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180’ rule


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180’ rule

  1. 1. 180’ Rule
  2. 2. The Rule The rule says that the camera or cameras should remain the same side of an imaginary line The line is perpendicular to the camera/’s viewpoint in the establishing shot of the scene The rule enforces continuity of the film In a car scene for example, if the car us travelling from right to left, the next shot must also be shot from the same side. The same applies to someone walking across a shot
  3. 3. You should never break the rule Breaking the rule will confuse the audience, especially in scenes of chase, conversation or sport
  4. 4. How to brake the rule without anyeffects on audience The only way to cross the line without disorientating the audience is to show the camera movement Once you have shown the movement you have to stay on that side of the line unless you show the movement back