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Edld 5362 week 5 technology plan


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Edld 5362 week 5 technology plan

  1. 1. Beaumont ISD Technology Plan Rachel Hadnot May 13,2012 EDLD 5362
  2. 2. Beaumont Independent School DistrictBeaumont, TX 77701Number of campuses: 29Total Students Enrolled: 20,819 from PK-12Total Number of employees: 2,775District size: 10,000 - 24,999All BISD schools are fully accredited by the Texas Education Agency
  3. 3. Technology Mission StatementThe mission of the Beaumont Independent School District, as the unifying force of the community, is to guarantee that our graduates possess the necessary skills, values and knowledge to compete successfully as productive citizens in a diverse global society through an educational system characterized by Optimum application of TECHNOLOGY.
  4. 4. Developing a School District Technology Plan“An effective technology plan is based on the shared vision of educators, parents, community members and business leaders who have technological expertise”.“It also specifies how the technology will be paid for and how its use will be supported.”November,A.(1998), p.1
  5. 5. District Technology PlanThe National Educational Technology State of Texas Long Range Plan Independent School District Technology Plan, p.1-20
  6. 6. Key Areas of a Technology PlanAssessmentInfrastructureLearningProductivityTeachingNagel (2010), p 2-4
  7. 7. AssessmentData collection is extremely important.“Technology should be used in the classroom for ongoing assessments”“Use of interactive tools such as student response devices, classroom clickers and multimedia to reinforce concepts and measure progress.”Nagel, p.2
  8. 8. Infrastructure“The infrastructure goals for the plan are to provide students and teachers with access to comprehensive infrastructure for learning when and where they need it.”Nagel,p.2
  9. 9. LearningThe learner is put at the center of the learning environment.The students stay in control of the learning atmosphere.Self paced & individualized learning.Game based learning – to meet core subject content.
  10. 10. ProductivityNETP wants schools to utilize “models from the business world to increase productivity.” (Nagel, p4)Prepare our students for their college education and the workplace.
  11. 11. TeachingIncrease access to online resource materials for teachers.Use social networking technology.Distance learning opportunities for students.Technology for teacher in-service.Nagel, (2010) p4
  12. 12. Goals in Creating a District Technology Plan“The plan for integrating technology into the school is based on the school or districts educational vision and is part of an overall school-improvement plan.The technology plan aims to improve student learning to help students perform authentic tasks, and to help students learn skills that will prepare them for future careers.Educators, parents, students, and community members support the schools initiatives in the use of technology.Professional development and support for staff is provided on an ongoing basis.The technology plan is periodically reviewed and updated.” November,A. (1998)p.1
  13. 13. Recognition of Necessary State RequirementsAll campuses have completed STaR Charts.Critical Factors for achieving NCLB, E-Rate, and Long-Range Plan for Technology Requirements. Technology Plans are Required by the State:TEA approves technology plans for K-12 schools.The assessment tools for technology plans are the STaR Charts.The Texas STaR Charts are completed once a year.(E-Rate is a common name for the Schools and Libraries Universal Service Fund. It provides discounts to assist schools and libraries, This assistance helps obtain affordable telecommunications services and Internet access.) Texas Education Agency e-Plan system (2011) p.1
  14. 14. BISD Technology Plan GoalsGoal 1 – Incorporate technology as an integral part of education.Goal 2 – Provide staff development for all in the use of appropriate emerging technology.Goal 3 – Provide and support appropriate software and the ethical use of sources.Goal 4 – The district will secure adequate funding for maintaining state-of-the- art technology resources for all BISD facilities.
  15. 15. Possible Improvements for PlanTeach safety standards to each student to increase awareness and provide a safer digital environment.Provide technology innovative programs to promote parental involvement.Increase professional developmental training for utilizing online tools.Increase budgeting for students and teachers to utilize online resources.
  16. 16. ReferencesBeaumont Independent School District Technology Plan (2010). Beaumont Independent School District Technology Plan (2010).Retrieved May 7, 2012 from p1-20.Ed. Gov, National Educational Technology Plan, Department of Education. National Education Technology Plan (2010). Retrieved May 7, 2012,, p1Texas Education Agency e-Plan System (2011). Technology Planning and E-Rate Support Center. Retrieved May 7, 2012, from, D. (2010) National Ed Tech Plan Puts Technology at the Heart of Education Reform. Retrieved May 7, 2012 from education-reform.aspx p1-4Solomon,G. &Schrum, L (2007). Web 2.0:New Tools, New Schools. Washington,DC:ISTE, p20