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to Coldwell Banker On Location!

A totally new approach to real estate online.
Welcome to Coldwell Banker® On Location!
    Interweaving content across a custom-designed YouTube™ portal as well as the ...
Why Coldwell Banker® On Location?
Before we offer you specific tips on how you can create great       To answer these kind...
A Short-List of Essential Video Tips                                 addressing recent real estate trends in your area (as...
Bringing Your Listings to Life
We all know a few lines of newspaper text no longer cut it           • No real estate brand...
Video Segment Ideas (Just Some of Many!)
When it comes to developing brief video segments about              • Did You Kno...


    Whereas, _______...


    Below is an overvi...
How to best upload widescreen videos:
    Originals Please!
    The less a video is re-encoded prior to uploading, the bet...
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Coldwell Banker On Location Handbook


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Interweaving content across a custom-designed YouTube™ portal as well as the Coldwell
Banker national Web site, Coldwell Banker On Location offers both consumers and real estate
professionals like yourselves a new way to engage in the home buying and selling process—
using video to an extent never before seen in our industry!

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Coldwell Banker On Location Handbook

  1. 1. Welcome to Coldwell Banker On Location! ® A totally new approach to real estate online.
  2. 2. Welcome to Coldwell Banker® On Location! Interweaving content across a custom-designed YouTube™ portal as well as the Coldwell Banker national Web site, Coldwell Banker On Location offers both consumers and real estate professionals like yourselves a new way to engage in the home buying and selling process— using video to an extent never before seen in our industry! We’re thrilled that you will be joining Coldwell Banker in this exciting new online initiative. By developing your own video content to be posted to Coldwell Banker On Location, you will help us build an ever-growing library of attention-grabbing video listings and immensely valuable local market insights—at a depth consumers can get nowhere else. At the same time, you will be building the profile of both yourself and your company. It’s a true win-win scenario! The Purpose of This Handbook THIS DOCUMENT IS INTENDED TO DO SEVERAL THINGS: GET YOU EXCITED. Use of video offers incredible potential and opportunity for you, your company and the Coldwell Banker brand overall. We’re excited about it, and we want you to get excited too! BUILD UNDERSTANDING. We want to ensure that you understand how the Coldwell Banker On Location initiative came to life—and why we think this is one of the most groundbreaking moves being made by any major real estate brand. OFFER YOU TIPS. The following pages will give you a ton of ideas in terms of the types of video segments you can create and post to the On Location site. It also offers some quick helpful tips to keep in mind to make those videos as appealing as possible to consumers. BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE. The more you experiment with developing short video segments, the more comfortable you will become—and the more value you will find in terms of what video can do for your business and for the public’s positive perception of the Coldwell Banker brand. HELP BUILD A “NETWORK EFFECT”. As you and others begin posting your video content to Coldwell Banker On Location, we know that other professionals across the national Coldwell Banker network will start to grasp the amazing potential of the medium—and get excited to shoot and post their own segments. This will help build a “network effect” that ensures that the On Location site will continue to grow with great new local content for consumers to search. 2
  3. 3. Why Coldwell Banker® On Location? Before we offer you specific tips on how you can create great To answer these kinds of questions, you need deep local video content that will grab consumers’ attention, let’s step knowledge. Which is precisely what Coldwell Banker real back and answer the most important question—why estate professionals like yourself bring to the table. Coldwell Banker On Location? Coldwell Banker On Location is all about building the Web’s • Where did this concept come from? richest array of real estate video content that is also the • Why is Coldwell Banker investing so much time and richest in local insights. It’s the combination of these two energy to bring it to life? missing pieces of the puzzle that make this site so exciting. The answer is simple. Video is the future of real estate. To create On Location, Coldwell Banker worked with Think about it. Consumers are accessing more video through YouTube™ to develop a totally customized framework and more channels than ever before. This includes through their experience. computers, their mobile phones and through a range of other handheld devices. And soon, as the Internet and television As you know, YouTube™ is one of the first places most continue to “converge,” consumers will be watching increasing consumers go today when looking for video content numbers of Web videos on their TVs. online. What you may not know, though, is that consumers are increasingly turning to YouTube™ for much more than Clearly, online is where the action is when it comes to real entertainment. In fact, YouTube™ is now the world’s second estate. It’s where consumers first turn when thinking about largest search engine, trailing only Google™. where they may want to live, checking out prices in a certain area or browsing homes available for sale. Yet a few critical Many consumers now search YouTube™ for content related elements are still missing from the online equation—in to practical information they need—including when they terms of what consumers have access to today: want to know more about a specific area or town. • Moving images of the homes they may want to purchase. Descriptions, snapshots and even slideshow “virtual tours” only go so far. We all know that seeing is believing—and SO IN SUMMARY… given Americans’ widespread access to broadband and time spent online, the evolution toward video listings is Coldwell Banker is the first real estate brand to launch all but guaranteed. an easy to use online destination for video content that • Truly local perspectives on the areas they may want to offers consumers local, regional and national insights and move. While consumers can find a massive amount of real information on everything real estate. estate data online, the vast majority of it lacks true, on-the- Coldwell Banker On Location uses video to help ground insight. consumers find out more about the local areas and real What’s it really like to live in a certain city or region of estate issues that matter most to them. the country? Coldwell Banker is the first in the industry to put the What are important trends a potential buyer should be full power of its brand and network behind a tool that aware of in a given town? represents the future of real estate—the video listing. What should sellers know to attract the kinds of buyers coming to your area? Video is the future of real estate... online is where the action is. 3
  4. 4. A Short-List of Essential Video Tips addressing recent real estate trends in your area (as an example). But for many other types of segments, you’ll need to think through what settings or visuals can bring the piece Developing your own video content to post to to life for viewers. Coldwell Banker® On Location will hopefully be a fun experience—and will help you to build a valuable new Do You Have Permission? Whenever you film someone for skill set that will ultimately enhance your ability to one of your video segments, it’s important that you secure promote your company, yourself and your career. their formal and written permission to broadcast their image on the Web. This is a simple process. All you must While video can be used in so many different ways, do is have any person that you intend to film sign a simple good video segments have some common characteristics. video waiver form provided by Coldwell Banker. There are two Below are some quick tips to give you a good foundation places where you can access a copy of this waiver form for and to get you thinking. your use: • Page 7 (Addendum A) in this Handbook SO FOR NOW, LET’S RUN DOWN SOME SIMPLE TIPS • Posted to Coldwell Banker Works in the On Location FOR MAKING GREAT VIDEOS section Shorter Is Better. Aside from original programming like If any children or teenagers under the age of 18 appear in one TV shows, few consumers will sit through a long Web video. of your video segments, you must receive a signed waiver Your segments can range in length, but anywhere from 1- form from their parent or guardian. You should keep all of to 3-minutes is the sweet spot for Web videos. your signed waiver forms together in a safe place, so they are easily accessible should anyone who has appeared in Tell A Story. Each segment should ideally tell some kind of one of your videos dispute your right to post that segment to “story.” That story may be about a wonderful property for sale Coldwell Banker On Location. in your area and its most unique features. Or that story may NOTE: If someone originally signed your video waiver, but be about why retirees are flocking to your city. But one way or then has second thoughts down the road once the video another, you need to shape a story that clearly communicates is "live," you may simply choose to remove that particular some kind of valuable information to your potential viewers. segment from the Coldwell Banker On Location site. This will be your decision, based on the nature of that individual’s Can We See It/Hear It? As noted above, you will have concern and your relationship with them. further help on the “technical” side of the video process. But remember to keep both lighting and sound in mind Starting on page 8 of this Handbook (Addendum B), you when shooting a segment. Is the spot where you are filming will find more details on specific technical specifications— very busy with lots of background noise that may drown provided by the folks at YouTube™. This Addendum includes out or interfere with whomever is speaking to the camera? useful information on key technical considerations for both Are you shooting in a dimly lit area? These are just two of visuals and audio, such as: image resolution, aspect ratio, the common challenges you need to think through when it High Definition (HD) versus Standard Definition (SD), bit comes to lighting and sound. rate, frame rate and Codec. Is It Watchable? Again, this is more on the technical side, Do YouTube® submissions need to be professionally but how a video piece is edited makes a big difference on produced? No! In fact, the most common videos that appear whether it offers value to a potential viewer. If it’s too choppy, on YouTube® are basic “video diary” style recordings, shot with or cuts too quickly between different points it’s making or a home video camera or webcam. However if you already have different visuals, consumers are more likely to just click away. a professionally produced video to post or would like to invest Obviously, quick camera movements that give the viewer in one, then you’re welcome to do that as well. whiplash or a shaking camera are also not desirable. What if I already have an existing Coldwell Banker real estate What About the Visuals? Visuals help you to tell your story. related video on YouTube®? Then make sure you move it to So for each piece you do, you should think about what the Coldwell Banker On Location! The majority of your work is best setting will be, and how you can weave in other visuals already done as there’s no need to record a new video. Plus to support what you are saying. It will be fine in some cases the chances of someone viewing your segment will increase to take simple footage of yourself in your office, briefly on the new Coldwell Banker On Location YouTube® page. 4
  5. 5. Bringing Your Listings to Life We all know a few lines of newspaper text no longer cut it • No real estate brand or site is doing video listings in when it comes to moving a home. But for today’s tech-savvy a focused way. There are videos here and there online consumers, even photos of a listed property may not be showing homes for sale. But they are not centralized, not enough to get them excited. focused and certainly not easy for a consumer to search for or find. Because of this, On Location—and the video That’s why video listings represent one key to the future of listings that will live there—presents a TREMENDOUS real estate. competitive advantage! MORE THAN A VIRTUAL TOUR… HOW CONSUMERS WILL SEARCH ON LOCATION FOR So what exactly is a video listing? First, it’s not what the VIDEO LISTINGS… industry today recognizes as a "virtual tour." One of the more unique aspects of Coldwell Banker® On Location is the ability to search for videos through a special A “virtual tour” is typically a series of still images in a slide- map feature that is being developed specifically for the site. show format. There is no question that additional photos The map “widget” is a large and prominent feature on the of a property will attract potential buyer far more than a On Location site, and a main “point of entry” for consumers single shot or a text-only listing. But a moving image is searching for a home or for more information on a more engaging by far. specific area. When your prospective buyers can follow you, via video, as By clicking one of the main site links titled “Browse By Map,” you share the major features and special highlights of a listed consumers can enter the city / state or zip code of their property – then you are giving them something truly worthy choosing—which will then immediately pull up all videos of the word “tour.” posted to On Location associated with that specific area. The results returned in that search will include video listings, VIDEO LISTINGS EQUAL A COMPETITIVE EDGE… agent profile videos and a range of other types of videos Here are three reasons why video listings give you a about that local community. competitive edge in today’s market: • Traditional listings are now everywhere online. With such PLANNING YOUR VIDEO LISTING… easy access to listings from so many sources, consumers Every good video tells a story and follows some kind of script. can quickly search what’s available. So basic listings alone are no longer an advantage for anyone in the industry. Your In considering about how to best showcase a home or edge comes from instantly providing listings to consumers property in a video listing, you should pre-identify which wherever they may be (listings anytime, anywhere)—as well four or five aspects will make the strongest impression as serving them up in a innovative new way (video). on potential buyers. • Consumers are super-savvy. They use technology in ways This list of highlights will provide you with a focus for your that would be unthinkable just 15 years ago—and have filming—ensuring that you get the most compelling features increasingly high expectations about the information they on film, without running too long. feel should be accessible online. And for those on the hunt for a home, the information they want is MORE! They want as “real” an experience of a property as they can get, even before they visit it. And remember—they’re out there shooting all kinds of videos. Why shouldn’t they expect the same from you? Video listings represent key to the future of real estate. 5
  6. 6. Video Segment Ideas (Just Some of Many!) When it comes to developing brief video segments about • Did You Know?... Segments that offer consumers a brief your area, insights and expertise, there are a million different set of useful, “actionable” tips grouped around a common ideas and story angles that you can pursue. Once you really challenge or need. For example: get rolling, you’re likely to come up with many different things to say—and ways to say it—using the video medium. ° Smart Questions Every Buyer Should Ask Their Real Estate Professional So while there are scores of potential angles and approaches ° Time to Buy?: Assessing Your Financial Readiness that you might ultimately take, here is a list of examples and suggestions to help get you started. ° Five Things Would-Be Sellers Need to Know in a Tough Market As you read through the below list, you’ll see that some of • Seasonal Perspectives. A series of segments themed these segments are “one-off’s,” while others can easily be around the seasons, offering ideas on places to go/things shaped into a recurring “series”: to do in an area at a certain time of year—or offering • Great Things About [AREA]. A series of brief segments insights into a key seasonal trend. highlighting some of the very best things about your area. ° For example, many areas of the country have a Summer rental market. So you could do a segment on what ° This series can be broad, covering all types of hidden summer renters should look for, how they can find the gems and things to know about a given town, city or region (i.e., food, culture, historic landmarks or facts, right rental for their family and how trends in what places to visit, notable people, etc.). renters are looking for have changed over the years. ° You can create different video series, each focused ° Other trends that can be highlighted here are the annual around a specific theme (i.e., Places to Go, Places to Eat, Spring buying season, second home markets and trends, etc. Fun Facts, Moments in History, City Spirit, etc.). • A Focus on Giving. Many Coldwell Banker® companies lend ° One video series could be focused on different local their support to local charitable or community events. These neighborhoods within a city or town, showcasing their events offer a great opportunity to film a brief video segment architecture, local attractions and “personality.” to post to Coldwell Banker On Location—particularly when it is involves a group/public activity like a Habitat • Hot Trends to Watch or In the News segments that for Humanity build day, park clean-up, a walk-a-thon or key off of major real estate headlines hitting the national something special you are sponsoring at your offices. stage, and/or picking up on hot trends in your own area. For example: • Hello, My Name is… A short video focused on YOU— offering a little bit of background on how you got into real ° You can provide local perspective on national news estate, why you love your work and why your love your stories about home inventory levels or prices. area of the country. This type of short segment will nicely ° You can dig into an interesting local demographic support your other video pieces, offering potential viewers trend, such as where retirees relocating in the area a bit of background about the person behind the camera. most like to live. You can take this in a number of directions and can film in ° You can provide the local perspective on monthly a variety of locations. But the key is to share your energy NAR figures. and enthusiasm, and to let your potential viewers get to know them. ° You can offer timely insights to first time homebuyers, given recent trends in affordability, interest rates and • “Meet the Team” Office Tour. A brief tour of your inventory that put them in the driver’s seat. Coldwell Banker office, offering different members of the team a chance to say hello. To keep the focus on valuable local content, each person who says hello to the camera can share one thing they love most about their local area. 6
  7. 7. ADDENDUM A LEGAL WAIVER FOR THOSE APPEARING IN COLDWELL BANKER® ON LOCATION VIDEOS Whereas, _____________________(hereinafter referred to as “the Participant”), has agreed to appear in the production of a video program produced by Coldwell Banker (Insert DBA here) for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”); and Whereas, it is the desire of the Participant and the Company to understand that this non-Broadcast video will be distributed via DVD, videotape, print, on the internet or world wide web; It is therefore agreed as follows: 1. _______________ has agreed to the use of his/her picture/likeness and to participate in the production of a video and further agrees to the use of his/her likeness, face and voice regarding the production of a video for the Company. 2. Whether this production is recorded or duplicated in whole or in part, the Participant shall not receive compensation for the use of this production or the Participant’s picture/likeness in the production. The Company has worldwide rights to the likeness of the Participant’s picture/likeness in perpetuity. 3. In execution of this Release, the Participant acknowledges that he/she is releasing any proprietary interest or claim for compensation for the use by the Company of his/her picture/likeness and/or performance in connection with the production of this video and that they hereby release Shamrock Communications/ Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC/Insert DBA here, its successors or assigns from any and all claims which they may now have or, which may accrue in the future for the Company’s production, filming videotaping, duplicating, selling or broadcasting of this production or of the Participant’s likeness. Date: _______________ Participant or Guardian (print):______________________________________________ Participant or Guardian (signature): __________________________________________ 7
  8. 8. ADDENDUM B VIDEO AND AUDIO TECHNICAL STANDARDS & RECOMMENDATIONS FROM YOUTUBE™ Below is an overview of the video and audio specifications you will need for the best results in preparing and uploading your files onto the Coldwell Banker® On Location YouTube™ platform. For further details, please read the information listed directly following the summary contained in the below table. VIDEO Recommended: 1290 x 720 (16x9 HD) and 640 x 480 (4:3 SD) Resolution There is no required minimum resolution - in general the higher resolution the better and HD resolution is preferred. For older content, lower resolution is unavoidable. Because bit-rate is highly dependent on Codec, there is no recommended or minimum Bit rate value. Videos should be optimized for resolution, aspect ratio and frame rate rather than bit rate. The frame rate of the original video should be maintained without re-sampling. Frame rate In particular, pulldown and other frame rate re-sampling techniques are strongly discouraged. Codec H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 preferred AUDIO Codec MP3 or AAC preferred Sampling rate 44.1kHz Channels 2 (stereo) Container MPEGTS (MPEG2 transport stream) YouTube™ recently began offering users an option to view content in high definition-720p resolution (when the source video that is uploaded supports this standard). Please note: YouTube™ cannot guarantee that videos will always be transcoded into this format, given that users can still choose to view video content in standard format. 8
  9. 9. How to best upload widescreen videos: Originals Please! The less a video is re-encoded prior to uploading, the better the resulting YouTube™ video quality. We encourage you to upload your videos as close to the original source format as possible, with a minimum of intermediate re-encoding steps. Each re-encoding can generally degrade the quality of your video and create some specific problems too, which we’ll address below. Aspect Ratio The aspect ratio of the original source video should always be maintained when it’s uploaded. Uploaded videos should never include letterboxing or pillarboxing bars. The YouTube™ player automatically adds black bars so that videos are displayed correctly without cropping or stretching, whatever the size of the video or the player. For example, the player will automatically add vertical bars (pillarboxing) to 4:3 videos in the new 16:9 widescreen player size. If the player is re-sized (when embedded on another website for example) the same process takes place, so that 16:9 videos are letterboxed (black bars top and bottom) when the player is sized to 4:3, for example. Similarly, anamorphic videos will be automatically letterboxed when shown in either 16:9 or 4:3 sized players. The player can only do this if the native aspect ratio of the video is maintained. If letterboxing is added to a video before it is uploaded (to create a 4:3 video from a 16:9 master for example), the widescreen player will add pillarbox bars too, resulting in black bars all around the video (windowboxing) and a bad viewing experience. Frame Rate The video frame-rate should be the same as the original where possible—up-sampling from a 24 fps original can cause judder artifacts for example. For film sources a 24 fps or 25 fps progressive master yields the best results while videos that have had a re-sampling transfer process applied—such as Telecine pulldown—often result in a lower quality video. Resolution High-definition videos are the preferred format, which result in YouTube™ videos of the highest quality currently available. It also means your video can be upgraded as new formats are developed on the site. Testing Since there is no facility to re-upload videos, it’s important to test your audio and video quality are satisfactory before you release your video publicly onto YouTube™ Once a video becomes popular, the number of views, user ratings, user comments and other community data cannot be transferred if another, higher-quality version of the same video is uploaded. 9