedto improve the country’s long term economic health. By bypassing all the problems involved in dealing with a gridlocked government, theCivic Influence Hub can work efficiently on public projects without being subjected to political pressures. Farid’s book has initiated a newchapter for the Lebanese people, and this brilliant 9-ball integrated campaign has the potential to markedly change the future of Lebanon. 10
  11. 11. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball galleryThe Village Voice New York TypesLeo Burnett / New York CityCategory: Promo & Activation(Cannes Gold Branded Entertainment Lion)The Village Voice is legendary publication with a reputation forcapturing and delivering the real, uncensored voice of New YorkCity. To emphasize this heritage, and re-establish the VillageVoice as the city’s go-to source of arts and culture, LB/New YorkCity created “New York Writes Itself,” a crowd-sourced contentplatform designed as a place for New Yorkers to write down theamazing things they see and hear on the streets of NYC every day.By capturing and sharing these impressions, New Yorkers couldsee their observations transformed into editorial and creativecontent. The first execution in this campaign was a letterpress artexhibition in which the city’s leading letterpress artists brought realwords heard on the streets of New York City to life, letter by letter.The exhibition was hosted at the Art Director’s Club of New Yorkand was a huge success, well-attended and publicized throughoutthe city in influential editorial channels like the New York Times.Due to the campaign’s widespread popularity, the Village Voicehas made New York Writes Itself into a permanent piece of thepublication’s art and culture content. New components of thiscampaign are in progress and will appear in late 2012 and beyond. 11
  12. 12. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball gallery La Sexta Alcatraz Delivery Leo Burnett / Madrid Category: Promo & Activation To promote the show “Alcatraz” on Spanish TV channel La Sexta, Leo Burnett Iberia created a food delivery service that let people sitting in the comfort of their own homes experience a little taste of prison life. Anyone who ordered food from Alcatraz Delivery was greeted at their front door by a convict, accompanied with a police officer, who handed over a meal along with impeccably designed prison- themed paraphernalia promoting the show. Online and offline components helped make this campaign a hugely successful PR coup for La Sexta, and made the premier of “Alcatraz” one of the most watched shows of the TV season in Spain.Switzerland Tourism Weather Prophet - Ant HillLeo Burnett / ZurichCategory: FilmMartin Horat is a real, authentic Swiss “Weather Prophet”, who has built a large following in Switzerland for his annual proclamations thatdetail what kind of year lies in store for the Swiss people. Will it be a long winter or will it rain early? Martin gleans information by shavingcow’s skulls, observing field mice, tasting snow, and in this funny spot from Leo Burnett Zurich, he divines a great winter ahead, which heforesees through a masterful act of ant-whispering. The charms of Switzerland have never been more readily apparent. Book your trip now. 12
  13. 13. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball galleryCoca-Cola - Coke StudioSounds of Happiness CalendarLeo Burnett / MumbaiCategory: DesignThe Coke Studio TV program features performances from a widevariety of Indian musicians, each a distinct articulation of India’srich musical heritage. To promote the show, Leo Burnett Mumbaidesigned a beautiful direct mail piece, a 12-month “Sounds ofHappiness” calendar where each month is represented by a Cokebottle filled with distinctive elements that capture the sounds ofeach month of the year in India. Every bottle was a functionalmusical instrument, a rhythmic shaker that could be played by itsrecipients. Calendars were sent to select musicians who madethese percussion instruments into a hot topic throughout India’smusic industry. The calendar brought out the sounds of happinessfor music lovers everywhere, and built publicity for Coke studio. 13
  14. 14. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball gallery McDonald’s Family Time Forever Leo Burnett / Dubai Category: Integrated McDonald’s has always been a family-oriented restaurant focused on providing simple, easy meals that both parents and kids can enjoy. In a city with a growing number of workaholics, Leo Burnett Dubai asked people an important question: “what happened to family time?” The campaign was launched around a beautiful TV spot featuring children boldly striding into offices and reclaiming their parents from meetings and cubicles, pulling them away from their office responsibilities and into a McDonald’s to share a meal. A variety of channels were used to amplify this message, posing the same poignant question to people about their work/life balance. Outdoor posters written in a child’s stilted script posed requests like: “Mr. CEO, please send daddy home before bedtime.” Ambient executions placed children with microphones in office lobbies petitioning their parents to take some time off. Tray liners at McDonald’s restaurants were printed with a “parent’s report card” where kids could grade their parents on their attendance at family events. Each execution helped emphasize McDonald’s positioning as a family restaurant where children and parents could come together to celebrate life’s most important relationships. McDonald’s. Family Time Forever. 14
  15. 15. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball galleryQingcongquan Autism FoundationThe Distance Between Mother And ChildLeo Burnett China / ShanghaiCategory: Design(D&AD Yellow Pencil for Spatial Design)On April 2nd, World Autism Day, Shanghai’s QingCongQuanAutism Foundation launched an exhibition of “living sculptures” inShanghai’s Central Library to raise public awareness of the plightof Chinese families with autistic children. The sculpture contains amother and her child, both dressed entirely in black, sitting at eachend of a 20-meter long, black netted cage, vividly presenting thepsychological distance between the autistic child and its parents.Literature was disseminated, detailing the organization’s work andthe facts about the pervasiveness of autism in China. This exhibitgenerated widespread media coverage and helped bring autismout of the shadows and into the public light. 15
  16. 16. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball galleryChulabhorn Hospital - Cancer Patients DepartmentHair for HopeLeo Burnett / BangkokCategory: Integrated(Two Cannes Bronze Promo & Activation Lions)Leo Burnett Bangkok wanted to help cancer patients in Thailand pay for expensivechemotherapy treatments. The agency enlisted a Thai artist who used hair lost fromcancer patients to craft beautiful sculptures which became the basis of a “Hair forHope” exhibit at a prominent Bangkok art gallery. These original art pieces wereultimately sold, with the proceeds helping to finance chemotherapy treatments forpatients who could not afford to pay for them. This campaign helped save lives. 16
  17. 17. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball galleryMontblanc - Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph The Beauty of A SecondLeo Burnett / MilanCategory: Integrated (Cannes Gold Direct Lion, Cannes Gold Branded Entertainment Lion,Cannes Silver Cyber Lion, Cannes Silver Promo & Activation Lion)“The Beauty of a Second” is an international campaign created by Leo Burnett Milan to promote Montblanc chronographs, which werecreated to honor Nicolas Rieussec, the man who invented the original chronograph 190 years ago. The campaign idea was to create theworld’s first 1-second long film festival, where people submitted 1-second videos celebrating the fragile beauty captured in just a singlemoment of time. The contest captivated people’s imaginations, and resulted in submissions from all over the world, making this initiativeone of the most successful user-generated campaigns Leo Burnett has ever produced. The entries were hosted online and generatedimmense web traffic. Montblanc partnered with Vimeo to curate the submissions, and on the campaign site, viewers could compile andselect second-long videos to create playlists, and add different original music scores to their collections. Noted filmmaker Wim Wendersserved as the judge of the festival, selecting the winning entries, who received Nicolas Rieussec Chronographs as prizes. This campaigngenerated global publicity, and enhanced the public’s awareness of Montblanc as one of the world’s most prestigious watchmakers. 17
  18. 18. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball galleryMontblanc - Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph FontsLeo Burnett / MilanCategory: Design (One Show Design Gold Pencil for Craft Typography)This typeface was designed as one component of Montblanc’s hugely successful “Beauty of a Second” campaign. Each letter iscomposed of one clock-face, representing various increments of time. This font was used in the cover design for the “Beauty of aSecond” soundtrack album, and was also utilized in animation elements for the “Beauty of A Second” award ceremony. 18
  19. 19. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball galleryFontegrafica S.R.L. Sabbatical YearLeo Burnett / MilanCategory: DesignIf you could go on sabbatical anywhere in the world, where would you go? This is the concept behind Fontegrafica’s ‘SabbaticalYear’ calendar, created by designer Azzura Bacchetta. The calendar chronicles a global trip, with each month’s unique imagerycomposed of the smells, icons, and colors of different nations and cultures. Each impeccably designed month showcases a widearray of the specialized printing techniques employed by Fontegrafica, a recognized global leader in the printing business. 19
  20. 20. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball gallery Fiat - Original Spare Parts Butler / Nurse / Clown Leo Burnett / São Paulo Category: Print (Cannes Outdoor Bronze Lion) ‘Just one non-original part changes the whole story. Fiat. Original Parts.’ This is a classic example of the beautiful art direction Brazilian agencies are renowned for producing. These exquisitely designed posters for Fiat Original Spare Parts are the first installment of award-winning work from our new office in São Paulo, Leo Burnett Tailor Made. 20
  21. 21. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball galleryDiageo - Bundaberg Rum Catfish / Pig / ButterflyLeo Burnett / SydneyCategory: Radio (Cannes Bronze Radio Lion - Best Scriptwriting)CatfishSFX: Light music throughout.Voiceover: In what must be Mother Nature’s worst typo, a human was given a mere ten thousandtaste buds, while a catfish received one hundred and eighty thousand, all over it’s body, making itbasically a swimming tongue. Yet, what does the creature with more taste receptors than a foodnetwork studio audience get to start the night doing? Squirming through the foul tasting gauntlet ofa river bed’s nether regions, while humans, who think that everything tastes like chicken, start thenight with double distilled, red gum tree-filtered Bundy Red Rum.Bundaberg Red. It’s as smooth as life is rough.PigSFX: Light music throughout.Voiceover: Did you know that pigs have twice as many taste buds as humans? But instead ofreviewing inner city restaurants, these little piggies start the night staring down the barrel of anotherbarrel of bitter tasting, tail-curling, unidentifiable slop. Fortunately, these greviously-overqualifiedwaste disposal units cannot physically look up, for if they could, they would see that the farmer,who has ten thousand taste buds less than the creature he intends to baste in its own juices, startsthat same evening sipping double distilled red gum tree-filtered Bundy Red Rum.Bundaberg Red. It’s as smooth as life is rough.ButterflySFX: Light music throughout.Voiceover: Have you ever noticed how hesitant butterflies are to land? It’s because they taste with their feet. Imagine walking to workand tasting everything you stepped on along the way. Yes, everyday is taste roulette for nature’s confetti. Add in a short life expectancy,and it’s little wonder that the butterfly ends each exhausting day with a bitter taste in its mouth. Meanwhile, we humans, whose tastebuds have spent their day relaxing on a soft pink cushion, like overpriced jewelry, sip undeservedly on double distilled red gum tree-filtered Bundy Red Rum.Bundaberg Red. It’s as smooth as life is rough. 21
  22. 22. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball galleryDiageo - Bundaberg Rum Footy DreamsLeo Burnett / SydneyCategory: Promo & ActivationTo reach Bundy’s target audience of young men in an increasingly clutteredmedia landscape, Leo Burnett Sydney decided to attempt unlocking the world’slargest “untapped vault of virgin media,” by accessing men’s dreams while theysleep. The agency was familiar with the scientific research indicating that it ispossible to influence the content of dreams by feeding the mind messages priorto sleeping. Using this fact, and the insight that most Australian men grow upwanting to be legendary football players, LB/Sydney launched the world’s firstbranded “dreamcasts,” courtesy of Bundy rum. These recordings, which werereleased as free podcasts via the iTunes store, gave subscribers the opportunityto become football stars in their sleep. The “dreamcasts” offered a narrativestructure that successfully infiltrated men’s dreams, and within just a few weeksof launching this service on iTunes and an accompanying microsite, the “FootyDreams” program had reached over 50,000 men. During the campaign, salesof Bundy rum grew by 6%. With this innovative new approach, Bundy bravelyventured where no brand has gone before: into the realm of dreams. 22
  23. 23. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 12 ball galleryDiageo - Johnnie WalkerKeep Walking Lebanon - Nadine LabakiLeo Burnett / BeirutCategory: IntegratedJohnnie Walker in Lebanon was looking to take the brand’s “KeepWalking” campaign line into the future. For the first time in its globalhistory, Johnnie Walker selected a woman to serve as the brand’sspokesperson and as the embodiment of the “Keep Walking” ethos.Celebrated filmmaker Nadine Labaki has received internationalpraise as a director, and her latest film “Where Do We Go Now” is ameditation on the uncertainty that helps characterize the Lebaneseidentity. Leo Burnett Beirut leveraged Nadine’s talent and her famein a series of films and interviews that served as TV commercialsand viral components of this campaign. Print ads and posters werealso crafted, and the campaign became hugely popular in Lebanonand helped Johnnie Walker stake out new territory for the brand.Nadine’s artistry served as the campaign’s centerpiece, and througha concerted PR effort, the brand increased its market share, grew itsonline community, and gained valuable advocates simply through aninspired choice of its spokesperson.Johnnie Walker. Keep Walking Lebanon. 23
  24. 24. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Diageo - Johnnie Walker Diageo - Johnnie WalkerKeep Walking Lebanon / Nadine Labaki - On Set Keep Walking Lebanon / Nadine Labaki - On ScreenLeo Burnett / Beirut Leo Burnett / BeirutCategory: Film Category: FilmThis beautiful spot for Johnnie Walker shows Nadine Labaki on Premiering on New Year’s Eve, this second TV commercial forthe set of one of her films, directing a crew of people as her voice Johnnie Walker shows Nadine Labaki watching a screening of hernarrates the journey that has taken her from relative obscurity hit film “Where Do We Go Now” in a public square in Lebanon,to international acclaim. How does one overcome obstacles to as she ruminates on the purpose underlying her aspirations asachieve success as an artist? Nadine says that “no matter where a filmmaker. Her movie tackles difficult subjects, and conveys ayou’re from, when you give a voice to your ideas, the whole world message about the need to coexist. “Where do we go now? Wewill listen.” Walk with Nadine Labaki. Johnnie Walker Lebanon. decide.” Walk with Nadine Labaki. Johnnie Walker Lebanon.Diageo - Bundaberg Rum The DistillatoriumLeo Burnett / SydneyCategory: Promo & ActivationAfter the devastating Queensland floods of 2010-11, visits to thefamous Bundaberg Rum distillery slowed to a crawl. Instead ofwaiting for regional tourism to pick up again, the brand created atraveling museum called the “Distillatorium,” which traversed thecountry on trucks and offered visitors an immersive experiencecelebrating Bundy Rum’s rich legacy as an Australian icon. 24
  25. 25. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Café Super Brasil Read the Country’s FortuneLeo Burnett / BeirutCategory: Integrated / FilmThroughout the Middle East, there is rich tradition of readingpeople’s fortunes based on the residue left in their coffee cups. LeoBurnett Beirut used this as the basis for an integrated campaignfor Café Super Brasil. The agency created the character of AbouNazih, a butler in the government headquarters who could foretellthe country’s near future based on the coffee cups of governmentofficials. This topical campaign was hugely popular in Lebanon,and included multiple executions across a variety of channels. 25
  26. 26. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Switzerland Tourism Weather Prophet - WinterLeo Burnett / ZurichCategory: FilmMartin Horat returns in a second spot promoting Swiss Tourism. He predicts a glorious winter in Switzerland on the basis of the sweettasting snow he clearly relishes. The use of an authentic Swiss weather prophet to promote the country as a tourist destination is amarked departure for the category, but one which has clearly resonated throughout Europe. Switzerland Tourism. Book your trip now. Ceylon Newspapers - Mawbima Paper Flag Leo Burnett / Colombo Category: Promo & Activation (Cannes Bronze Media Lion) This brilliant activation idea by Leo Burnett Colombo helped people celebrate Sri Lanka’s independence day. A large flag was printed on the back page of Mawbima, a national newspaper, along with simple instructions that directed people to cut around the image, instantly transforming the publication into a portable flag. Congratulations to Leo Burnett Colombo for winning Sri Lanka’s first ever Cannes Lions! 26
  27. 27. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Door Step School Ink PadLeo Burnett / MumbaiCategory: Promo & Activation (Cannes Silver Media Lion)The Door Step School is an NGO focused on increasing literacy in India. To promote recruitment to adult learning programs, LeoBurnett Mumbai used the most identifiable symbol of illiteracy–the thumb impression-to help convey the joy of writing. The agencydesigned an ink pad that allowed illiterate individuals to print their name using thumb prints. A transparent sheet with cut-outs ofthe alphabets of Hindi (Devanagari script) was placed on top of the ink pad. When the thumb was pressed onto it, only the ink fromthe alphabet cut-out portion would get transferred onto the thumb. This simple device generated a 600% increase in enrollment.WWF (World Wildlife Fund) - Earth Hour I WIll If You WillLeo Burnett / ChicagoCategory: IntegratedThe challenge of Earth Hour 2012 was to go beyond the hour itself and encourage environmental activism that affects real change. Tothis end, Leo Burnett Chicago launched the “I Will If You Will” platform, a program that gives people the chance to dare friends andfollowers to commit to environmental action. The program allowed people to inspire each other, and resulted in increased engagementand awareness around Earth Hour 2012. 27
  28. 28. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery + BMW ITALY - MINI The Big Bluff Leo Burnett / Milan Category: Integrated In Italy, the Mini is one of the most sought-after first cars for young people. But the price of a Mini makes it an unaffordable dream, unless young people can convince their parents to buy the car for them. This campaign from Leo Burnett Milan uses this insight as the basis for a campaign that presents young people with a variety of approaches to use to convince their parents that they are worthy of a Mini. Ranging between insincere flattery to outright brown nosing, these approaches are communicated with a tongue-in-cheek attitude that fits Mini’s brand essence perfectly. Multiple executions across a range of communication channels help strengthen this idea that you can bluff your way to a Mini, if you play your parents just right. The beautiful crafting of this work and the strength of the underlying strategy help make this campaign stand out in a crowded car category.General Motors - Cadillac V-SeriesThe Perfect Storm - 4D CinemaLeo Burnett / DubaiCategory: Film (Cinema)To dramatize the speed, power, and acceleration of the CadillacV-Series, Leo Burnett Dubai created a cinematic experience formoviegoers. The people seated in the theater were treated to ablast of air courtesy of high powered fans when the Cadillac droveby in the visceral twister sweeping across the movie screen. Thismemorable experience perfectly conveys the brand character ofCadillac’s finest cars. 28
  29. 29. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Effem Mexico - Lucas NativeLeo Burnett / Mexico CityCategory: FilmA group of natives have captured two irreverent youngteenagers in a jungle trap. When the leader of the nativesdemands Lucas candy, one of the captives slyly sells outhis friend by telling the natives that if they want Lucas, hisfriend has some available. Meanwhile, he is dipping hisown candy and savoring the strong and intense flavors. Hewatches as his friend is cut down and surrounded by thehostile natives, pausing to periodically suck on his Lucascandy as the natives tear apart his friend.‘You’re the intense type. You’re the Lucas type. ‘ Amnesty International Captcha Leo Burnett / Warsaw Category: Interactive Leo Burnett Warsaw identified an opportunity to support human rights each time a computer asks you to verify that you are in fact a real person, and not a program or a machine. Recognizing the widespread use of ‘captcha’ software, Leo Burnett created a ‘captcha’ execution on behalf of Amnesty International that lets people sign human rights petitions each time a computer asks them to verify their humanity. This simple and intelligent interactive piece gathers data and enlists help on ongoing petitions while asserting that “supporting human rights is a better proof of your humanity than typing distorted letters.’ Amnesty Captcha. Prove Your Humanity. 29
  30. 30. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery + McDonald’s Parent’s Report Card Leo Burnett / Dubai Category: Print As part of McDonald’s “Family Time Forever” campaign, Leo Burnett Dubai created “Parent’s Report Cards” that served as tray liners in restaurants. The cards gave kids a chance to evaluate their parents on their punctuality and attendance at family events. ‘McDonald’s. Family Time Forever.’McDonald’s Tastes of the WorldLeo Burnett / DubaiCategory: FilmThis charming campaign from Leo Burnett Dubai promotes theMcDonald’s “Tastes of the World” menu by using the cinematictraditions and soap opera cliches found on screen in variousparts of the world. This quirky and entertaining TV campaign iscrafted beautifully, with an eye for detail and humorous premises. 30
  31. 31. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Diageo - Bundaberg RumFrames: Catfish / Butterfly / PigLeo Burnett / SydneyCategory: PrintThis campaign offers a master class in art direction.CatfishCopy: In what must be Mother Nature’s worst typo, ahuman was given a mere ten thousand taste buds, whilea catfish received one hundred and eighty thousand, allover it’s body, making it basically a swimming tongue.Yet, what does the creature with more taste receptorsthan a food network studio audience get to start thenight doing? Squirming through the foul tasting gauntletof a river bed’s nether regions, while humans, who thinkthat everything tastes like chicken, start the night withdouble distilled red gum tree-filtered Bundy Red Rum.Bundaberg Red. It’s as smooth as life is rough.ButterflyCopy: Have you ever noticed how hesitant butterflies areto land? It’s because they taste with their feet. Imaginewalking to work and tasting everything you steppedon along the way. Yes, everyday is taste roulette fornature’s confetti. Add in a short life expectancy, and it’slittle wonder that the butterfly ends each exhausting daywith a bitter taste in its mouth. Meanwhile, we humans,whose taste buds have spent their day relaxing on a softpink cushion, like overpriced jewelry, sip undeservedly ondouble distilled red gum tree-filtered Bundy Red Rum.Bundaberg Red. It’s as smooth as life is rough.PigCopy: Did you know that pigs have twice as many tastebuds as humans? But instead of reviewing inner cityrestaurants, these little piggies start the night staringdown the barrel of another barrel of bitter tasting, tail-curling, unidentifiable slop. Fortunately, these greviously-overqualified waste disposal units cannot physically lookup, for if they could, they would see that the farmer, whohas ten thousand taste buds less than the creature heintends to baste in its own juices, starts that same eveningsipping double distilled red gum tree-filtered Bundy RedRum. Bundaberg Red. It’s as smooth as life is rough. 31
  32. 32. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Rasayana RetreatPig / Cow / ChickenLeo Burnett / BangkokCategory: PrintThis Thailand retreat specializes in cleanses and detoxtreatments for its guests.‘Natural Detox Treatments. Rasayana Retreat.’ 32
  33. 33. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Luerzer’s Archive Untouchable CoversLeo Burnett / LondonCategory: PrintLuerzer’s Archive is an advertising institution, a quarterly collection of the world’s best communication that is essential reading foranyone interested in creativity in marketing. Over the years, the magazine has developed a reputation around agencies as one ofthe most stolen publications in the world. To address this problem, Leo Burnett London devised a series of magazine covers thatcould be slipped on top of the latest edition of Luerzer’s and would render the magazines untouchable, keeping them safe from thepilfering hands of greedy agency people desperate for some fresh inspiration. These beautifully crafted covers keep the magazinefrom being nicked, because no one wants to be seen with a publication for self-professed “cock experts.” 33
  34. 34. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Raise the RoofDog / Outside / JobLeo Burnett / TorontoCategory: Print(Cannes Bronze Outdoor Lion)These beautiful, award-winning posters forCanada’s Raise the Roof organization addressthe uncomfortable subject of teen homelessness.Designed to confront people’s prejudices andforce them to question their assumptions, theseexquisitely laid-out print pieces are well-writtenand have been crafted to perfection.Congratulations to LB/Toronto for winning aBronze Outdoor Lion at Cannes for this work! 34
  35. 35. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Himaya Break the Silence Himaya RepetitionLeo Burnett / Beirut Leo Burnett / BeirutCategory: Integrated (Cannes Bronze PR Lion) Category: FilmLebanon has a very high percentage of children who’ve been the This powerful film for Himaya shows the same disturbing scenevictims of sexual abuse. To shine a light on this taboo subject, unfolding over and over again, as spectators sit in the darknessLeo Burnett Beirut partnered with the organization Himaya to debating and whispering to each other about what they ought tolaunch an integrated campaign that raised awareness of this do. The message is clear: if you know anything about the sexualproblem in Lebanese society. Through impactful TV spots, print abuse of a child, call Himaya immediately to report it. This award-and ambient pieces, and a carefully orchestrated PR push, Leo winning spot has helped initiate a national conversation on theBurnett Beirut helped create a national conversation around subject of child sexual abuse.this topic, and encouraged people to call a hotline if they eversuspected a child was being abused. This campaign received aBronze PR Lion at Cannes. Congratulations to LB/Beirut!Himaya Predator In The ParkLeo Burnett / BeirutCategory: Ambient MediaThis ambient execution for Himaya dramatizes how predators canbe all around you if you’re not paying attention. A creepy manne-quin is painted into a park scene, until passers-by note his pres-ence and pick up some of the papers by his side, warning themof the presence of sexual predators in public parks in Lebanon. Ifyou’re not paying attention, the presence of this man might go un-noticed. Thanks to Leo Burnett Lebanon, both kids and parents willnow be on the lookout for predators in the park. 35
  36. 36. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Center for the Protection of Children’s Rights Foundation Girl / BoyLeo Burnett / BangkokCategory: Print‘It never goes away. Help stop child abuse before it begins. 02-412-1195’ 36
  37. 37. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +National Library Board of Singapore Emperor’s New Clothes / Little Red Riding HoodLeo Burnett / SingaporeCategory: Print (Cannes Bronze Press Lion)‘Let your imagination unfold.’This beautiful print campaign for Singapore’s National Library Board uses a variety of different illustrative styles to show how a singlestory can be visualized in countless ways. 37
  38. 38. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Montblanc - Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph FlipbookLeo Burnett / MilanCategory: DesignAs part of Montblanc’s “Beauty of A Second” campaign, original flipbooks werecreated documenting some of the 1 second films that captured fleeting beauty. Leo Burnett Warsaw All Year Pencils Leo Burnett / Warsaw Category: Design This self-promotional direct mail calendar from Leo Burnett Warsaw makes great use of Leo Burnett’s iconic black pencil. 12 pencils represent the 12 months of the year, and the days of every month are notched along the side of each pencil, encouraging people to use the pencil each day and shave off a little more as you scribble and brainstorm for ideas. This elegant and well-designed pencil box is both an interesting DM gift and a great way to stimulate a conversation about the creative process. The agency also created a web platform that served as an online hub for people to submit the ideas they came up with while using their pencils. This well-conceived and executed idea does a great job of leveraging the rich history of the Leo Burnett brand and its iconography. 38
  39. 39. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Staedtler Church / Chair / CarLeo Burnett China / Hong KongCategory: Print (Cannes Bronze Press Lion)‘Where it begins. Staedtler.’This beautiful print campaign distills the essence of the Staedtler brand into simple, stunning visualsthat highlight the brand’s human purpose in the most extraordinary fashion. God is in the details.The “Church” execution above was featured on the cover of a special Cannes edition of TechnikArtmagazine, and went on to win a Bronze Press Lion for Leo Burnett Hong Kong. 39
  40. 40. a q u a r t e r ly n e w s l e t t e r f o r t h e g l o b a l p r o d u c t c o m m i t t e e GPC 2Q 127 gallery +Procter & Gamble - Max FactorEvil EyeLeo Burnett / BeirutCategory: Print‘All eyes will be on you. Smoky Eye Effect.Max Factor.’The symbol of the eye in the middle of thepalm is a well-known lucky charm in theMiddle East, which protects you againstenvious looks. In Saudi Arabia, where thisad ran, all women are veiled and the eyesare the only visible facial feature. 40