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Starting up in Korea


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A tool for those interested in the startup ecosystem in Korea by Catherine Kim under supervision of Joshua Flannery at UNSW Innovations

**Special thanks to the previous work of Arnaud Bonzom for the inspiration for these reports

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Starting up in Korea

  1. 1. Project conceived and supervised by Joshua Flannery, UNSW Innovations. Email:
  2. 2. South Koreahasled in mobile adoption since the 1990s. Now they are spending $1.5 billion on a"5G" net work to upgrade Korea’smobile infrastructure.The term ismostly aslogan for now, but the tech will come. The nation'sscience ministry'splan isrealistically measured.A trial 5Gnetwork isdue to be rolled out in 2017,with full rollout in 2020. The world’sfastest Internet connection speed - measured at 23 Mbit/s - over 40%faster than the next ranked country - six timesfaster than the world average of 3.8 Mbit/s - more than twice asfast asthe United States Cutting-edge technology in KOREA CommutersusingtheirmobiledevicesonLine5ofSeoul’ssubway CreditDavidGuttenfelder/NationalGeographicCreative,forTheNewYorkTimes CNN, KakaoTalk isafree mobile Instant messaging application for smartphoneswith free text and free call features. It waslaunched in 2010 and currently has140 million usersand isavailable in 15 languages, used in over 230 countries.The app isalso used by 93%of smartphone ownersin South Korea. "Wehelpedfuel national growth with 2Gservicesin the1990s,3Gin the2000s and4Garound2010.Now it istimetotakepreemptiveaction todevelop5G," the Korea'sscience ministry said. 82.7% of South Koreans use the Internet 78.5% of the nation's population ison smartphones 97.7% 18-24 year olds and it'sclose to full saturation
  3. 3. PIEDPIPER Food Processing SPOQA Social commerce EASIAID Intuitive video platform that leadsto purchase MEDIA MINING Advertising service that providesproduct information CHATTINGCAT English writing correction service from native speakers HOOREEL A complete video production app enabling you to direct, edit &broadcast BETWEEN Private messenger app for couples DUALAPERTURE The Center for Integrated Smart Sensors YBRAIN Medical wearable tech KROWDPOP Crowdsourced concert provider FLITTP Crowdsourcing,Android, iOS,Translation Dental practice providing medical and communication services. Rising Stars
  4. 4. HUINNO Wearable sensor to continuously gather clinical-grade health data. SEED(2015) SUNSHINE Instant device-to-device personal cloud and le sharing,streaming. ACCELERATOR- B12 (2014) ALTHEA Providing the latest Korean beauty products,trendsand lifestyle to Southeast Asia. SEED(2015) KONOLABS Utilizing AI to make scheduling extremely easy and simple. ACCELERATOR- B13 (2015) PEOPLEFUND Reinventing bank loansthrough peer-to-peer marketplace. SEED(2015) SHAKR High quality video adsfor your businessin minutes. SEED(2012) TAPASTIC Read and discover comic books online. SEED(2012) VIKI Eliminating language barriers between entertainment &fans PerfumeGraphy Providing perfumeproducts SEED(2015) +822 Marquee global convergence conference and cityfest in Asia, held in Seoul. SEED(2015) PLUGGER Never run out of battery again.Find placesnearby to swap for afully charged battery. ACCELERATOR- B12 (2014) VIRECT Marketplace to get custom videos made by hundredsof highly curated creators. ACCELERATOR- B13 (2015) Rising Stars
  5. 5. Stars ‘Meet19ofKorea’shotteststartups’,
  6. 6. Stars
  7. 7. Gangnam-gu,Seoul,South Korea Hours:09:00 ~ 18:00 - Shared seat member(09:00~23:00) :KRW 150,000/month - Dedicated seat member(24hours) :KRW 300,000/month - Shared seat :KRW8,000/day - BizMeeting Room :KRW10,000/hour Seoul Space isSeoul'sPremier Startup Incubator and Tech Community.Providesstartup mentorship, market entry services,digital marketing IdeaFactory ispublic 24 hoursaday, 365 daysco-working space in Seoul Space Noah isa 264 m2 space for one-person businesses,freelancers,startups,and social ventures Bukchang-dong,Jung-gu Seoul 100-080 Tel:+82 70-4200-2030 Hours:Mon - Fri 09:00 ~ 22:00 w/2176/space-noah/ 825-22,Yeoksam-dong,Seoul,South Korea135-934 Tel:+82 2-6080-7714 Hours:Mon - Sat 09:00 ~ 23:00 (* 24 hour open to only Dedicated seat members) 4 rooms/ 22 desks Hot Desk - 10,000 (KRW) aday 100,000 (KRW) amonth 24-7,365 daysopen,“community”coworking o ce space Madly a ordable and exible pricing for Seoul Space companiesfor the area (incubation,monthly,daily,and hourly rates). Special ratesfor private o ce space renters (in-building,independent o ce space)