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The Rise of the Widgets


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Talk for the Spring 2009 Bloomsburg University Instructional Technology Corporate Advisory Board meeting.
First upload. Updated version with better link listing and possibly audio after the weekend.

Published in: Technology
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The Rise of the Widgets

  1. The RISE OF THE Helmut Doll Bloomsburg University Instructional Technology CAC - Spring 2009
  2. Interesting links • Webware 100 Top Web 2.0 sites • Web Trends map 4 (still like v.2)
  3. The new browser wars • Chrome • Internet Explorer 8 • Safari 4 • Firefox 3.5
  4. February 2009 by Net Browser share Applications
  5. Battle fronts
  6. Offline is coming
  7. Widgets
  8. “A web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end user without requiring additional Widgets compilation.”
  9. Widgets
  10. “Widgets are small applications that typically Widgets serve as front ends to Web 2.0 services or internet content.”
  11. Widgets
  12. Widgets A widget is a mini-Web application that can be put onto a Web page, desktop, blog, or social profile that streams information in a more consumable fashion.
  13. Feed/RSS widget
  14. Usual approach to widget distribution
  15. Netvibes
  16. Accessory Widget Application Widget Information Widget Types of widgets
  17. Why widgets? • Data • Mobile • Myspace • Devices • Computer as appliance • Marketing • Development
  18. It’s all about the data ...
  19. From your own data ...
  20. aggregating content
  21. Aggregators
  22. Widgets are made for marketing!
  23. Widgets and marketing
  24. Widgets Are Made for Marketing, So Why Aren't More Advertisers Using Them?
  25. The decline of the browser (and of the web page)
  26. Smart phones
  27. quot;There's an app for thatquot;
  28. Internet and TV will merge
  29. Other applicances
  30. The decline of the web page (and the browser)
  31. Example: Mashups replacing newspapers
  32. Broad distribution is possible for individual creators
  33. IPhone changes dynamics of game software industry • “Only a few years ago, bigger guns, badder enemies and louder explosives mattered most in video games.” • “Now, small is beautiful, and Apple Inc.'s iPhone is largely responsible.” • “...developers are starting to make shorter, less expensive games that are released in more frequent installments. “ • It's not just the device that's having an effect. It's also Apple's App Store, an online marketplace where users can browse through 25,000 software applications from thousands of publishers.
  34. Successful widget distribution
  35. Submitting your app to Facebook Application Directory
  36. Common languages and tools • Widgets are often created using • HTML and JavaScript • Flash • SilverLight
  37. PopFly or Pipes
  38. Sprout
  39. Zembly
  40. widgetbox
  41. Dapper
  42. Widgets for training and education • Widgets deliver filtered information right on the user's desktop. • A valuable widget presents the most relevant information that someone uses daily. • Widgets need to be available (at all times)
  43. Common causes: 1. Email account incorrect. Inst 2. Smart help desks
  44. A few other things I am doing ...
  45. Semantics in Blogs
  46. Learning community
  47. iPhone development