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Recording better educational videos


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This presentation gives you a high level overview of how to record better video using your iPhone or iPad. It includes tips on improving your device's lens, the quality of captured audio and video stabilization.

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Recording better educational videos

  1. 1. This guide is for any educator interested in producing video resources to support their teaching, and their students’ learning. It runs beginners through everything you need to consider when using tyring to record high quality video from an iPad or iPhone. Lens Audio Stabilization
  2. 2. In this guide we will look at accessories to help you improve the quality of video shot on your mobile device. You’ll learn how to: ● How to upgrade and adapt your device’s lens ● How to Improve the quality of captured audio ● Stabilize video shot on your mobile device
  3. 3. The iPhone 4, 4S and 5’s camera each use a fixed, non-zoom lens. This is a good all purpose lens but sometimes you’ ll want to capture close-ups and wider shots. There are lots of great, affordable accessories to help. Our top 4 recommended accessories to improve your lens: 1) OlloClip 3-In-One Photo lens 2) PhotoJojo Lens Kit 3) iPad Telephto lens 4) iPhone SLR Mount
  4. 4. PhotoJojo offer individual fisheye, telephoto and wide/macro lenses that stick straight on to any mobile device’s camera. Ideal for expanding your mobile camera kit with a range of lenses. The telephoto lens offers roughly x2 magnification so is useful when you want to zoom.
  5. 5. Another option from the great team at PhotoJojo, this super accessory adds 10 or 12 x magnification (iPad and iPad mini, respectively) to your iPad’s camera. Ideal for shooting video at live events, such as graduation ceremonies or university sports events.
  6. 6. One of the craziest accessories we’ve come across, the iPhone SLR mount does exactly what it says on the tin: Shoots video or stills on your iPhone through your Canon or Nikon SLR lenses. Ideal for individuals or art and photography departments who have a range of Canon or Nikon SLR lenses in their toolkit.
  7. 7. . Another area of the iPhone and iPad that could use some improvement is the on-board microphone. Below we take a look at some options available - thankfully it's easy to record far better quality audio by making some small changes. Our top 5 recommended accessories to improve your audio: 1) Samson iQ5 Professional Stereo Microphone 2) Tascam iM2 Portable Digital Recorder for iOS Devices 3) Belkin LiveAction Directional Microphone 4) MiC - Studio Quality Microphone for iPhone, iPad & Mac 5) RØDE SmartLav Lavalier Microphone
  8. 8. The iQ5 is a simple ‘plug and play’ stereo microphone for recording audio on iOS devices with the newer Lightning connector. The rotating stereo microphone supports portrait and landscape orientation, meaning your ‘L’ and ‘R’ audio channels will be recorded correctly (instead of upside down or the wrong way round!).
  9. 9. The iM2 is another ‘plug and play’ stereo mic for iPhone and iPad devices using the older iPhone connector. The unit has its own pre-amp and can handle up to 125dB, allowing it to record both loud and quiet noises at high quality. The pair of high-quality condenser microphones are adjustable over 180 degrees to ensure optimum placement when recording.
  10. 10. If you’re shooting videos of live events using your iPhone/iPad, this solution from Belkin has you covered - especially from audio sources that aren’t close to your device.
  11. 11. If you’re shooting an interview, podcast, speech or music-heavy production and really need great quality sound then the Apogee MiC may be just what you need. A compact, studio-quality condenser microphone, the MiC is portable and requires no external power source.
  12. 12. Lavalier, or lapel, microphones are primarily used to record speech during interviews or presentations, commonly being clipped on to the speaker’s clothing close to their mouth. Unlike other lavalier mics, Rode’s SmartLav is affordable to non-audio professionals and has been designed specifically for use with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches.
  13. 13. Avoiding distracting wobbles and shakes makes a significant difference to the quality of your video. We’ve taken a look at a bunch of accessories available for iPhone and iPad’s and have narrowed it down to our top 4 accessories. Our top 4 accessories to stabilize your video footage: 1) Glif - Tripod Mount & Stand for iPhone 4,4S and 5 2) GorillaPod Flexible Tripods 3) iKlip iPhone & iPad Mic Stand Holders 4) Tournez Tripod/Mic Stand Mount for iPad
  14. 14. The Glif lets you mount your iPhone onto any standard camera tripod - a great way to guarantee stable footage.
  15. 15. As well as functioning as a small, portable tripod the GorillaPod’s flexible legs let you easily fix your device almost anywhere - great for anyone who likes to shoot from creative angles.
  16. 16. iKlip stands attach your device to any standard microphone stand. Different stands are available for almost all iPhone and iPad models (including iPad mini). These make a great alternative to the Glif and GorillaPod where microphone stands are in plentiful supply, for instance at a school, and do just as good a job to help record video from a stable height or angle.
  17. 17. This accessory will mount any recent iPad model onto either a standard tripod or microphone stand, making it a useful all-in-one to have around if you record video with your iPad. Manufacturer The Joy Factory offer a range of mounts to attach an iPad to seats, headrests, walls, cabinets and more.
  18. 18. 1. Why you should consider creating original video resources for your students 2. Recording better educational videos with your iPhone or iPad: Lenses 3. 10 great sources of education video to support digital learning 4. Apps and tools for creating better screencasts and presentation videos 5. Transform PowerPoint and Keynote presentations to video learning resources