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SharePoint implementatie Howest


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Presentatie rond de SharePoint implementatie binnen Howest.
(doelpubliek: studenten NMCT)

Published in: Education, Technology
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SharePoint implementatie Howest

  1. 1. IW ServicesOur mission is to help you uncover theinformation that remains largely hidden withinyour enterprise, and to help you exploit theresulting knowledge to the fullest so that you canimprove performance within your organization.
  2. 2. Meo Gene Vangampelaere – SharePoint architect, University College Howest – Blogger: – Twitter: – E-mail:
  3. 3. Overviewo Implementationo End userso Development
  4. 4. A successful implementationo Set your goalso Draw a roadmapo Pick some pilotso Train your users ...again… and again…
  5. 5. Goalso Implement an application frameworko Enhance internal communicationo Let teams collaborate (documents, calendars, tasks, …)o Exchange active data,o Introduce a unified way of work
  6. 6. Roadmapo Implement the organisation structureo Define your pilot(s)o Install and configure the frameworko Rollout the structureo Setup the pilot(s)o Migrate central serviceso Implement teamsites for each teamo … train users … train users …
  7. 7. End users: Think SharePoint Provide Publish and access manage Make Collaborate decisions Find Information Structure
  8. 8. Don’t think folders, think columns
  9. 9. Dont think documents, think lists and wikis
  10. 10. Dont think documents, think lists and wikis
  11. 11. Dont think documents, think lists and wikis
  12. 12. Dont think push, think pull
  13. 13. Dont think attachments, think links
  14. 14. Dont think mail, think workflows
  15. 15. Think SharePointo Change of mindset – This takes time...o User adoption – ...and coaching
  16. 16. SharePoint Developmento Quick-Win appso Quick-Win apps (advanced)o Custom development
  17. 17. Quick-Win Appso User managed solutions – Lists – Libraries – Viewso Train the users first
  18. 18. Quick-Win Apps (advanced)o User managed solutions with SP Power User assistance – (connected) WebParts – SharePoint Designer (Free!) • Modify WebPart pages • JQuery (SPServices) • Workflowso RAD: Rapid Application Development
  19. 19. Custom developmento Visual Studio – Create workflows – Create SPD workflow actions – Create WebParts – Consume the SP webserviceso Takes more time “ If development is required, it’s because SharePoint cannot satisfy the organisations unique requirements “out of the box”, and something “custom” needs to be built. Custom development in SharePoint is regarded as the last resort, while an IT developer sees this as the first option, placing them in a situation they are not comfortable with right from the start.”
  20. 20. Exampleso Holiday request applicationo ICT Helpdesk ticket systemo Quality assurance dashboardo Jobso And many, many quick-win apps!
  21. 21. Trainingo On the jobo Click and show, create those Quick-Win apps together with the usero Train the IT department, they get a new role!o Howest: weekly consult session
  22. 22. More?o My blog: http://blog.SPums.beo Twitter: http://NothingButSharePoint.como SharePoint tweeps: