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Grass Solutions and Prograss are able to offer a range of wickets that enjoys a first class reputation with the Australian cricket fraternity.

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Grass Solutions

  1. 1. New Range Of Synthetic Cricket Pitch Surfaces Announced By Grass Solutions, Melbourne  As the cricket season rapidly approaches many Clubs, Councils and Schools have been pro-active by ordering and installing new artificial cricket pitch and wicket grass, ready for pre-season practice and training.  Grass Solutions, the leading suppliers of synthetic and artificial grass in Melbourne, have recently announced that they are now providing a solution to fill this increasing demand for synthetic cricket pitches through recent and on-going developments in fake grass surfaces.
  2. 2. Grass Solutions Offers Durable Synthetic Turf  Schools and some Councils have in the main been concentrating on the durable surface of the "Grade" product which is now made in 10mm pile height. Clubs and Councils are more likely to opt for our "Shield" grass when centre wickets are involved.  The "Test" grass is top of the range and although slightly dearer per m² than "Shield" it is now the choice of cricket academies and elite facilities. Cricket is an iconic sport in Australia and its pitch surface is an integral part of the experience.
  3. 3. Grass Solutions Offer A Range Of Wickets  Both this new and continued research and development has created a new dimension for the cricketing community.  Grass Solutions and Prograss are able to offer a range of wickets that enjoys a first class reputation with the Australian cricket fraternity.  The "Test" premium wicket has been chosen for the prestigious Craigengower Cricket Club in Happy Valley, Hong Kong.
  4. 4. Advanced Turf Technology For Added Stability  Whilst the 'big three' grasses provide excellent artificial surfaces for the batting wicket area, many officials neglect the state of their bowling ends, especially at the point of delivery, where uneven or worn surfaces are the common cause of ankle and/or foot injuries.  Grass Solutions have fashioned a system incorporating a rubber-filled long pile grass, adhered to rubber shock pads, which allows for stability and cushioning during the bowlers delivery stride. Further developments in synthetic cricket wickets and pitches have led to Academy Pro, the latest and innovation in artificial cricket wickets.
  5. 5. Fake Putting Greens In Melbourne  The non-directional pile provides a truer bounce and is proving to be very popular amongst crickets clubs that are interested in the most up-to-date news and products in the synthetic cricket pitch industry.  If you would like more information and news about the latest break-throughs in artificial, synthetic grass putting green and fake grass technology, contact Grass Solutions, Melbourne. For further news about recent developments in fake putting greens in Melbourne, please go to the website at
  6. 6. Contact Us:: Address: 13-15 McLochlan Street, Mt. Waverley, Victoria 3181 E-mail: Phone: (03) 9380-8646
  7. 7. THANK YOU