Cultured Cheese Project V 3


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Cultured Cheese Project V 3

  1. 1. Cultured Cheese Art and Music and the secret life of Cheese
  2. 2. Art, Music, Cheese and Place Still Lifes And a surprise Cheese Mongers & Music Do cheese and music go together? Silly Cheese Things The Fine Art of Cheese Labels
  3. 3. Silly Cheese Things The Cheese Rap Rap
  4. 4. Still Life (with Tomme)
  5. 5. Claesz van Dyck, 1575 -1651, Flemish (Belgium) Breakfast Still Life
  6. 6. Claesz van Dyck, 1575 -1651, Flemish (Belgium) Fruit Still Life with Basket of Cheese, 1624
  7. 7. Jacob Fopsen van Es, 1596-1666, Belgium Cheese and Dry Dessert or Banquet Still Life
  8. 8. Johann George Hinz, 1630-1688, German Breakfast Still Life
  9. 9. Jan van Kessel, 1641-1680, Dutch Still Life with Cheese
  10. 10. Jean-Simeon, 1691 to 1779 Jar of Apricots, 1758
  11. 11. Raphaelle Peale 1774-1825, American Cheese and 3 Crackers
  12. 12. John Defett Francis, 1815-1901, American Cheese, Crackers & Chestnuts
  13. 13. John Defett Francis, American, 1815-1901 Wine, Cheese and Fruit
  14. 14. Guillaume-Romaine Fouace, France, 1827-1895 Still Life
  15. 15. Pierre Bonnard, 1867-1947, French La Table Garnie, 1924
  16. 16. Pablo Picasso, Spain Still Life
  17. 17. George Braque Still Life
  18. 18. Irving Penn, 1917-2009 Ripe Cheese, 1992
  19. 19. Laura Henssen, British Cheese from the Series Still Life, 2007
  20. 20. Peter Smeeth, Australia Still Life, 2009
  21. 21. Silly Cheese Things mouse vs. cheese video
  22. 22. Cheesemongers in Art Cheesemongers and Music Cheesy Music
  23. 23. Cheesemongers in Art The Parmesan Cheese Seller
  24. 24. Cheesemongers in Art The Cream and Cheese Vendor
  25. 25. Cheesemongers in Art The Cheese Vendor
  26. 26. Cheesemongers in Art Cheesemaker and her Goat from Le Grand Monde d’Envers, 1919
  27. 27. Cheesemongers in Art British Design Council British Design Council
  28. 28. Monty Python Cheese Seller <ul><li>< > </li></ul>Cheesemongers in Art
  29. 29. Cheesemongers and Music <ul><ul><li>Charelli’s in Victoria in-house contest and their customers suggest </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Rod Stewart Forever Young with </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>“ Fresh, Young buffalo cheese” </li></ul></ul>
  30. 30. Cheesemongers and Music Nancy Peppler of Nancy’s Cheese prefers no music when tasting cheese and chatting with friends. In her shop she’ll play jazz very quietly in the background.
  31. 31. Cheesemongers and Music Benton Brothers in Vancouver suggest: Wild Side by Motley Crue paired with Beaufort D’Alpage
  32. 32. Cheesemongers and Music Robert Burns at La Fromagerie listens to acadian music, paints, and plays flute
  33. 33. Cheesemongers and Music Afrim at Cheese Boutique suggests Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder Road with Thunder Oak Gouda
  34. 34. Cheesemongers and Music <ul><li>Charelli’s customers also suggest </li></ul><ul><li>Men at Work     Land down under </li></ul><ul><li>Roaring 40’ s Kings Island, Australia     </li></ul><ul><li>“ An intense blue with nutty after tones” </li></ul><ul><li>   Proclaimers 500 miles </li></ul><ul><li>Cashel Blue, Ireland </li></ul><ul><li>“ Full of flavour, crumbly and creamy” </li></ul>
  35. 35. Cheesy Music Songs with Cheesy Names Song    Artist                                     Addicted to cheese The Evaporators Cheese and Onions The Ruttles Cheese, Peas, Pickles & Bananas Nora O'Conner Hard Cheese of Old England Martin McCarthy        Cheese Enchilada Big Smith            Blue cheese dressing Tampastand           A Ricottara - The Cheese Woman Salvatore Ida          Cutting Cheese Larry Pierce          Cheese Fries Elastic NoNo Band     The Cheese Song Kirk Moore            Chinese Eat No cheese Dave Brookie          Macaroni and Cheese Joe Guida
  36. 36. Cheesy Music Cheesy Songs & bands Cheesy Songs & bands Rap Macaroni & Cheese Blue Cheese & Cooney Island 267121506   Block Cheese /Shells in cheese album/block-cheese-1-5-shells-n-cheese/id275052350 Rock Primus - Album called &quot;Sailing the Seas of Ch eese&quot;   R ichard Cheese Alternative Arrogant Worms - C'est Cheese http :// Modest mouse - Mice eat Cheese   Bluegrass music String Cheese Incident lbum/one-step-closer/id345695826
  37. 37. Silly Cheese Things Blur’s bassist Alex James. Has dairy in Oxfordshire. Makes cheddar called “Little Wallop” from his Gloucester cows. Makes “The pheonix” from his cheddar which is baked and doused in apple brandy and set on fire.
  38. 38. Silly Cheese Things Animaniacs Roll call
  39. 39. Intermission
  40. 40. The Fine Art of Cheese Labels Jean-Paul Riopelle, Îles aux Greus
  41. 41. The Fine Art of Cheese Labels tyrosémiophile
  42. 43. The Fine Art of Cheese Labels
  43. 44. The Fine Art of Cheese Labels
  44. 45. The Fine Art of Cheese Labels
  45. 46. The Fine Art of Cheese Labels
  46. 47. The Fine Art of Cheese Labels
  47. 49. Art, Music, Cheese and Place Pablo Picasso, early 1900s Catalan Folk Song Garrotxa Catalonia, Spain
  48. 64. Build your own cheesy sculpture
  49. 65. The End