Sport and pedagogy, improving performance


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  • In many ways performance is when we can show who we are to everyone who is willing to listen, watch and learn about we do and why we train about the inner workings of our mind. But why improve and enhance these actions and movements?
  • There are forces seen all throughout sports
  • Even though we work for our dreams by doing actions that requireforce to create the given desire
  • not only to create movement
  • but also to give meaning to the term motivation.
  • Motivation is something that is used to encourage and create desires to aspire to, barriers to over come
  • restrictions to avoid when we continue down paths.
  • These motivations come from many sources, but many from those that promote the sports, those that create the foundations of ones interests become the motivation.
  • Who then becomes responsible for the improvements and the new found understandings,
  • The coach or the athlete
  • Who is a coach? A father? A mate?
  • A leader? A teacher?
  • A coach is anything from a friend to an enemy.The motivation used by coaches varies from angry to kind.
  • A coaches understanding and use of power and authority is reliant on that of the Athlete.Coaches are teachers who stand and share there understand with others, and showing their knowledge and capability through athletes
  • Is it the coaches who motivate and create perfectly structured training sessions?
  • The sessions that can specifically target an athletics weakness and even improve the athlete’s injury
  • Who can tell if that is the best type of motivation?
  • An athlete, what is an athlete?Someone who trains mindlessly till achieving his or her goals? Someone who is strives for a goal and continues to succeed on a personal level even with failure?
  • An athlete’s motivation can come from many sources family, coaches and friends, but most importantly with athletes the self-motivation.
  • The human brain controls all the muscles in the body, try considering a theory that allows all humans to have the same ability as an athlete.
  • OrIs it the athletes themselves create the need and desire to improve their performance? That would put the use of motivation to be that on a self-coaching scale, determined only by the athlete to process and control a chemical energy to complete a task and improve an action.
  • Unfortunately no one will ever know the answer to these questions, but while we continue to strive for the perfect way to improve an ability to build on skills
  • created by enjoyment,
  • Created by family influences
  • Created by simply willingness for competition
  • We can never justify this thing we do all we can do is strive to achieve the highest treat everyday has a new beginning and embrace every learning opportunity
  • Sport and pedagogy, improving performance

    1. 1. What is performance?
    2. 2. Exerting force
    3. 3. Movement
    4. 4. Desires and barriers
    5. 5. Pathway
    6. 6. Promoting sport and creating sporting interest
    7. 7. New understandings
    8. 8. Who is a coach?
    9. 9. Friend or enemy
    10. 10. For the athlete through the athlete
    11. 11. Injury and weakness
    12. 12. What is the best type of motivation
    13. 13. What is an athlete
    14. 14. Self-motivation
    15. 15. Human brain
    16. 16. Enjoyment
    17. 17. Family influence
    18. 18. Competition
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