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Blog proposal


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Here, you can find the information related to the blog, including its purpose and the proposed resources.

Published in: Education
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Blog proposal

  1. 1. describing places in medellin
  3. 3.  Ferrini high school is located in Medellin, in Robledo neighborhood  This blog was created for students of sixth grade, between 10 and 12 years old POPULATION
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES  This blog was created with the intention to provide new vocabulary to the students in a funny and enjoyable way, students will feel confident using all the material and learning and developing new and useful knowledge about their city (Medellin)  Students will learn using differents tools and lesson that allow them use it in a real context.
  5. 5. STUDENTS WILL BE ABLE TO:  Describe the most touristic places in medellin, such as the Botanical Garden, the Explora park and the Planetary.  Describe the place they like the most giving specific information about each one of them.
  6. 6. RESOURCES  Videos  Power point slides  Audios  Images  Reading activities
  7. 7. MORE ACTIVITIES  Games  flashcards
  8. 8. describe placesVideos Planetarium Parque explora Botanical Garden Power point flashcards with the main vocabulary Audio describing places Images Reading activities tell story of each place Topics simple present to be verb there is-there are Wh questions where, what Conceptual map