May 2012 Newsletter


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May 2012 Newsletter

  1. 1. TBey & Associates HR Consulting & Staffing, Inc.May 2012 EditionObama Signs Payroll Tax Agreement In This IssueInto Law Were Hiring Employee Highlights Congratulations Graduates Obama Signs Payroll Tax Agreement Into Law Thank You Whats Happening at TBey Job Search Success- Attitude MattersPresident Barack Obama on Wednesday, February 22, Professional Quote2012 signed into law the agreement passed by congresslast week to extend the payroll tax cut and unemployment Contact Us
  2. 2. benefits while preventing a cut in payments to Medicaredoctors.The signing, announced in a White House statement,resolves those issues for the rest of 2012, beyond the We Are HiringNovember election in which Obama will seek a secondterm.On Tuesday, February 21, 2012 Obama congratulated Staffing RecruiterCongress for overcoming sharp partisan division that have BDM/Account Repstymied progress in the past year and challengedlegislators to enact the rest of his administrations Election Night Clerkeconomic priorities. Election Night Clerk-"For a typical middle-class family, (the payroll tax cut) is a Bilingual Onlybig deal, "Obama said. Now my message to Congress isdont stop here. Keep going...This may be an election year, Election Site Worker-but the American people have no patience for gridlock Bilingual Only(and) reflexive partnership." Warehouse WorkerEarlier Wednesday, the administration unveiled Obamasplan to overhaul the corporate tax code by reducing the General Laborerscorporate tax rate to 28% from 35% and eliminatingdozens of business tax breaks. Light Truck DriversIn addition, Obama has outlined a number of other Electrician Helpersproposals also believed to have little or no chance ofwinning approval among Republicans on Capitol Hill, most Send your resume to:notably the so-called "Buffet Rule" designed to ensure resume@tbeyaassoc.compeople with annual incomes of more than $1 million pay atleast a 30% tax rate.The White House believes Republicans are more willing to Employeemake deals in the wake of bruising fight over raising the Highlightsdebt limit last year, according to a senior administrationofficial. Political analysts, however, note that even if Special accoladesObamas proposals fail to pass Congress, the president toJermainecan draw a clear distinction between himself and his Lewis,RoyceRepublican opponent in November. Williams, &Enrico Benson who wereSome analysts have speculated Obama is also laying the readily available for anground work for a possible reprise of Harry Trumans assignment at Dallassuccessful 1948 campaign against a so-called "do- Housing Authority.nothing" Congress. You guys did anAt the moment, however, Democrats are taking a victory exceptional job andlap for the extension of the payroll tax cut. The roughly TBey would like to take$100 billion measure, a key part of Obamas economic this time to Thank yourecovery plan, has reduced how much 160 million for your hard work!American workers pay into Social Security on their first$110,100 in wages. Instead of paying 6.2% had it lapsed, Congratulations
  3. 3. theyll be paying 4.2%, a break worth about $83 a month 2012 Graduates!!!!!for someone making $50,000 a year.The measure, which passed both the House ofRepresentatives and the Senate last Friday, also extendsunemployment benefits and avoids a Medicare fee cut fordoctors for the rest of the year. Obama has promised tosign the bill into law when it hits his desk this week.The payroll tax issue proved problematic for Republicans,who were caught between competing goals of providing Highlighting our very ownthe tax cut and paying for it. GOP leaders this month Jr.Recruiters:acknowledged they angered voters by initially raising Angelica Gordonobjections to the unpaid tax-cut extension. -- Submitted by:S. Cleveland Jamal Hicklen Dallas County Election Workers We recognize and appreciate your dedicated efforts in assisting with the 2012 Elections! Thank you for your hard work! Whats Been Happening at TBey!!!! TBey & Associates CEO Tawanna Lofton and Benefits Manager Carolyn Robinson attends CMTS Construction Management 4th Annual Lone Star Derby Day with over 50 Business/Entrepreneur Women in the Dallas Metroplex.
  4. 4. Job Search Success--Attitude MattersLeadership training and management consultant firm Leadership IQ tracked 20,000 new hiresover a three-year period and found that 46% of them failed (got fired, received poor performancereviews, or were written up) within 18 months. The data showed that 89% of those failed hireswere for attitudinal reasons.Nearly 9 in 10 "failed hires" in a recent study lacked the right attitude for the job.---They lacked coach ability,’ emotional intelligence, motivation, or the right temperament for the job.Only 11% failed because of technical or functional incompetence.With high unemployment and a global market delivering talent to U.S. shores, there is anabundance of skilled workers in todays market, says Leadership IQ chief executive officer MarkMurphey. "Companies are pretty good at finding and testing for skills. Its much harder findingpeople that fit the culture," he said. ---ASA April 2012 Magazine Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. --Bill Gates
  5. 5. Address: TBey & Associates HR203 S. Hampton Rd. Consulting & Staffing,DeSoto, TX 75115 Inc.Local: 972-223-8239 or TBEY www.tbeyassociates.comFax: 972-223-8247