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Killer Apps The Save Lives

A presentation on killer applications by Chris Neu, Director of Middle East Programs at TechChange

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Killer Apps The Save Lives

  1. 1. TechChangeKiller Apps That Save Lives Christopher Neu @neuguy
  2. 2. TechChange• Killer application is a verb, not a noun• How we learn to use technology is broken• Social, interactive, online learning platforms can help
  3. 3. Killer ApplicationIn marketing terminology, a killerapplication (commonly shortened tokiller app) is any computer programthat is so necessary or desirablethat it proves the core value ofsome larger technology.
  4. 4. Any students in here?
  5. 5. NGO Coordination
  6. 6. NGO Coordination
  7. 7. Election Support
  8. 8. Election Support
  9. 9. Integrated Online Events
  10. 10. Integrated Online Events
  11. 11. Lessons Learned• It’s not about how shiny your tech is, it’s how you use it.• Holistic approach required for good implementation.• Keep learning what’s out there and who’s working on neat stuff.
  12. 12. Who here has trouble keeping up with technology?
  13. 13. Tech Learning Is Broken• Individual skills are fast outdated• Org knowledge is incomplete• Learning networks are undeveloped
  14. 14. Interactive Classes
  15. 15. Interactive Classes
  16. 16. Professional Training
  17. 17. Professional Training
  18. 18. Online Learning
  19. 19. Online Learning
  20. 20. TechChangeAnd now: Rob Baker! @neuguy