Temple Bar Cultural Trust presentation slides for Joint Oireachtas Committee 16/05/2012


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Temple Bar Cultural Trust presentation slides for Joint Oireachtas Committee 16/05/2012

  1. 1. Gráinne MillarHead of Cultural Development Temple Bar Cultural Trust Thursday 17th May 2012
  2. 2. Overview• Update on Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs) role in the Europe 2020 strategy• Present opportunities through EU support programmes to realise CCIs potential in Ireland• Outline structured approach to target, secure and manage EU funding
  3. 3. Current State of Cultural and Creative Industries• What are the cultural and creative industries?(performing arts, visual arts, heritage, film, tv, radio, books, photography design, fashion,advertising, gaming, etc.)• In Europe, represents 2.7% of Europe’s GDP – higher than real estate activities/ food, beverages and tobacco manufacturing – positive trend continuing (6.1 million jobs across the EU)• In Ireland, create 79,000 jobs and contributes €4.7 billion in 2011 – Creative West: 5,000 creative enterprises, support 11,000 people; €534 million turnover and €270 million tax contribution• Temple Bar creative economy turnover of €676 million in 2009 – would rank 69th in The Irish Times Top 1,000 Companies List 2011 – around 400 businesses – Successful management of EU funding programmes (ERDF €52m) (InterReg €5million)
  4. 4. EU Funding Opportunities for IrelandEU Cultural Programme• Current programme: €400 million for culture/ €750 million for AV• EU2020 – Creative Europe : €1.8 billionSeventh EU Framework Programme• Current programme: €50billion (€9billion remains)• Horizon 2020: €79 billionCohesion Policy• Current programme: €344 billion (€100 million remains)• EU 2020 Common Strategic Framework : €376 billion greater emphasis on CCIs role in local/ regional developmentHow does Ireland compare?• Cohesion Funds: Austria €139million and Finland €148.8milion
  5. 5. The Way Forward for Ireland• Establish a High Level Working Group - Key Stakeholders and Government departments• Define the potential for Ireland - Mapping• Bring together agencies managing EU programmes in Ireland – adopt thematic approach based on CCIs – link with practitioners and organisations on the ground• Develop inter-departmental partnerships and strengthen cross-border linkages – integrated approach, develop CCI role across important policy areas and identify synergies