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Investing in people Programme


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Investing in People

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Investing in people Programme

  1. 1. EuropeAid Thematic programme ‘Investing in People’ Access to local culture, protection and promotion of cultural diversity EuropeAid Brussels 16/09/2011 Background: Investing in People EuropeAid• Legal basis:Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI)• Reminder on the objectives of DCI: Poverty reduction, sustainable economic and social development and the smooth and gradual integration of developing countries into the world economy• Investing in People: Human and social development programme: health, education & skills, gender equality, social inclusion, employment and decent work, children & youth, culture
  2. 2. Background: Investing in People EuropeAid• Thematic programme: Complementary to geographic programmes in the area of human and social development Added value: cross-regional cooperation; crucial role of civil society in implementation (vs bilateral cooperation)• Beneficiaries: EU partner countries in Latin America, Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and Southern Caucasus, Africa, Caribbean and Pacific• Implementation: Annual Action Programmes (based on Strategy Paper and Multiannual Indicative Programme) Investing in People 2007-2013 Indicative allocation EuropeAid Social Cohesion, Culture Employment & € 50 m (5%) Decent Work € 82 m (8%) Children & Youth € 90 m (9%) Gender Health € 57 m (6%) € 587,6 m (59%) Education & Skills € 130 m (13%) Total = € 1.06 billion
  3. 3. Investing in People - Culture component EuropeAid Policy framework: European agenda for culture in a globalizing world:• Promote intercultural dialogue across countries and regions• Support the potential of the cultural sector for sustainable development Culture: Multiple facets, referring both to the fine arts, other forms of artistic expressions, cultural goods and services, and to the anthropological meaning (distinctive values, traditions, meanings, beliefs …) 5 Investing in People - Culture component EuropeAidOverarching theme: Access to local culture, protection and promotion of cultural diversityObjectives: promote intercultural dialogue, cultural diversity and respect for the equal dignity of all cultures support culture as a promising economic sector for development and growth promote access to culture for all preserve immaterial and material cultural heritage in danger!!! Specific objectives, priorities, criteria are defined in each call for proposals – always refer to specific guidelines for applicants
  4. 4. Investing in People - Culture component EuropeAidImplementation 2007-2009: 2 calls for proposals highly competitive Call for proposals under ‘Investing in People’ # Concept # # Full # Full # Full Notes Concept Applicat Applicat Applicati received Notes ions ions ons pre- receive selected reserve- selected d listed2007 323 39 32 9 5‘Access to local culture, protection andpromotion of cultural diversity’, ref: 1264152008-2009 585 59 58 21 5‘Access to local culture, protection andpromotion of cultural diversity’, ref: 12787533 projects funded (€18,3 million) CULTURE – Calls for proposals 2007-2009 EuropeAid STATISTICS RESULTS Results by region South ENPI 9% Crosss-regional 6% ACP East ENPI 34% 9% Asia 18% LA 24%
  5. 5. Access to local culture, protection and promotion of EuropeAid cultural diversityExamples of supported projects: Reinforcing capacities and preserving and promoting culture from minorities/indigenous communities Networking and exchanges between cultural organisations south- south & north-south Access of local populations to culture Capacity-building on heritage protection and promotion Promoting social inclusion and fighting discrimination Investing in People - Culture component EuropeAidImplementation 2010: Call for proposals on “Strengthening capacities in the cultural sector” (closed) Overall objective: contribute to the creation of a political, regulatory, institutional and economic environment conducive to the strengthening of the cultural sectors and their actors as a vector for sustainable economic, social and human development 2 lots: 1) Investing in People (€7 million) and 2) Eastern Partnership Culture Programme (€9 million) A total of 607 concept notes received in 1st phase; 87 pre-selected for 2nd phase 19 proposals selected under lot 1; 15 under lot 2
  6. 6. Investing in People - Culture component EuropeAidProgramming 2011-2013: Annual Action Programme 2012 under preparation, will cover the total budget available for culture (€23,9 million) Priorities set in the multiannual indicative programme: further promote access to culture, protection and promotion of cultural diversity, social inclusion and cohesion, by giving particular relevance to: a) inter-cultural dialogue, and b) socio-economic development. A single call for proposals to be published (specific objectives, priorities, criteria, geo coverage still to be defined) Further information EuropeAid• EuropeAid thematic webpage on Culture:• Annual Action Programmes and Calls for proposals:• Contact person: Cristina Torres, EuropeAid/D4