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Layout of the campaign

  1. 1. Images of Cranford Facebook users
  2. 2. Home Sara Home About Us Facts Fakes Advice Safety Name Email FormImages of our own Message Facebook Wall About the video
  3. 3. About Us Parnyan Home About Us Facts Fakes Advice Safety Are Cranford Community College Students making Facebook Friends Or Foes? Friends Or Foes is a campaign which provides the Students of Cranford Community College to be more aware of the dangers of sharing information with someone who is not really a friend but yet though they seem to be an online friend behind a computer screen. This campaign targets the students of Cranford Community college and we help them by realising the effects Our Image of having their own pictures being shared with others and what it could mean also how it could become a serious issue if they are not limiting what we share online with “FRIENDS” or “FRIENDS IN COMMOM”  Help Young people of Cranford Community College to understand how important it is to limit what they share with their friends  Make many people aware about the dangers of Facebook  Help young people from adding or accepting Facebook users who they do not know and are not aName of people who are in the friend. images  Help younger people to understand that “Friends in common” are not always their friends as well  Helping YOU to be able to report any FAKE accounts Images of Cranford Facebook Users (Students only)
  4. 4. Facts Parnyan Home About Us Facts Fakes Advice Safety Did You Know? Images of Cranford More than 845 million active users use Facebook to socialise with other people around the world, half of those Facebook George’s Video users, use Facebook daily to update themselves with their Users friends, families, share images, videos, write on their (Students “FRIEND’S” walls also many users spend an average of 20 only) minutes everyday! Many young people use Facebook very often not realising the online dangers of sharing their personal information with a “FRIEND”. Facebook is easilyQuiz about safety manipulated to create an identity which is necessarily not real. on Facebook People who do not have a Facebook account still have trace of images of them online without their permission, this leads them into creating an account to control what is being shared about them.
  5. 5. Fakes Zahra Home About Us Facts Fakes Advice Safety Image of someone in reality Facts and on Facebook Fakes• How people change their •How fake accounts areFacebook images made•Take different angled images •Techniques of adding•Images to prove what they people through theirdo in their time images•Images of them and friendsto show they social life Images of Cranford Facebook Users (Students only)
  6. 6. Advice Home About Us Facts Fakes Advice Safety Images of “Phrases from “one work” Cranford the video” Facebook George’s video of Cranford Users Community College students (Students giving advise about Facebook only) Safety “Phrases from the video”Facts from the video Giving them advise on staying safe on Facebook. Talking about personal information, videos, images and what they share to the world about them selves.
  7. 7. Safety Zahra Home About Us Facts Fakes Advice Safety Images of Cranford Helping and giving them advise on keeping their children safe FacebookParents Users online (Students only) How teachers can help with keep saving on Facebook e.g.Teacher Bulling, violence, educating them about the negative aspects of Facebook You Helping themselves or their friends on Facebook
  8. 8. Logo Home About Us Facts Fakes Advice Safety