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Quality Score,Important Metric in Google Adwords

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Quality score

  1. 1. Quality Score 4/5/8/9/10 Important Metric in Adwords By: Hassan Imtiazi
  2. 2. Why is Quality Score important for advertiser?QS influences ad position and pricingQS determines if a keyword is eligible to enter the ad auctionQS influences your keywords actual CPCQS estimates the first page bidsHigher a keywords Quality Score, the lower its CPCs and the better itsad positionHigh QS can achieve high ROI over the period of time
  3. 3. Why is Quality Score important for the user?The (GAW) AdWords system is designed to match our users needs asclosely as possible with the most relevant ads.It helps ensure that users find what theyre looking for through the use ofAdWords ads which provides not only a positive user experience, but alsoa better chance of advertising successDelivering low quality irrelevant ads will have adverse effect on thebusiness
  4. 4. How to find out Quality Score 1. Click the Keywords tab. 2. Click Columns at the top of the ad group table. 3. Select Qual. score from the drop-down menu. 4. Click Save when youre finished. 5. Each keywords Quality Score will be measured and displayed on a scale of 1-10.
  5. 5. Factors Landing page Keyword CTR relevancy Google Quality Score Ad Historical relevancy Performance Other factors
  6. 6. FormulaQuality Max AD Score CPC Rank
  7. 7. Steps to Improve QSLow CTR >Means less relevant keywords in campaigns or adgroups are not tightly themed according tobusiness.It also means that although advert is appearing whenever someone search but they did notclick the ad.Action1. Review keywords according to business and grouped them into different categories2. Ideally PPC campaigns should be mirrored to website (products & services)3. Keywords with less than 4 quality score can be moved into new adgroups and ad creative should be reviewed again4. Any keyword which is not performing for the last 8 weeks should be deleted if its not important5. Use negative keywords
  8. 8. Poor Landing Page >Keyword is not trigging advert due to poor landing pageLanding page does not following standard guidelines by GoogleAction1. Content of landing page should be relevant to the keyword. This enhance the relevancy of the keyword which is the core of the Google’s business model2. Tags and H1 heading can be reviewed with the help of webmaster3. Better landing page will increase CTR and can increase conversions
  9. 9. Not enough impressions or clicks from certain keyword >Keyword has not been triggered enough over a given time frame.If keyword is not being searched for by users then it is treated as not relevantkeyword and assigned a low quality score.ActionEvaluate the keyword/s on the basis of its importanceIf its not relevant or important to business then; a) Keep it and raise the bid or b) Pause /delete it
  10. 10. © Hassan Imtiazi, MA, Cert. DigMemail: hassan.imti@hotmail.co.ukWeb Profile: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/hasimti