Worst Practices of SharePoint


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  • Session 9.1 - Ontario Room3PM - 415PM
  • Called in during the assessment and design, the firefighting, the polishing of the system
  • Living breathing system that integrates with our Microsoft Networking InfrastructureHaving the right skill sets to facilitate the integration of your system is keyThe environment that coddles SharePoint is key.
  • Workflow product hindered by system memory.
  • Question: What are your common challenges?Budgets, Management, Business, Technical, Social?
  • Technical and Business application increase - social side irrelevantSocial and Business application increase - technical complexity increasesSocial and Technical application increase - business applicability decreasesBe mindful of end users
  • Training is key to help users understand limitations of the system that they’re working in…Consider software boundaries document rewrite with end users in mind so that they don’t try to put 10k items in a list they used to maintain in SAP
  • Hosting Solutions - Getting it out of your closet doesn’t mean you don’t do ITComplexity of Identity Management only increases
  • Social - Open versus Closed - I think it’s more just getting communicationsInformation Architecture - Determining the metadata and taxonomy that will facilitate process and sharing
  • CTO / CIO - turn on SharePoint after demo
  • How many of you all plan your implementation end to end?Implement first - business requirements later - scalability / processing powerHow many have a PMO shop?
  • How many are using source control management systems today?
  • SharePoint infrastructure processes should be a subset of your overarching IT Professional practices
  • Process and Procedures that are repeated
  • Having a printed or saved copy - SharePoint WorkspaceFarm inaccessible - need tool documentation somewhere
  • PMBOK - Project Management Body of Knowledge - PMIDMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control - Six Sigma projectsAgile
  • System Growth will make or break a systemSystem accessibility and availability
  • Lack of governance as to what can go into a system - how will it impact your system accreditationSocial guidelines - what will you have on your hands in terms of users putting information out they shouldn’t
  • Whitepaper - John Ross Jr, Joel Oleson, Jennifer Mason and a few other folks from SP911 authored
  • 5 9’s or 6 9’s may not be achievable
  • Microsoft - Mission Critical systems demand multiple production systems ready, why not invest in some Testing and QA
  • SharePoint Online documentation is a great starting point for internal documentation of a SharePoint system for your developers to work within
  • User interaction - Dilbert
  • Closing Thoughts
  • Worst Practices of SharePoint

    1. 1. Worst Practices of SharePointDan Usher
    2. 2. Who am I? Dan Lead Associate at Booz Allen Hamilton Usher 7 years of experience with SharePoint going back to adventures with STS 2001 and SPS 2003 with fun in the SharePoint usher 2007 and 2010 Follows the SharePoint Credo - ADIDAS All Day I Dream About SharePoint Enjoys discussions about Claims AuthZ, SmartCard AuthN, Atomic Molecular Optics & the Big Bang Theory 2
    3. 3. introductions
    4. 4. agenda Common Challenges Bad Practices and Pain Points Proper Approaches Conclusions
    5. 5. whats this all about? SharePoint the Product vs. SharePoint the Platform Collaboration Solutions Development Administration Considerations for Frameworks and Governance Technical Business Social Potholes and cracks in the road Recovering from disaster…
    6. 6. SharePoint as a product SharePoint is our… File Share Calendar Forms Management System Web Content Management Tool Records Management System Digital Asset Management …universe
    7. 7. SharePoint as a platform SharePoint hosts my… Time Tracker Help Desk Center FAQ Center Event Planning Productivity Hub Inventory Tracker Knowledge Base Lending Library Asset Tracker …which keeps my business moving forward.
    8. 8. common challenges
    9. 9. common challenges triangle
    10. 10. it can boggle the mind…
    11. 11. technical challenges Authentication and Authorization External Accessibility and Extranets System Scalability and Caching Search Usability / Client Integration User Interface Design and Branding Application Lifecycle Management Migration Challenges New Capabilities Introduced Training 3rd Party Products and Integrated Systems
    12. 12. business challenges System Adoption Design of System Accessibility of System Lack of Features Lack of Federation Business Process Management Resource Availability and Training Multi-Generational Culture Differences Hosting Solutions – To the Cloud? Mobile, Disconnected and Distributed Workforces IT Shops disconnected from Business Users
    13. 13. social challenges What is „Social‟? Disabling or not planning for OOTB functionality of MySites, Audiences, etc. Information Silos Lack of / Too much Governance No planning for structured metadata Not leveraging folksonomy, ratings, etc. Lack of Directory Structure Impacts Active Directory information (Manager, Reports, etc.) Findability of sites, communities and documents
    14. 14. typical user base They‟re not technically savvy They don‟t want to deal with “the SharePoint” They want results
    15. 15. bad practices andpain points
    16. 16. planning Do you have a plan? Ensure business, technical, and social plans align. “If you have no plan, you plan to fail.”
    17. 17. technically speaking… howd we get here? Did we have a plan in place? Development Guidelines? Architecture Plans and System Design Document? Implementation Documents? Change management plans? Requirements Traceability matrixes? Did we have a vision or business case for the use of SharePoint in place? Did we have a visioning group work to define needed capabilities and solutions? What about Agile development methods?
    18. 18. what didnt we do right? Lack of Governance surrounding several key areas: Business Drivers for what the system is for Development Guidelines Infrastructure Processes Architecting for the future Deployment to the user community
    19. 19. development disasters Source Control Management Development Methodologies Release based, Waterfall, Agile? Test Driven Development (Nunit, TypeMock) Separate Development and Quality Assurance Environments Solution Types and Issues Farm Based Solutions Sandboxed Solutions
    20. 20. typical coding practices
    21. 21. more development disasters Features, Web Part Packs, Solution Packages Scoping of Solutions Solution Behavior (bin / GAC / Sandbox) Install, Deploy, Retract, Remove Knowing the differences between a site definition, a web template, and a master page… Branding matters Lack of Documentation Requirements, Design, Implementation Disposing of Objects Properly
    22. 22. enterprise infrastructure processes IT Governance & Service Level Agreement Source Sean McDonough @spmcdonough Capacity Planning System Maintenance Disaster Recovery Continuity of Operations RTO / RPO / RLO
    23. 23. operations and maintenance Scheduled and Emergency/Unscheduled Maintenance Time Deploying code without testing in a staging environment Lack of regression path Disaster Recovery Business Continuity of Operations
    24. 24. knowing your tools
    25. 25. what‟s in your IT Pro toolbox? STSADM & PowerShell PSConfig arguments Custom PowerShell Cmdlets CHM files of TechNet SP Admin Toolkit and Diagnostic Management Studio SQL Analyzer & Maintenance Plans ULS Log Spy Viewer Free Trials from ISVs 
    26. 26. alternativeapproaches
    27. 27. turning the ship around… Approach Execution Planning Documentation Governance
    28. 28. the approach What‟s the problem we‟re trying to solve? Being able to define both the mission and the vision… Project Planning and Execution PMBOK DMAIC Agile Define Business Rules, Processes, and Requirements
    29. 29. planning Start off with the governance checklist… SharePoint 2007 - http://go.spdan.com/xeurd SharePoint 2010 - http://go.spdan.com/sp2010gov Use the sample project plans… SharePoint 2007 - http://go.spdan.com/hmewo SharePoint 2010 - http://go.spdan.com/sp2010project Firm up your stakeholders and work to define solutions that meet their needs… Hire a SharePoint consultant to assist…
    30. 30. architecting for the future… Vision… Use cases… Planning the enterprise taxonomy and logical architecture… Physical architecture? Logical architecture? Source : http://bit.ly/sps-ref-wssLA http://go.spdan.com/kuouh http://go.spdan.com/2010tech
    31. 31. defining the framework Remaining rigidly flexible for change… Planning for Data Partitions and Software Boundaries… Disaster Recovery - both big and small Defining governance and use of the system Site Quotas MySites Site Creation Process User Permissions SharePoint Designer Solution Types (Sandboxed vice Farm) Disaster Recovery Plan
    32. 32. misconceptions and gotchas Recycle Bin Disaster Recovery “Oops” Recovering across Domains Consolidating and Migrating Build Numbers Workflow History Governance Social
    33. 33. governance Roles and Responsibilities Business Rules and Policies System Usability and User Acceptance Infrastructure Implementation and Maintenance Processes Software Development Guidelines Architecture Change Management Training It’s not just a piece of paper
    34. 34. governance …shouldn‟t be defined by a single individual …shouldn‟t just be technical in nature …should take into consideration the purpose of the system …will make or break your deployment …must be flexible to change …determined by a committee and revisited
    35. 35. service management Determining realistic service level agreements Providing adequate staffing to meet your end user needs Keeping the end user in mind
    36. 36. documentation Develop Use Cases to test against Regression Testing Plan – Test all cases you create QA Use the architecture planning documentation examples available from Microsoft SharePoint 2007 - http://go.spdan.com/efpxr SharePoint 2010 - http://go.spdan.com/yfeqp
    37. 37. more documentation SharePoint Online development guide - http://go.spdan.com/cmzbm SharePoint App Dev Guidance SharePoint 2007 - http://go.spdan.com/sp-dev-aug09 SharePoint 2010 - http://go.spdan.com/dwyee Implementation Guides Communications Training Onboarding User Documentation
    38. 38. execution Make sure that stakeholders, users, designers and developers are going in the same direction Visioning Team Business Requirements and Solutions Development Change Control Board Communicate with the business Incorporate feedback and evaluations
    39. 39. defining a framework for success Figure out what the system will be doing before deployment… cast a vision and stick to it! Ensure process and governance are developed and used not only for Developers and Designers, but for the end user. Keep the user base informed, don‟t expect them to go in the web part gallery on a regular basis - explain what‟s new!
    40. 40. striving forward Implement feedback mechanisms Review and refine processes and procedures Adapt to the needs of the user base and organization Remain rigidly flexible
    41. 41. at the end of the day
    42. 42. questions &evaluations