Calcasieu parish technology plan


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Calcasieu parish technology plan

  1. 1. Calcasieu Parish Technology Plan 2007-2014 Presented by Marianne Wallace Lamar University EDLD5362/ET8038
  2. 2. 32, 905students2491 teachers
  3. 3. If we teach todayas we didyesterday, werob our childrenof tomorrow. -John Dewey, Education reformer and philosopher
  4. 4. Correlation of National, State, and District EducationTechnology Plans, 2007-2014
  5. 5. Action Step 1: Strengthen Leadership"Im calling on our nations governors and state education chiefs to develop standards and assessments that dont simply measure whether students can fill in a bubble on a test, but whether theypossess 21st century skills like problem-solving and critical thinkingand entrepreneurship and creativity." —President Barack Obama, Address to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, March 10, 2009 District wide systems Electronic communication Support to leaders Tech integration monitoring Yearly technology needs assessment Electronic SIS
  6. 6. Action Step 2: Improve Teacher TrainingTeachers need to integrate technology seamlessly into the curriculum instead of viewing it as an add-on, an afterthought, or an event. –Heidi Hayes-Jacobs, Educational ConsultantTechnology knowledgeTechnical troubleshootingSeamless integration
  7. 7. Action Step 3: Support E-Learning and Virtual Schools The need to know the capital of Florida died when my phone learned the answer. Rather the students of tomorrow need to be able to think creatively; they will need to learn on their own, adapt to new challenges, and innovate on-the-fly. --Andy Chivetta, high school student in Missouri Inform stakeholders Encourage participation Develop funding
  8. 8. Action Step 4: Provide Improved Access and Technology UsageThere can be infinite uses of the computer and new age technology,but if the teachers themselves are not able to bring it into the classroom& make it work, then it fails. –Nancy Kassebaum, US Senator 80% have 4:1 computer-student ratio 100% wireless Funding strategies
  9. 9. National Technology Plan 2007 Considering innovative budgeting Moving toward digital content Integrating data systems
  10. 10. Who knew?
  11. 11. National Education Technology Plan 2010
  12. 12. Goal 1: Learning: Engage and Empower
  13. 13. Goal 2: Assessment: Measure What Matters
  14. 14. Goal 3: Teaching: Prepare and Connect
  15. 15. Goal 4: Infrastructure: Access and Enable
  16. 16. Goal 5: Productivity: Redesign and Transform The illiterate of the 21st century will be those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn. -Alvin Toffler
  17. 17. Correlation of National (2010), State, andDistrict Education Technology Plans
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