A-B-C Strategies for File and Content Brochure


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Explains each strategy, including archive 1st, back up less, consolidate more, distributed IT efficiency, enable e-discovery and compliance, and facilitate cloud. For more information on Unstructured Data Management Solutions by HDS please visit: http://www.hds.com/solutions/it-strategies/unstructured-data-management.html?WT.ac=us_mg_sol_udm

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A-B-C Strategies for File and Content Brochure

  1. 1. A-B-C Strategies for Hitachi Data SystemsFile and Content SolutionsCost-Effective and Modern, the HitachiApproach Answers Today’s Data andInformation Management ChallengesData is the lifeblood of businesses today. Butexponential growth of data, particularly unstruc-tured data, is driving up costs and creating un-precedented complexities and risks. In response,many organizations have rapidly added short-term,piecemeal solutions to their corporate infrastruc-tures, which, over time, become expensive, ineffi-cient and unwieldy to manage.Hitachi Data Systems offers a better way forward:a single, integrated platform to manage all yourstructured and unstructured data. Through thestraightforward “A-B-C” strategies, organizationscan move from expensive silos of stored data toa streamlined, cloud-ready solution that simplifiesmanagement, reduces risks and supports innova-tion for years to come.OVERVIEW
  2. 2. OVERVIEWUse CaseProvides significant backup savings:A medium enterprise insurance companysaved 32 hours on a full system backupwith Hitachi Content Platform.2Step 3: Consolidate MoreToday’s NAS environments suffer frommassive data growth, which results in theproliferation of file servers and their relatedstorage and backup systems. This leadsto inefficient use, increasing managementcosts and complexity, wasted capacity,slower performance of primary systems,and an uneven cost-to-value ratio of dataand storage.By consolidating to Hitachi Unified Storageor Hitachi NAS Platform, you can put moreworkloads into fewer systems. You canoptimize capacity utilization by eliminatingsilos, cutting out inefficiency and reducingcomplexity in a smaller footprint. In otherwords, you can do more with less, withintegrated solutions. These solutions mayinclude Hitachi Unified Storage or HitachiNAS Platform, as well as Hitachi ContentPlatform and Hitachi Data Ingestor.BenefitsConsolidation addresses the inefficient useof storage capacity that leads to costly stor-age sprawl. Benefits include:■■ Improved efficiency.■■ Simplified management.■■ Reduced power and cooling costs.Use CaseConsolidates file servers: A media andentertainment enterprise reduced costs andimproved performance by replacing or con-solidating 11-20 file servers by deploying ahigh-performance Hitachi NAS Platform.3Step 4: Distributed ITEfficiencyThe cost and complexity of managing distrib-uted IT in remote offices, branch locations orOne Integrated Platform, Easyas A-B-CWith a single, integrated platform that canmanage all types of data, organizations canaddress today’s file and content challengesand prepare for tomorrow’s innovation andgrowth. To help you transition from siloedsolutions to an integrated platform, HitachiData Systems has developed easy-to-followA-B-C strategies:1. Archive 1st.2. Back up less.3. Consolidate more.4. Distributed IT efficiency.5. Enable e-discovery and compliance.6. Facilitate cloud.Step 1: Archive 1stThe A-B-C strategies begin with a betterapproach to archiving unstructured data. Byreducing the load on primary storage, orga-nizations can improve data governance, limitstorage sprawl, and reduce overall storagecosts by more than 25%.Depending on the specific needs of yourbusiness, you can combine Hitachi ContentPlatform with a variety of additional compo-nents to tier data based on its value. Onlineaccess to unstructured data can be main-tained via stub files. No stub file is created forapplications and structured data, so this datacan be removed or retired from primary envi-ronments to reduce management and backupcosts and complexities.BenefitsSeamlessly tier unstructured data from remoteand branch offices, Microsoft®SharePoint®,NAS environments, email and other sourcesout of application or primary storage. Movethis data onto Hitachi Content Platform toenjoy significant benefits, including:■■ 60% lower overall costs.■■ 30% reduction in total backup capacityneeds.■■ Capital expense avoidance, by freeing upexpensive Tier 1 disk space.■■ Fewer application licenses.■■ Greater visibility and control of informationusing automated, repeatable processes.Use CaseProvides successful archiving and addedbenefits: A Global 500 computer servicescompany used Hitachi Content Platform forarchiving, backup, cloud storage, complianceand metadata management solutions, includ-ing data migration and automated tiering.1Step 2: Back Up LessThe 2nd step in the A-B-C strategiesinvolves streamlining the backup pro-cess. Doing so can help your organizationimprove the reliability of its data protec-tion efforts and meet recovery point andrecovery time objectives (RPO/RTO) moreconsistently.By archiving your data out of primary stor-age 1st, you can leverage the power ofHitachi Content Platform data protectionand preservation features to back up farless data to tape. Disk-based data pro-tection fundamentally changes the way ITorganizations can protect their data, andcan drastically reduce or even eliminate theneed for tape altogether.Tailor your solution to your specific needs.Use Hitachi Content Platform, Hitachi DataIngestor, Hitachi Unified Storage or HitachiNAS Platform and a variety of independentsoftware vendor applications as part of yourbackup reduction strategy.BenefitsImproving your backup processes can leadto many benefits, including:■■ Lower disk, licensing and server costs.■■ Reduced management overhead.■■ Significantly shorter backup and recoverytimes.■■ Improved data protection and reliability.1TechValidate. http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/FBD-9C2-E5F2TechValidate. http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/866-6D9-E673TechValidate. http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/81A-0BB-215
  3. 3. 3www.hds.com/innovateInnovation is the engine of change, andinformation is its fuel. Innovate intelligentlyto lead your market, grow your company,and change the world. Manage yourinformation with Hitachi Data Systems.multiple data centers is a challenge for manyorganizations. Managing and sharing a con-sistent set of content requires organizationsto centralize their data and reduce IT resourcerequirements at the edge.A centralized IT strategy can protect your datain multiple ways, including through replication,disaster recovery and rapid remote-site recov-ery capabilities. A variety of Hitachi file andcontent solutions components can supportdeployment of this centralized strategy. Forexample, Hitachi Data Ingestor delivers a trulybottomless and backup-free storage solutionwhile ensuring effective control, complianceand cost reduction. As a result, Hitachi DataIngestor simplifies and accelerates distributedIT environments for retail, banking and otherorganizations with a large number of remotelocations.BenefitsBy using a centralized strategy to manageand share a consistent set of content toand from geographically dispersed sites,your organization can:■■ Reduce IT resource requirements at theedge.■■ Simplify management.■■ Enhance data protection.■■ Reduce the risk of data loss ormishandling.Use CaseSimplifies administrative workload: Anenterprise retailer with multiple locationsreduced its bandwidth and simplifiedadministration when it replaced its low-endNAS with Hitachi Data Ingestor and HitachiContent Platform.4Step 5: Enable E-Discoveryand ComplianceOnce the first 4 steps in the A-B-C strategiesare complete, organizations can add HitachiData Discovery Suite to index, search and dis-cover across the file and content environment.Combine Hitachi Data Discovery Suite withother Hitachi file and content solutions toeasily perform cross-platform searches ofboth production and archive environments,all from a single interface. You can auto-mate migration of data among classes ofstorage based on file content, and auto-matically migrate data from Hitachi NASPlatform to Hitachi Content Platform.To aid compliance, the Hitachi solutionenables proper long-term retention anddisposal of data according to legal and busi-ness practices. You can ensure proper datastewardship and promote data privacy withdirectory service integration, so users can onlysearch for data they have permission to view.BenefitsWhen you can index, search and discoveracross your file and content environment,the benefits include:■■ Faster identification of data at risk.■■ Greater access control.■■ Lower litigation costs.■■ Greater control over the speed and costof e-discovery.Use CaseSolves unstructured data issues, facil-itates search: Hitachi Content Platformaddressed rapidly growing unstructureddata at a large industrial manufacturingcompany and helped users search dataheld for long-term retention.5Step 6: Facilitate CloudThe benefits of the A-B-C strategies are evi-dent, but many organizations are looking togain greater IT agility by leveraging differentconsumption and delivery models in order tobe more flexible and provide faster responsetimes to business users. Additionally, cloud-based solutions are an especially desirablesolution for organizations that are concernedwith upfront capital costs.Hitachi offers a variety of solutions startingwith traditional, cloud-ready capex tech-nology and solution packages that you canmanage yourself. Another alternative isthe operating expenditure or opex-basedservice, in which Hitachi manages theenvironment through a highly affordablepay-per-use model. With the opex service,you can move data into an on-site privatecloud that reduces or even eliminates yourcapital costs, while also simplifying man-agement and offloading data from yourprimary environments.BenefitsBy moving unstructured data to an on-siteprivate cloud, organizations can:■■ Increase agility.■■ Deliver more value-added services tobusiness users, faster.■■ Reduce or eliminate capital expenses.■■ Simplify management.Use CaseDelivers IT services to geographicallydispersed users: A Global 500 insur-ance company deployed Hitachi ContentPlatform in a private cloud environment thatprovides IT services to remote internal cus-tomers and partners.64TechValidate. http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/8DB-BB0-D2E5TechValidate. http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/C47-D4C-7156TechValidate. http://www.techvalidate.com/tvid/A87-F27-517
  4. 4. © Hitachi Data Systems Corporation 2013. All rights reserved. HITACHI is a trademark or registered trademark of Hitachi, Ltd. Innovate With Information is a trademark or registeredtrademark of Hitachi Data Systems Corporation. Microsoft and SharePoint are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. All other trademarks, service marks, andcompany names are properties of their respective owners.Notice: This document is for informational purposes only, and does not set forth any warranty, expressed or implied, concerning any equipment or service offered or to be offered byHitachi Data Systems Corporation.OB-041-A DG February 2013Corporate Headquarters2845 Lafayette StreetSanta Clara, CA 96050-2639 USAwww.HDS.comRegional Contact InformationAmericas: +1 408 970 1000 or info@hds.comEurope, Middle East and Africa: +44 (0) 1753 618000 or info.emea@hds.comAsia Pacific: +852 3189 7900 or hds.marketing.apac@hds.com■■ Reduce the load on primary storage by at least 40%.■■ Reduce licensing and management costs, complexity and backup by up to 75%.■■ Streamline backup-and-restore operations by up to 60%.■■ Improve reliability over 24x in RPO and 30x in RTO.■■ Eliminate silos, prevent sprawl and reduce complexity by 50%, or more.■■ Simplify management, improve data protection, and reduce risk.■■ Identify data at-risk, ensure appropriate data access, and simplify compliance.■■ Reduce or eliminate capex, simplify management and improve IT agility.HITACHI DATA SYSTEMS FILE AND CONTENT SOLUTION BENEFITS■■ Hitachi Content Platform (HCP): Providing an open, centralized and multitierenterprise cloud storage solution, HCP aggregates, manages, protects and sharescontent. The platform supports multiple use cases, such as content preserva-tion and archiving, data protection, and cloud and content sharing. HCP lets youaccomplish these uses from a single, easy-to-manage and scalable environment.■■ Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere: An option for the Hitachi Content Platform,HCP Anywhere enables mobile workforces and supports bring-your-own-device(BYOD). It enables users to access their data anywhere, at any time, on any device.They can protect their data without the need for laptop and mobile device back-ups, and share that data in a safe, secure way with co-workers and collaboratorsoutside of the organization.■■ Hitachi Data Discovery Suite: With Hitachi Data Discovery Suite, users cansearch, identify, collect and preserve data across the storage infrastructure from 1secure location for improved storage management. The solution lets you efficientlymanage, retain and discover volumes of information and meet legal obligations.■■ Hitachi Data Ingestor: By integrating HCP with Hitachi Data Ingestor, organiza-tions can enjoy edge-to-core storage that streamlines the entire backup processand greatly reduces backup windows. This can lower backup costs and reducecomplexity, as well as improve control, security and protection of data.■■ Hitachi Unified Storage or Hitachi NAS Platform: The most powerful consol-idation platform on the market, Hitachi Unified Storage or Hitachi NAS Platformenables organizations to consolidate existing file servers and NAS devices on tofewer nodes. This capability allows them to perform the same or even more workwith fewer devices and lower overhead, while also reducing floor space require-ments and associated power and cooling costs.HITACHI DATA SYSTEMS FILE AND CONTENT SOLUTIONSA-B-C Strategies: Your Pathto Reducing Costs andComplexity While ManagingGrowthData can drive business agility and innova-tion. However, it can hinder growth if it is notstored, protected and managed in a stream-lined, cost-effective manner. To identify andreact faster to the needs of your customers,markets and competitors, it is essential totransition away from short-term siloed stor-age solutions to a single, integrated platformfor all your data.The Hitachi Data Systems A-B-C strategiesprovide a pathway to regain control overyour organization’s structured and unstruc-tured data. In doing so, you can dramaticallyreduce the cost of storing and protectingthat data, while also strengthening gover-nance and streamlining management andoperations.For more information about our file andcontent solutions and A-B-C strategies visitwww.HDS.com.