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The Definitive Guide to the Vietnam Startup Scene

The Definitive Guide to The Vietnam Startup Scene.
A Publication of HATCH! PROGRAM

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The Definitive Guide to the Vietnam Startup Scene

  1. 1. The Definitive Guide to the VIETNAM STARTUP SCENE By DatLe Viet Co-Founder HATCH! PROGRAM a publication of Last updated on 10thDec, 2014 (v.1.5)
  2. 2. WHY THE VIETNAM STARTUP SCENE IS HOT? 3 OVERVIEW 9 Startup investment: 2012 -2014 Notable Startup companies Movement/ Startup Trend Meet-Up/ Event Key People Constraint MYTHS 22 RESOURCES 25 Incubator/ Accelerator Investment Fund Co-Working Space Key Media Government Universities Vietnam Startup Festival WANT TO JUMP AROUND? BONUS 33 Why bootstrap in Vietnam? Vietnam Angel Network Reference/ To read Our Partner Contact us
  3. 3. WHY THE VIETNAM STARTUP SCENE IS HOT ? Photo: Justin Guariglia
  4. 4. Image: Rolling Stone Magazine Flappy Bird Creator: Dong Nguyen Release: May 24th, 2013 Removal: Feb 9th, 2014 Brief: The world’s most famous video game, created a worldwide phenomenon and a controversial removal in 2013. No. of Download: 50 mil + No. of Ratings:48,000 + Top free iPhone app: 109 countries Revenue at peak: US $50,000/day
  5. 5. VNG Corporation Founder: Le Hong Minh Founded: 2004 Brief: Biggest Internet company in Vietnam, works on online entertainment, social network & e-commerce Value: US $1 billion Revenue: US $100 mil, ’13 Outstanding app: Brief: Second most popular OTT app in Vietnam with 10mil users, after Viberwith 12 mil Photo: VNG’s 10 years anniversary
  6. 6. Two Startup Centers Hanoi City Role: Political capital Population: 6.6 million, ’10 Traits: Eastern-like, political, diplomatic and more formal Ho Chi Minh City Role: Economic stronghold Population: 7.4 million, ‘10 Traits: Western-like, friendly, business-oriented and casual Photo: NASA
  7. 7. VIETNAM: INTERNET USAGE Vietnam Startup Festival 7 Source: US Census Bureau, Internet Live Stats, WeAreSocial,sg This makes Vietnam the 15thlargest market on the Internet.
  8. 8. VIETNAM: SMARTPHONE USAGE With nearly half of the Internet population in Vietnam is using smartphone (and increasing), the market clearly left many undiscovered frontiers startups to make a difference, and even for big corporation also. Vietnam Startup Festival 8 Source: US Census Bureau, Internet Live Stats, WeAreSocial,sg With 54% of Vietnam population is under 30, it becomes one of the most potential Internet market in South East Asia.
  10. 10. STARTUP INVESTMENT -2012 No Startup Categories/Type Investor Type Time 1 Money Lover Expensemanager AngelInvestors Seed Funding Q4 12' 2 Cloud solution BTIC Seed Funding Q4 12' 3 Food review CyberAgentVentures Vietnam Seed Funding Q4 12' 4 Online news VNG M&A Q4 12' 5 Project Lana E-Commerce IDG Ventures Vietnam Strategic Investment Q3 12' 6 Logistic solution Angel Investors Seed Funding Q3 12' 7 VTC Online Digital content DuxtonCapital Series B Q3 12' 8 Socialnetwork Angel Investors Seed Funding Q3 12' 9 Fooddelivery VC Corp M&A Q3 12' 10 Social network MJ Group M&A Q2 12' 11 N/A N/A CyberAgentVentures Seed Funding Q2 12' 12 VC Corp Online & mobile service Intel Capital N/A Q2 12'
  11. 11. STARTUP INVESTMENT -2012 No Startup Categories/Type Investor Type Time 13 Fooddelivery MJ Group M&A Q2 12' 14 Blue Up Flashcard PVNI Seed Funding Q2 12' 15 Mobile Platform AngelInvestors Seed Funding Q2 12' 16 Minh Châu Online game IDG Ventures Vietnam Series A Q1 12' 17 Online Music CyberAgentVentures Vietnam Series B Q1 12' 18 Mobile game CyberAgentVentures Vietnam Series A Q1 12' 19 E-Commerce CyberAgentVentures Vietnam Series A Q1 12' 20 Search Engine KustoGroup Series A Q1 12' 21 Everyday Groupon KustoGroup Series A Q1 12' 22 Payment solution KustoGroup Series A Q1 12' 23 Social network KustoGroup Series A Q1 12' 24 Search engine, browser Russian Investors Series A Q1 12'
  12. 12. STARTUP INVESTMENT -2013 No Startup Categories/Type Investor Type Time 1 NhómMua Groupon CùngMua M&A Q4 13' 2 TOPICA Education Group Online Education Series B Q4 13' 3 Anphabe Career network Recruit Holdings Strategic Investment Q4 13' 4 Healthcare Health tech group Strategic Investment Q3 13' 5 Glamybox Subscription VanityTroveSingapore M&A Q3 13' 6 E-Commerce CyberAgentVentures & Sumitomo Series A Q3 13' 7 Online education Angel Investors Seed funding Q2 13' 8 Mobile collaborationapp 500Startups Accelerator Q2 13' 9 Dating app Angel Investors Seed funding Q2 13' 10 Mobile Retailer Robert Willett & CDH Electric Bee Limited Strategic Investment Q2 13'
  13. 13. STARTUP INVESTMENT -2013 No Startup Categories/Type Investor Type Time 11 TinhVânEbooks Ebooks IDG Ventures Vietnam Series A Q2 13' 12 E-Payment MOL Strategic Investment Q2 13' 13 Document sharing IDG Ventures Vietnam & TinhVan Corp Series A Q1 13' 14 Education Angelinvestor Seed Funding Q1 13' 15 Crowd Funding BTIC Seed Funding Q1 13' 16 Recruitment solution CareerBuilder M&A Q1 13' 17 Recruitment solution EN -Japan M&A Q1 13' 18 Hotel booking Recruit Holdings Series A Q1 13' 19 E-Payment KustoGroup Series B Q1 13'
  14. 14. STARTUP INVESTMENT -2014 No Startup Categories/Type Investor Type Time 1 Antoree PrivateTutor Market N/A SeedFunding Q4 14’ 2 vLance FreelancerMarket N/A SeedFunding Q4 14’ 3 Uplevo BrandDesign N/A SeedFunding Q4 14’ 4 Morbling 3D Game Studio N/A SeedFunding Q4 14’ 5 AstroTelligent Human Resource VietnamInternational Bank (VIB) First Adopter Q4 14’ 6 Haivl FunnyContent 24h M&A Q3 14' 7 RockitOnline Online Education Learn Capital, John Katzman, and Formation 8 Strategic Investment Q3 14' 8 Adatao Big data, Analytic Andreessen Horowitz, LightspeedVentures and Bloomberg Beta Series A Q3 14' 9 Appota Mobile Platform Japan and Singapore investors Series B Q2 14' 10 E-commerce CyberAgentVentures Q1 14' 11 Ahometo E-commerce OneCapitalWay(5DESIRE) Seed Funding Q1 14' 12 VinE-Com E-commerce VinGroup Strategic Investment Q1 14'
  16. 16. OUTSTANDING STARTUPS US $1 billion US $75 million -$150 million US $10 million -$30 million
  17. 17. AND MORE… …
  18. 18. MOVEMENT/ STARTUP TREND Top movements: 1. Gaming 2. E-Commerce 3. Mobile app 4. Online booking And more: 5. E-learning & education 6. Food security & agriculture 7. Business platform 8. Hardware application Vietnam Startup Festival
  19. 19. Annual: HATCH! FAIR/ Vietnam Startup Festival DEMO ASEAN Bar Camp Tech Camp Vietnam Mobile Day PHP Day Monthly: Startup Grind Founder Matching Day Business Thursdays Hackathon: Teckathon& Mobile Hackathon HackathonVietnam Competition: Startup Weekend Hanoi & HCMC Kawai Startup Competition VCCI Startup Competition VYE Bootcamp Global Competition: SeedstarsWorld Code for Resilience Vietnam Startup Festival MEET-UP/ EVENT
  20. 20. Vietnam Startup Festival KEY PEOPLE Nguyen Hong Truong Vice President IDG Ventures Vietnam Nguyen ManhDung Head Representative CyberAgentVentures Vietnam Pham Minh TuanDirector TOPICA Founder Institute Anh-Minh Do Editor in Chief TechInAsiaVietnam Le Huynh Kim Ngan Founder Bobby Liu Founder Hub.IT Aaron Everhart Senior Advisor HATCH! PROGRAM
  21. 21. System E-Payment Logistic Public Policy Education on entrepreneurship Human Teamwork competency “Me-too” vs. Real innovation Naïve mindset on business and startup Lack of business skill in depth Too entrepreneurial in young people Too risk averse in old people Lack of culture for constructive feedback and accepting failure Vietnam Startup Festival CONSTRAINT
  22. 22. Vietnam Startup Festival WHAT ARE SOME MYTHS FROM THE SCENE? Photo: Homero
  23. 23. There’s a naïve perspective on how to make an organization that can bring an innovation to commercial success, and those are: 1)a lack of the mindset to accept failure; not only amongst entrepreneurs themselves, but the general business community in Vietnam and Asia 2)a lack of practical knowledge and understanding on how to commercialize innovations: such as developing a business model, relationship build-up, having an investor’s perspective, identifying a scalable market, deep customer understanding and a sense of customer experiences; 3)and finally, a lack of teamwork and real innovation evidenced by too many “me-too” startups. Vietnam Startup Festival MYTHS
  24. 24. As you can see, the ingredients for positive economic development in Vietnam can be observed in a robust and growing startup ecosystem. While the startup ecosystem is apparent and operational, still there remain three problematic issues at hand: a gap between the startup and the VC, a lack of innovation evidenced by many “me-too” start-ups, and two critical gaps: siloingamongst potential innovation enablers, and a lack of an angel funding network to bridge startups from incubator/accelerator status to VC-ready status. Fortunately, solutions are in the works, and for that reason, the Vietnam may actually pivot into a positive direction, positioning it well for a future as a nation leading in the overall success of the future of South East Asian nations. Vietnam Startup Festival MYTHS
  26. 26. INVESTMENT FUND There is also a new wave of investment fund from U.S., Japan and Korea.
  28. 28. Vietnam Startup Festival COWORKING SPACE
  29. 29. Hanoi City 1. Clickspace 2. Hub.IT 3. 5Desire 4. iHouse 5. Manzi Vietnam Startup Festival COWORKING SPACE Ho Chi Minh City 1. Sandbox Hub 2. The Start Center 3. Saigon CoWorking 4. WORK Saigon 5. GekkoSpace 6. Aspire Office 7. ITP-ĐạihọcQuốcGia 8. BTIC 9. The START Network Website Directory
  30. 30. Vietnam Startup Festival KEY MEDIA TECHINASIA.COM Language: English Coverage: Asia market Key contact:Anh-Minh Do Language: Vietnamese Coverage: Mostly Vietnamese market Key contact: Le Huynh Kim Ngan INFO TV Language: Vietnamese Coverage: Mostly Vietnamese market VTV2 Language: Vietnamese/ English Coverage: Mostly Vietnamese market
  31. 31. Vietnam Startup Festival GOVERNMENT Fostering Innovation through Research, Science and Technology -FIRST Vietnam Ministry of Science and Technology -World Bank Total Fund:US $110 million Website: Project: Vietnam Silicon Valley Project Available Grants: Overseas Talented Experts Government Research Institutes New Enterprises Research-Innovation Consortia
  32. 32. Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship) Saigon South and Hanoi Campus RMIT University Vietnam Vietnam Startup Festival Universities Entrepreneurship Training Course Vietnam National University of Agriculture International Entrepreneurship Training Course Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  33. 33. BONUS: WHY BOOTSTRAP IN VIETNAM? Photo: Louis Lim
  35. 35. 1. Fast Internet Downloading large files, making Skype calls or using Javascript-heavy SaaSapps is no problem. 2. Low cost, high value lifestyle You can live with upper-class standards on $800/month salary; with higher salaries, in the $1500/month range, residents can enjoy all the luxuries they want. 3. Efficient Transportation If you learn the motorbike system, it becomes really easy and fast to go around. And it takes only one minute every time to finish parking. Vietnam Startup Festival WHY BOOTSTRAP IN VIETNAM? Photo: AsianBikeTour, VNExpressand Game4V
  36. 36. 4. Vietnam is happening Vietnam is an emerging market and it changes overnight. Everyone can find opportunity, a great deal of fun, and even peace here. It’s great to travel in as well. 5. Wonderful café culture Great news for café lover: there are good café in every corner of the country. Better news: You can work there with free WIFI and unlimited tea. 6. Little language barrier No need to worry if you only speak English. But there is a huge plus for those who can speak just a little bit of Vietnamese: people here will absolutely love them. Vietnam Startup Festival WHY BOOTSTRAP IN VIETNAM? Photo: Vietnam Travel, IVIVU and HATCH! PROGRAM
  37. 37. 7. Great food The food is tasty, cheap and healthy, as well as locally brewed beer and wine. For foodies: Ho Chi Minh City is one of the best international food cities in the World. 8. Incredible community of online entrepreneurs The scene is growing and growing, at a major pace, there are people in nearly every startup field; and not only Vietnamese, but also international entrepreneurs. 9. Working Opportunities Not only you can work for many technology companies here but also you can easily find a teaching job to feed your startup journey. Vietnam Startup Festival WHY BOOTSTRAP IN VIETNAM? Photo: Sylvia Fountaine, Tuoitreand HATCH! PROGRAM
  38. 38. Those points above are strongly inspired by three expats’ reviews below. It is strongly recommended for you to read them. Bootstrapping in Saigon, Jon Myers, May 2013. [e-journal] Available through <> Why I am living in Saigon, Vietnam, David Hehenberher, Nov 2013. [e-journal] Available through <> Cheaply Bootstrap Your Startup from Vietnam, TomoSaigon, Oct 2012. [e-journal] Available through <> Vietnam Startup Festival WHY BOOTSTRAP IN VIETNAM?
  39. 39. SNEAK PEAK: VIETNAM ANGEL NETWORK VIETNAM ANGEL NETWORK is a private network for startup investment in Vietnam and get your next big venture assessment! Monthly Private Pitching Networking & Co-Investing Quarterly Portfolio Review Investment Workshop
  40. 40. OUR PARTNER Vietnam Startup Festival
  41. 41. Vietnam Startup Investment and M&A: 5 Interesting Trends in 2012 -2013 Pham Minh Tuan, Dec 2013. [slide-share] Available through <> There’s more to Vietnam’s startup scene that meets the eye, Anh-Minh Do, April 2014. [e-journal] Available through <> A comprehensive look at Vietnam’s startup scene ecosystem in 2014 Anh-Minh Do, March 2013. [e-journal] Available through <> 20 things Vietnamese startups need to win Anh-Minh Do, April 2014. [e-journal] Available through <> A brief about Vietnam Startup Scene Albert Mai, Feb 2012. [e-journal] Available through <> REFERENCE/ TO READ
  42. 42. REFERENCE/ TO SEE All these illustrations are created by our amazing teammate: Mariam Margishvili Appreciate her at:
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