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Pecs Picture Exchange Communication System

Helps describe what PECS is and what it can do

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Pecs Picture Exchange Communication System

  1. 1. PECS Picture Exchange Communication System
  2. 2. Who can? • To implement PECS one must complete a two-tired PECS certification process
  3. 3. Who benefits most from PECS? People of all ages with a range of disabilities Commonly people with Autism and other developmental disabilities
  4. 4. What does it able them to do? • PECS enables them to create complex sentences and does not limit them to a few nouns
  5. 5. Imagine • Could you imagine your world without being able to communicate at all?!?!? • I couldn’t…
  6. 6. Also helps… • By teaching functional communication My stomach I need a I need I am in I’m
  7. 7. Why • One of the major characteristics with Autism and developmental disabilities is language communication • Some are nonverbal with no communication at all
  8. 8. Leads to… Frustration Unhappiness Fear
  9. 9. Would you want your loved one feeling this way… I wouldn’t
  10. 10. Phase I & II • Single icons are used • No you do not need to be able to master the matching skill • Icons should be motivators and rein- forcers
  11. 11. Phase III • Focuses on building a vocabulary • Discrimination level starts once students has 6-12 pictures known • Can then tell one from the other, understanding what they mean etc…
  12. 12. Phase IV • “I want” icons • Rein forcer (candy, cookie, drink) • Placed on sentence strip pointed to in the right order as you would read it
  13. 13. Phase V • Opportunities for the person to request something • Hide tiles so they are not readily available, make them have to look for them and get them out
  14. 14. Phase VI • Ability to request powerful rein forcers on their own and in response to questions • Move into commenting… I like that That looks good This taste good
  15. 15. Functioning • To function in society we need to be able to
  16. 16. Ability • Being able to speak will open many doors
  17. 17. Expressing Feelings
  18. 18. Getting Help
  19. 19. Everyday Things…
  20. 20. For more Information Visit PECS It’s worth it...