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Creative and media diploma presentation


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Creative and media diploma presentation

  1. 1. Evolution Arts Mural Concept
  2. 2. Our Brief  Our brief was to design a music inspired mural, which would be painted in the music practice rooms to inspire people to play music.
  3. 3. Our Planning  Throughout this project we have researched a number of murals that inspired us to create the final piece.  We got to know a lot of things about murals e.g. how they are made, what they show , the different types of art used etc
  4. 4. Research of the Theme To get ideas on what to include in our mural we done some research into the them ‘Music Brings us Together’ and this video shows what we think that means. Our poem for the theme
  5. 5. Our Questionnaires  To assist in the final mural we had to find out what the students and staff wanted in the mural.  To do this we designed questionnaires which were handed out to students and teachers of Cranford Community College.
  6. 6. Questionnaires for Staff- Quantative Do you prefer bright or pastel colours? Bright Patel What type of murals do you like? Traditional Modern What style of art do you prefer? Pop art Abstract Cubism Gothic Graffiti Traditional
  7. 7. Questionnaires for Staff- Qualitative At the moment Ms Cartright, Ms Pascoe & Mr Fraiser, think the music practice rooms are run down and need a revamp. They want a range of colours, Ms Cartright and Ms Pasco, want a calm colour scheme but Mr Fraiser would like a vibrant colour scheme as long as it wasn’t too ‘in your face’. They would also see a wide variety of instruments painted on the walls. Both classical and modern like, electric guitars, Saxophone, Drums etc. They also think that having people like Lady Gaga and modern day signers like that is not a good idea. The suggested staying away from painting people and mainly has patterns. They would also like to see a mixture of cultures. They think that have a mural in the room will improve pupils learning as they will feel more respectful of having a nice room and that the pupils will take more care of the rooms.
  8. 8. Questionnaires for Students- Quantative What style of art do you prefer? Abstract Pop Art Cubism Gothic/Graffiti Traditional What colours would you like us to include? Red 5 Pink 2 Orange Yellow Black Gold Silver Other
  9. 9. Questionnaires for Students- Qualitative  How has music brought us together over the years? And a example–  Students who responded to my questionnaire said the following; Music has brought us together over the years by working together by communicating and going to music performances. The examples they gave were music is memorable the way it reminds me of occasions and others said brings good thoughts to mind and sounds beautiful.  What type of music do you like?  The majority of respondents preferred Rap and R&B as musical genres and wanted to see this reflected in the mural.  What are you favourite artist?  The majority of people preferred Eminem to other singer like Michel Jackson and Justin bibber.  What would inspire you to play/sing to music?  Students responded to this question by saying the following, the felling of excitement and being praised or playing different instruments and listing to a tune or beat.  What instruments do you like best?  Most of the respondents preferred the Guitar as one of the best instruments to pianos and violins.  What colours would you like us to include in a mural?  Most of the respondents liked the colour red and black compared to other like blue and green.  If you were to create a mural for the music practise rooms what would you include?  Students said the following, they would like to include: drums, people, instruments, music quotes, bright colours, and inspirational words.
  10. 10. Best Initial Ideas
  11. 11. Our Final Design
  12. 12. Risk Assessment RISK How to reduce or prevent the risk What to do if danger occurs Level of Risk Falling off a ladder Someone should hold the ladder for maximum safety Seek assistance from a member of staff Call an ambulance Medium Getting paint stains on floor Cover the floor Clear up the spillage immediately Medium Paint in eyes Ensure that safety goggles are worn at all times Seek assistance from a member of staff Clean out eyes with eye wash Medium Slippage Clean up any mess Seek assistance from a member of staff Don’t move the person encase of back damage Medium Caught on hooks Wrap up the hooks with foam Seek assistance from a member of staff Cover wound with a bandage and call an ambulance. Medium Faint from paint fumes Wear a mask. Seek assistance from a member of staff Medium
  13. 13. Materials Required Material: Quantity: Cost: Where to get it: Paint White/ Undercoat Black Red Yellow Blue 1 Tub 1 Tub 1 Tub 1 Tub 1 Tub £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 B&Q Brushes 4 Free From School Rollers 4 Free From School Protective Sheeting Enough to cover floor Free From School Painting Clothes 4 Free From Group