Unified Compute Platform Pro for VMware vSphere


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Relentless trends of increasing data center complexity
and massive data growth have companies seeking new,
reliable ways to deliver IT services in an on-demand,
rapid, flexible and scalable fashion. Many data centers
now face growing demands for faster delivery of
business services, serious resource contentions and
trade-offs between IT agility and vendor lock-in. They
also have mounting complications and rising costs in
managing disparate islands of technology resources.

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Unified Compute Platform Pro for VMware vSphere

  1. 1. Accelerate Your Business-Critical Workloadsto CloudRelentless trends of increasing data center complexityand massive data growth have companies seeking new,reliable ways to deliver IT services in an on-demand,rapid, flexible and scalable fashion. Many data centersnow face growing demands for faster delivery ofbusiness services, serious resource contentions andtrade-offs between IT agility and vendor lock-in. Theyalso have mounting complications and rising costs inmanaging disparate islands of technology resources.To address these issues, organizations have rapidlyadopted and deployed virtualization. They are lookingto service models, such as private cloud, that increaseefficiency, improve flexibility and reduce the cost ofdelivering IT services.Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro for VMware vSphereSOLUTIONPROFILEPrivate cloud deployments are quickly becominga way for enterprises to improve flexibility and effi-ciency, and virtualization is becoming ubiquitous.However, organizations also require predictableplatform reliability to move even business-criticalworkloads to private cloud without having to rip upand replace their current infrastructure. Evolvingbeyond current solutions, Hitachi Data Systems offersa flexible and robust platform for quickly capitalizingon cloud benefits. At the same time, the platform alsoensures the consistency and level of control requiredfor business-critical workload environments.OverviewHitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro for VMwarevSphere solution (UCP Pro for VMware vSphere) cen-tralizes and automates the management of servers,storage and networking components as businessresource pools. Its comprehensive and simplifiedmanagement significantly reduces time to valueand operational costs for even the most demandingapplications. UCP Pro for VMware vSphere solution’sdeep integration into vSphere and VMware vCenterenables faster deployment of cloud infrastructure andefficient resource allocation. It also supports simpleautomation and orchestration for streamlined infra-structure management.
  2. 2. SOLUTION PROFILEAn exceptionally flexible, converged solution,UCP Pro for VMware vSphere simplifiesdeployment and management of datacenters and private cloud deployments.Improved agility and predictability makepossible dynamic and cost-effective datacenters that can quickly respond to businessneeds. It is a solution composed of storage,servers, networking tools and software withcomprehensive management.UCP Pro for VMware vSphere is designedfor maximum performance and utilization,and leverages Hitachi best-in-class hardwareand software technology. The solution ispretested and preconfigured to each organi-zation’s requirements, dramatically reducingdeployment time. Unlike other offerings, UCPPro for VMware vSphere is an open plat-form that supports multiple storage systemsthrough industry-leading Hitachi virtualizationtechnology. It also provides a roadmap formultihypervisor support. Organizations canselect from different Hitachi server CPU andmemory configurations to best meet theirworkload needs, or to offer multiple tiers ofcompute resources.This solution enables organizations to:■■ Improve organizational agility by quicklydeploying new applications and servicesto respond to changes in business needsand integrate into current environments.■■ Have certainty with the predictable reli-ability of a robust private cloud platformaligned to business service levels.■■ Reduce management cost and com-plexity with coordinated comprehensiveprovisioning and administration of virtual-ized private cloud environments.■■ Simplify the ordering and procurementprocess as well as the onboarding andmanagement of physical and virtualresources.Hitachi storage solutions help your business improveorganizational agility and lower costs by providing avirtualized data center infrastructure that is robust,automated and flexible. ■■ Increase operational efficiency andresource utilization by aligning businessprocesses to IT execution.■■ Improve service availability and businesscontinuity for critical applications.CapabilitiesYou can transition your business-criticalworkloads to cloud with confidence: HitachiUnified Compute Platform Pro for VMwarevSphere integrates infrastructure componentswith comprehensive management throughfamiliar VMware management interfaces. UCPPro for VMware vSphere provides predictablereliability in a robust, enterprise cloud platform,based on business needs. Key capabilitiesinclude the ability to:■■ Start small and grow your infrastructurequickly and easily as more workloads aretransitioned to private cloud.■■ Simplify management of physical andvirtual resources with tight integration intoVMware.■■ Match the appropriate tiers of resourcesfor each workload your cloud infrastruc-ture supports.■■ Improve troubleshooting with physicaland virtual infrastructure monitoring andalerting within VMware.■■ Provide business units with the right tierof resources to match application andbusiness requirements; the solution cancontain multiple tiers of storage and com-pute resources, enabling workloads tobe deployed with the appropriate type ofresources.■■ Provide business unit administrationviews that allow for consumption anddeployment of subscriptions.■■ Build confidently upon the extreme reli-ability and availability of Hitachi serversand storage.Accelerate Cloud ValueYour business can capitalize on quickcloud value using the UCP Pro for VMwarevSphere solution. You’ll achieve fasterdeployment of cloud infrastructure andresource allocation as well as simplifiedinfrastructure deployment and managementwithin a VMware environment. Key capabili-ties include the ability to:■■ Simplify ordering, planning and imple-mentation with a single source forinfrastructure as well as coordinated pro-fessional services.■■ Bring infrastructure on board quickly withfaster deployment and preconfiguredelements with Hitachi Unified ComputePlatform Director (UCP Director) software.■■ Automate and orchestrate the man-agement of essential infrastructurecomponents as unified pools of businessresources from directly within the vCentermanagement console.■■ Deploy virtual machines with validation ofunderlying components.■■ Perform bare metal installations of Hitachiservers with simplified management of allcompute resources.Your Cloud, Your WayThe exceptional flexibility of UCP Pro forVMware vSphere allows you to integrateand protect your current storage invest-ment. You can also grow the level ofautomation, at your pace and scale. Keycapabilities include the ability to:■■ Dynamically scale infrastructure asneeded with the ability to add andmanage servers in configured clusters.■■ Bring newly available servers and storageon board quickly, as needed, and ensureeach workload is matched to the appro-priate tier of resources.■■ Build on the Hitachi Data Systems port-folio with various cloud entry points,including a roadmap for UCP Director totie together various solutions over time.■■ Respect and integrate with current andfuture storage infrastructure.
  3. 3. Innovation is the engine of change,and information is its fuel. Innovateintelligently to lead your market, growyour company, and change the world.Manage your information withHitachi Data Systems.www.hds.com/innovateHitachi Storage Options forUCP Pro for VMware vSphereUCP Pro for VMware vSphere offersorganizations the ability to choose from3 different, but equally capable storagesystems to best match their needs (seeFigure 1). Each offers legendary HitachiData Systems reliability and is backed byservice and support with 24/7 availability.Hitachi storage solutions help your businessimprove organizational agility and lowercosts by providing a virtualized data centerinfrastructure that is robust, automated andflexible. Choose from Hitachi Virtual StoragePlatform (VSP), Hitachi Unified Storage 150(HUS 150), or Hitachi Unified Storage VM(HUS VM).Support Transition of Business-CriticalWorkloads to CloudHitachi UCP Pro for VMware vSphere WithHitachi Virtual Storage PlatformHitachi Virtual Storage Platform is the only3-D scaling storage platform designed forall data types. It is the only storage archi-tecture that flexibly scales for performance,capacity and utilization of multivendor stor-age assets. Its highly efficient data centerdesign delivers the highest performanceand capacity combined with the lowestpower consumption and lower coolingrequirements. Key capabilities include theability to:■■ Scale up to meet increasing demands bydynamically adding processors, connec-tivity and capacity in a single unit. Thisgives you optimal performance for opensystems and mainframe environments.■■ Scale out to meet business demandsby dynamically combining multiple unitsinto a single logical system with sharedresources.■■ Scale deep to extend the advancedfunctions of Hitachi VSP to multivendorstorage through virtualization. Offloadless-critical data to external tiers in orderto optimize the availability of the Tier 1resources.■■ Support increased needs in virtualizedserver environments and ensure safemultitenancy and quality of servicethrough partitioning of cache and ports.■■ Enable rapid transfer of data to newstorage with host-transparent migration.Reduce operational risks with advanceddata replication topologies.■■ Employ unmatched efficiency featuresthat yield the highest capacity available inthe least space.■■ Work with Hitachi Dynamic Tiering software,which automates data placement for higherperformance and lower cost. It managesinternal and external data, including mul-tivendor and mainframe data.■■ Rely on sustainable design, which ishighlighted by certification as a SuperEco-Product.Midrange Storage Without CompromiseHitachi UCP Pro for VMware vSphere andHitachi Unified Storage 150UCP Pro for VMware vSphere is also avail-able with HUS 150, a midrange storageplatform with best-in-class scalability, per-formance and availability. HUS 150 enablessupport for critical applications while pro-viding performance that can scale linearlyto industry-leading heights. You’ll achievefaster deployment of cloud infrastructureand resource allocation as well as simplifiedinfrastructure deployment and managementwithin a VMware environment. Key capabili-ties include the ability to:■■ Balance scalability and capacity tonearly 3PB with up to 960 disks withoutaffecting application or virtual machineperformance.■■ Ensure the highest data availability forcritical applications built upon legendaryHitachi reliability.■■ Rely on application-consistent dataprotection through Hitachi ApplicationProtector. You can simplify backup,recovery and failover while enablingapplication-consistent snapshots forMicrosoft®Exchange server, SQL Server®and SharePoint®servers.Figure 1. Hitachi Storage System Portfolio Comparison3
  4. 4. SOLUTION PROFILE■■ Employ thin provisioning and automatictiering to reduce the total cost struc-ture and help to lower administrativeoverhead.Enterprise Storage Virtualization in aModular PackageHitachi UCP Pro for VMware vSphereWith Hitachi Unified Storage VMOrganizations must address the con-flicted goals of managing data growth,controlling increasing costs and com-plexities, and making efficient use of bothexisting and
new resources. For theseenvironments, Hitachi UCP Pro for VMwarevSphere with HUS VM offers industry-leading storage virtualization, centralizesstorage for critical applications, and pro-vides shared services for all your storagesystems through a central managementinterface. With the ability to virtualize upto 64PB of external storage from differentmanufacturers, HUS VM offers massiveconsolidation capabilities. And it providesa 100% data availability guarantee and theability to repurpose existing storage assetsfor unprecedented savings. Key capabilitiesinclude the ability to:■■ Reduce storage costs up to 50% byconsolidating your existing storage intoa centrally managed pool of sharedcapacity.■■ Reclaim up to 65% of unused capacityin your existing storage and delay pur-chases of new equipment.■■ Refresh your storage technology fromold to new systems for reasons of per-formance or cost optimization with up to80% less effort than alternatives.■■ Reduce your carbon footprint while main-taining higher performance, with 40%lower power and cooling costs.Confidence for Your CloudWhether your organization is getting startedwith private cloud or building upon an exist-ing infrastructure, Hitachi Unified ComputePlatform Pro for VMware vSphere is an idealfoundation. You can bring the most criticalworkloads to a cloud environment with UCPPro for VMware vSphere. It provides pre-dictable reliability, quick time-to-value andthe ability to rapidly expand your privatecloud environment as requirements evolve.UCP Pro for VMware vSphere improves theutilization of IT resources while streamliningmanagement within VMware environments,simplifying physical to virtual resource provi-sioning and accelerating troubleshooting.UCP Pro for VMware vSphere eliminates theguesswork and troubleshooting organizationsnormally experience when rolling out a newinfrastructure. Easily scalable, the comprehen-sive and simplified management with deepcomponent integration allows extremely fastprovisioning and “worry free” scaling to manyphysical hosts and virtual machines.This integrated and pretested solutionremoves implementation burdens andreduces the complexity and cost ofdeploying and managing a private cloud.Your organization benefits from best-in-class technologies with extremereliability and maximum performance aswell as simplified procurement, imple-mentation and management of cloudinfrastructure.Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Directorenables management of UCP Pro for VMwarevSphere, providing a unified view of resourcesfrom directly within vCenter. This allows youto align IT with business processes, usingfamiliar tools. UCP Director monitors all theelements of the UCP Pro for VMware vSpheresolution under a single view and provides anoverall health status of all solution elements.Via early indication of any impending devicefailures, this solution minimizes system down-time by directing proactive maintenance. Thismonitoring further reduces the complexityand maintenance challenges associated withdisjointed and inefficient management ofunderlying cloud infrastructures, saving timeand money.Key cloud enabling features include:■■ Comprehensive management via integra-tion with vCenter and vSphere through theUCP Director software.■■ Simplified configuration and integration of allsolution components.■■ Appropriate tiers of resources that meetvarying workload requirements.■■ Elastic scaling when and where needed,with on-demand storage allocation andprocessing.The UCP Pro for VMware vSphere solutionarchitecture is modular and flexible to let youmove into the cloud at your own pace, withoutdisrupting your existing environment.Figure 2. Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro for VMware vSphere: Solution Overview
  5. 5. ComponentsHitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro forVMware vSphere solution automates andintegrates server, storage, networking andmanagement components. The innovativeHitachi Unified Compute Platform Directorsoftware coordinates the administration andtask workflow for servers, storage, network-ing elements and operating software.ServerUCP Pro for VMware vSphere is based ona blade server platform from Hitachi usingthe latest Intel processor technology withina highly reliable architecture. Its unique fea-tures ensure the highest levels of efficiency,application availability and uptime. HitachiCompute Blade 500 offers enterprise-classperformance, high-density computingand massive throughput. Multiple RAMand CPU configurations are supportedwith Hitachi Compute Blade 500 within apredefined architecture, which is key toproviding a flexible platform for changingbusiness needs.NetworkingEssential to a complete platform, standardnetwork components are supported to pro-vide efficient and reliable networking. UCPPro for VMware vSphere utilizes Ethernetand SAN components from Brocade thatare fully prewired and automatically con-figured for simplified and automated virtualLAN and SAN provisioning.StorageUCP Pro for VMware vSphere is availablewith 3 industry-leading storage optionsto best meet your needs and match yourapplication and infrastructure requirements.Each provides a unique set of featuresthat allow you to best tailor your deploy-ment of UCP Pro for VMware vSphere.Other common and 3rd-party storage canbe integrated into the UCP managementframework by virtualizing it through VSP orHUS VM. UCP Pro for VMware vSphereuses unique Hitachi storage technologiesand virtualization capabilities that are inte-grated with comprehensive management.ManagementUCP Director software is integrated directlyinto vCenter and provides a unified andcomprehensive Web-based managementinterface with process orchestration fora collective group of assets as businessresource pools. UCP Director simplifiesthe integration and ongoing managementof large dynamic environments. It greatlyreduces the barrier to deployment, speedstime to value, and streamlines operationalmanagement. These capabilities enableUCP Director to help you reduce capitalexpenditure (capex) and operating expendi-ture (opex), even while the scope and scaleof these environments continue to grow.This uniquely unified platform gives datacenters the enterprise scale, efficiency andagility not found in other offerings. UCP Profor VMware vSphere has unmatched abil-ity to reduce operational costs as well asmanagement complexities within the mostdemanding data center environments andprivate cloud deployments.Best-in-class technologies and deeptechnology integration make UCP Pro forVMware vSphere ideal for consolidating andvirtualizing business-critical and enterpriseapplications.A Unique PlatformHitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro forVMware vSphere simplifies and acceleratesthe build out of robust private cloud infra-structures. It provides the assurance that allthe underlying server, storage and network-ing resources are in place and aligned tothe appropriate business service levels. Theinnovative Hitachi Unified Compute PlatformDirector software efficiently and reliablycoordinates the management of servers,storage, networking components and oper-ating software as collective resources.The extreme flexibility of the UCP Pro forVMware vSphere solution offers what maybe one of the most important benefits: ITinvestment protection. UCP Pro for VMwarevSphere allows your business to transitionto private cloud while leveraging your currentstorage infrastructure. It also allows you toadd the resources and configurations thatbest suit your needs in a modular manner,as you need them. You gain the freedom tochoose only the resources and managementneeded today with the ability to extend auto-mation and resources in the future.Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro forVMware vSphere supports best-in-classreliability, performance, scalability and com-prehensive management of enterprise datacenters and cloud deployments.SummaryHitachi Data Systems helps businessesimprove IT agility, lower infrastructure costsand move to cloud with certainty with pre-dictable reliability, quick cloud value andexceptional flexibility. We achieve theseresults by streamlining, integrating and auto-mating a robust platform for enterprise datacenters and cloud deployments. HitachiUnified Compute Platform Pro for VMwarevSphere is a unified, predefined solution. Itsupports your business needs today andlets you establish a flexible foundation forthe data center of the future.For More InformationFor more information regarding the capabili-ties of Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Profor VMware vSphere and how it can sup-port your data center, please contact yourHitachi Data Systems representative or visitwww.HDS.com.5
  6. 6. Corporate Headquarters2845 Lafayette StreetSanta Clara, CA 96050-2639 USAwww.HDS.comRegional Contact InformationAmericas: +1 408 970 1000 or info@hds.comEurope, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or info.emea@hds.comAsia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or hds.marketing.apac@hds.com© Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2013. All rights reserved. HITACHI is a trademark or registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. . Microsoft, SQL Server, Windows Server, and SharePointare trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks, service marks, and company names are properties of their respective owners.Notice: This document is for informational purposes only, and does not set forth any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any equipment or service offered or to be offered byHitachi Data Systems Corporation.SP-141-A DG February 2013Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro for VMware vSphere:Supported InfrastructureCompute ■■ Hitachi Compute Blade 500■■ Flexibility with 2-8 blades per chassis■■ Hitachi 1U rackmount server■■ Runs Hitachi Unified Compute PlatformDirector and other management softwareStorage ■■ Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP)■■ Hitachi Unified Storage 150 (HUS 150)■■ Hitachi Unified Storage VM (HUS VM)■■ Other vendor storage virtualized through VSPSoftware (partial list) ■■ Hitachi Unified Compute Platform Directorsoftware■■ Hitachi Compute Storage Manager andHitachi Device Manager (Hitachi manage-ment suite)■■ VMware vCenter■■ VMware vSphere 5.1■■ Microsoft SQL Server 2012■■ Microsoft Windows Server®2008 R2Network ■■ Brocade Ethernet and Fibre Channelnetworking componentsAT A GLANCE: COMPONENTS AND SUPPORTHitachi Unified Compute Platform Pro for VMware vSphere:Support for Your Data Center■■ Employ unifying management. ■■ Integrate with current storage infrastructure.■■ Unify orchestration and automation. ■■ Reduce management cost and complexity.■■ Simplify ordering and administration. ■■ Unify monitoring and troubleshooting.■■ Create and automate repeatableprocesses.AT A GLANCE: BENEFITS AND CAPABILITIES