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Intersection of Creativity and Sports

Revised deck with commentary in each slide.

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Intersection of Creativity and Sports

  1. 1. Creativity and Sports Anuj Magazine Director, Product Development Citrix Inc. Linkedin: Twitter: @anujmagazine Guest Lecture for the MBA students of Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Bengaluru. Co-presented with Tathagat Varma.
  2. 2. Does Sports suppress creative genius of a person or Does it help augment it ? Exhibiting Creativity in Sports is difficult, if not impossible, because letting your body follow the creative thoughts are a tad tougher than letting your mind follow creative input.
  3. 3. Creativity involves Breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.- Edward De Bono
  4. 4. Valeri Brumel (1964)
  5. 5. Dick Fosbury (1968) Dick Fosbury turned the proven technique in the sport of Long Jump quite literally upside down, and left a
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  7. 7. Derek Drouin (2016) Such was Fosbury’s legacy that since 1968, when he broke the set patterns and demonstrated this technique for the first time- almost all the medalists at Olympics (since then) have followed the technique he championed.
  8. 8. Derek Drouin (2016) Fosbury’s Innovative technique was an Inflection point in the history of Long Jump. It raised the bar in an unprecedented way.
  9. 9. Pele wasn’t the inventor of bicycle kick as it existed before him but he executed it to such perfection that it came to be known on his name. This involved rethinking the way a football can be kicked.
  10. 10. A cricket shot named Dilscoop- - Tilakaratne Dilshan was practicing the normal scoop but couldn’t get it right. - Because he was a bottom handed player and didn’t have much flexibility in moving to execute the shot. - So he decided to stay still and try. After a lot of practice and even getting hit on the head, he got it.
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  12. 12. Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and its produced the most extraordinary results in human culture- Ken Robinson
  13. 13. - Produnova Vault, also called as “Vault of Death,” which consists of hurling oneself into the air, flipping into two-and-a-half somersaults, and landing on your feet. - The namesake of the Produnova was Yelena Produnova, a Russian who debuted the technique in 1999. It never got her the gold, but it sure got her a ton of attention.
  14. 14. Oksana Chusovitina, Uzbekistan- Rio 2016 - The move is so difficult that attempting it can increase the judge’s base scores, but failure could literally mean death. - One wrong move and the gymnast’s neck can crack, her head can split open, and she can become paralyzed. - In other words, it takes guts to do the Produnova. - When the New Yorker asked gold-medal Olympian Simone Biles why she doesn’t try the Produnova, she replied, “I’m not trying to die.”
  15. 15. This slide as an Animated GIF, may not appear animated on slideshare. - Dipa Karmakar from India was able to use her imagination and put her body behind the thought of executing Produnova and was able to execute with perfection. - In Build-up to Rio Olympics she executed this move more than 1000 times and no longer calls it a Vault of death.
  16. 16. Creativity is a Phenomenon whereby something new and somehow valuable is formed.- Wikipedia
  17. 17. This slide as an Animated GIF, may not appear animated on slideshare. SABR basically involves Federer advancing to his opponent’s second serve to hit a half-volley right on the edge of the service box before rushing the net. An extraordinarily difficult shot, involving a high degree of risk, like all good ideas, wasn’t universally well received.
  18. 18. How “The Medici Effect” impacts Sports ?
  19. 19. ABD’s outrageously innovative shots are not taught by coaches, and cannot be taught, for that matter. Its his extraordinary multi-sport background helps him.
  20. 20. Karate made Rahane tough. He learnt to show his aggression with his deeds rather than mere words.
  21. 21. Group Creativity in Sports
  22. 22. V. Anand and his team: - Mix of nationalities: Uzbeks, Poles, Indian - Support staff, computer specialists, logistics organizers
  23. 23. Does Education Augments Creativity of Sportspersons ?
  24. 24. ulius Yego (Kenya) Won Silver in Rio Olympics in velin throw. earnt Javelin through YouTube deos
  25. 25. What does Bekoji (Ethopia), Texas (US), Sansarpur (Punjab, India) and Gopichand Academy (Hyderabad, India) have in common ? These places Institutionalized innovation in Sports and produced Olympic champions 1. Bekoji: long-distance runners who’ve won 16 Olympic medals in 20 years. 17000 population 2. State of Texas in US: Rio - Gold Medals: US 46, GB 27, China/Texas 26 3. Sansarpur: 14 Olympic Hockey players from a total population of 4000 odd. 7 Hockey player in 1968 Olympics. 4. Gopichand Academy: 12% of India’s medals (other than Hockey from this academy)
  26. 26. Recap - Exhibiting Creativity in Sports is difficult because letting your body and mind follow the creative thoughts are a tad tougher than letting your mind alone follow creative input. - Successful Sportspersons are the ones who put their imagination to work and break the usual "Traps of thinking". - Maximizing Individual brilliance in Sports also needs an Group creatively finding a way.