Edld 5362 technology plan show


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EDLD 5362 Week 5 Technology Plan Assignment

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Edld 5362 technology plan show

  1. 1. Prepared by: Lisa Kiphen EDLD 5362/ET8042 May 5, 2012
  2. 2. IntroductionThe school technology plan isand foundation for The National Education the Stateproviding an extensive instructional platform for to Technology Plan objectives are designed A successful technology plan emphasizeseffective student learning. provide specific guidelines for public the use of information systems to positively schools tostudent learning and prepare quality impact follow in implementing a them technology plan. for managing unforeseen challenges as This plan is structured to ensure seamless daily adults. operation of technology resources and equipment, structured assessment and evaluation procedures, adequate funding, and enhancing the teacher’s ability to facilitate student centered learning.
  3. 3. Plan Objectives Teaching and learning Collaboration & management Infrastructure Evaluations and assessments Budget and funding Legal requirements & compliance
  4. 4. Teaching and Learning Quality instruction using technology  Incorporate technology resources into lessons ○ Mobile devices ○ Cloud technology  Virtual learning environment  Open content sources  Ethical aspects using information systems
  5. 5. Educator Preparation andDevelopment Professional development  Development of student centered lessons  Organizing lesson content to incorporate technology  Enhance 21st century technology skills  Effective use of technology resources  Informative of legitimate and available resources
  6. 6. Collaboration and Management District/school website portal Communication management  Email  Newsletters  Mobile devices Promote positive communication with outside resources  Peer mentoring  Social networks  Personal learning systems
  7. 7. Infrastructure Foundation for data processing Key components  Hardware/software  Internet connectivity  Equity of access  Upgrades and maintenance  Security  Technical support/training
  8. 8. Evaluation andAssessments Campus Improvement Committee Annual evaluation of technology resources Annual assessment of 21st century learning skills Assessment of student performance Compliance with government mandates  CIPA, e-rate, NCLB, TEKS, STaR, and FERPA
  9. 9. Budget and Funding Participate in government grant programs Participate in discounted Internet access rate program Manage costs of technology equipment and software purchases  Utilization of personally owned mobile devices  Virtual server data processing  Learning management system features
  10. 10. Individuals are incorporating technology into theireveryday lives. It is our responsibility asadministrators, educators, and parents to directstudent usage of technology to the technology plan Stakeholder commitment toward constructive will provide a benefit to instruction. Students willlearning activities. gain the necessary skills to keep up with emerging technology development and There is a great possibility that learning will strengthen learning habits throughout their become the new trend in entertainment activities. lifetime. Positive endorsement of a technology Our educators and parents must demonstrate plan will perhaps reduce the amount of ineffectual positive attitudes and ambitious efforts toward knowledge gained from insignificant education so they may inspire the 21st century entertainment activities. student to pioneer the newest trend: Learning!
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