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The Road To Openness.Odt


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The Road To Openness.Odt

  1. 1. Chorme and Droids opening up the floodgate of amazing possibilities that willcapture the imagination of the Netizens !Welcome to a new World free from Desktop Vendor Lock-In and InternetMonopoly !I cant help echoe the following excerpt from Google IO ... "No longer a nightmareof a draconian future .. of a single vendor single product .. a future withoutchoice ! "A new Revolution had already begun when Web started being treated as Platofrm byFacebook, Zoho , Netflix, Google, LinkedIn, SaleForce, Tumblr, Jigsaw, Scribd andmany more who joinined the forces in recent time !And now today Browsers empowerd with HTML5 are helping Web apps become aspowerful as Desktop applications !Essentially its a giant leap forward by Google and likeminded benedictors towardsthe efforts of creating powerful Browsers to free the Earth from the bondage ofDesktop OS !Thanks to HTML5 Server Sent messages for performing this magic of representingRich Media / High-Perfornace Graphics / Desktop Content / Complex Netwroking /Offline storage etc.HTML5 - Web GL is the technology behind rendering GPS on mobile and computerbrowsers.Internet at a growth rate of 120% .. has definitely outperformed and outpaced othernetworking mediums - tv/radio/magazine/newspaper.HTML5- Workers allow web apps to access and leverage the power of multi-coreCPUs boosting the Rich-UI experience to a great extent.As per the Google Prediction, by the end of 2010, the HTML 5 features like - WebVideo / Canvas / SVG / AppCache / Web Storage / Web Sockets / Geo Locations.. will be supported by all major browsers (Opera, Chrome, Safary, FireFox) ..except ... guess what !.. Yes .. IE .. which will support only Video / SVG and Web Storage falling behind all other 4 browsers !!So there will be a surge in statrt-ups and new initiatives for developing innovativeproducts on these open standrds !Say, DarkRoom (from MugTug) allows editing photos and applying amzing affectsOnline .. and pretty fast ! It makes best of AppCache for creating GUI on Web. Even
  2. 2. browsers will support creating GUI using local storage in offline mode and thensimply synching up once user goes online.So no need to install a Photo Editor on desktop, then download photos locally, applyeffect and upload on web and sync back n forth !!Great Huh !Gmail and many other mail clients had adopted the HTML 5 File API andNotification API forDrag-n-Drop of any attachment on the mail.The beauty is - if the proper chrome extension is installed, then while surfing net,users will automcatically get notifcation about gmails even without leaving currentpage and without starting local mail client!Clicker.TV is a great implementor of Worker for pulling a huge amount of TV andMedia live streaming and then caching. Its a huge leap forward !Open Video Codec (VP8) offering super quality video streaming through Chromeand Youtube by taking advanges of multiple cores and open standrds of DSP.Google TV will certainly revolutinize the concpet of Telecast over NetHow about Animation using CSS and Javascript using html5.Tooling around CSS and fast network roundtrips (all HTML5 blessings) will open upnew possibilities in the Multi-player Online Gaming World !Imgaine running any 3d Game written using native Client into the browser !Mashing Up service and online apps will also become easier.TwitDeck is a great example.Here one can move the twit widgets and instanly comes to know from where certainapps are coming from. Twit notifications are constantly monitord and pushed fromserver and corresponding Geo Locations are queried upon to present all the relevantinformation to the users.The big question is once a Magazine is actually represneted as a Magazine in abrowser and not as a mere Webpage , then do we really need to invest in iPad orKindle !Thats the power of openness !
  3. 3. Thats what Chrome is about to do .. just stay tuned to Google Technologies .... itsgoing to Recrate the same Immersive Experience that you enjoy while reading anewspaper or magazine !Imagine how dramatically it will increase the reachability of popular media brandsand skyrocket its revenue !HTML 5 will simply metamorphize business models !Now there is great gift from Google for the Apps Developers !Using HTML 5 google provides Infrasturces as Services on demand andVirtualize existing complex apps through its collboration with VMWare Cloud andSpringSource.Few commands in Spring Roo Shell will – create a Spring Project, do the PersistenceSetup, Create Entities, Services, provide GWT artifcats, package, update GWT .. incouple of minutes (for a small demo app) and Google App Engine Plugins (assuminguser installed SpringSource tool Suite) upload the app in cloud .. also immediatelyuse Spring Insights and Cloud Monitors to provide performance stats !Lets all enjoy the freedom of choice and openness offered by HTML5.