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10 Tips For Designing Mobile Widgets - Maemo Summit, Amsterdam, Oct 11, 2009 (Maesum) @iRajLal


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Ten Tips For Designing Mobile Widgets Maemo Summit 2009 Amsterdam Netherlands

Do you know why only 1 percent of Mobile Widgets are successful ? What makes some widgets thrive and used by millions, and others with equal functionality bite the dust ? Make no mistakes, design of a widget is not about graphics, colour or fonts. This presentation will demystify this 'invisible' layer below the surface with 10 pragmatic tips. The tips will cover some of the most useful, and often ignored standard design principals and how to apply them in a mobile context.

- Rajesh Lal

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10 Tips For Designing Mobile Widgets - Maemo Summit, Amsterdam, Oct 11, 2009 (Maesum) @iRajLal

  1. 10 Tips for Designing Mobile Widgets<br />Rajesh Lal<br />Senior Engineer, Nokia <br />Maemo Devices, Mountain View, California<br />
  2. 15 minutes<br />
  3. Why Should We Care<br />
  4. Today Computer to Mobile ratio is 1:4<br />Worldwide 1 Billion Computers and ~ 4 Billion Mobile Phones<br />Smartphone sales estimate: 20% increase annually, today 140 million to 423 million in 2013<br />Source: Wireless Expertise<br />
  5. Data based on study at published July 27, 2009<br />
  6. Tip: 1<br />Design for a MobileUser <br />
  7. Short attention span<br />Divided attention <br />Interruptible<br />Dynamic environment<br />
  8. Tip: 2<br />Know Widget<br />A Widget is a small, light weight application, meant for a single purpose.<br />
  9. Mobile Widget <br />Web Widget<br />igoogle, Wordpress,<br />Pageflakes, Facebook<br />Web browser (server) based<br />Desktop Widget<br />Konfabulator, Desklets, Dashboard, Vista<br />Widget Engine<br />Native APIs<br />&lt; &gt;<br />[ ]<br />HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, Ajax, RIA<br />Mobile Widget<br />S60, Maemo<br />Web Runtime<br />Device APIs<br />+<br />=<br />
  10. 11<br />Tip: 3<br />Target Specific Set of Users<br />
  11. 12<br />Highly personal device<br />Rich features specific to users<br />Allow for customization<br />Target sport events, conferences<br />
  12. Tip: 4<br />Play Nice<br />
  13. Follow design guidelines Justify space <br />Do not poll data frequentlyDo not be a memory hog<br />
  14. Tip: 5<br />Utilize Device Potential<br />
  15. Nokia N900<br />
  16. N900 Features <br />48 gb exp memory<br />touch screen<br />widgets<br />Open GL<br />multi-tasking<br />3d graphics<br />32 gb<br />Qt<br />qwerty<br />integrated gps<br />firefox browser<br />web run time<br />linux os<br />radio<br />wireless broadband<br />Ajax<br />personalized desktop<br />5 mp camera<br />800 × 480 resolution<br />flash<br />Innovative design<br />powerful processor<br />video<br />
  17. Tip: 6<br />Focus on One Functionality <br />
  18. Know what Widgets are meant for <br />Quick information<br />Casual games<br />Simple utility<br />Media application<br />Search / Lifestyle Widget<br />Recent Trends<br />Social Widgets<br />Branded application<br />Subtle advertisements<br />Mini Web Apps<br />
  19. Tip: 7<br />Simplify Features<br />
  20.<br />
  21. Paperclip Principle<br />Easy to Look<br />Easy to Understand <br />Easy to Use <br />Most effective designs are least complicated<br />
  22. Tip: 8<br />Grab the User<br />
  23. 2. Make it alive<br />Compelling data<br />Dynamic information<br />Make it interesting<br />1. Attract at entry point <br />Short title, simple headings<br />Nice professional icon<br />Precise description <br />3. Get statistics<br />No. of downloads <br />No. of users<br />Feed based statistics<br />4. Hear your user<br />Include email<br />Online forum<br />Allow for feedback<br />
  24. 26<br />Tip: 9<br />Add Social<br />
  25. 27<br /> Mobile is a social device <br /> Always Available<br /> Meant for communication<br /> Interactive <br />
  26. Tip: 10<br />Make it Fun<br />
  27. 29<br />Add ‘Extra Fun’<br />Delight users<br />Give pleasant surprises<br />Make it special<br />“If it&apos;s not fun, you&apos;re not <br />doing it right” –Bob Basso<br />
  28. Ten Tips<br />1. Design for a MobileUser <br />6. Focus on One Functionality <br />7. Simplify Features<br />2. Know Widget<br />8. Grab the User<br />3. Target Specific Set of Users<br />4. Play Nice<br />9. Add Social<br />10. Make it Fun<br />5. Utilize Device Potential<br />
  29. 31<br />
  30. 32<br />Thank You<br /><br />Join us @<br />