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Outdoor games


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Outdoor games

  2. 2. CRICKET<br />Cricket is a game of two teams between eleven players. It is played with the bat and ball as well as it is divided into six over. Cricket game is established with the team sport. It is the most popular sport in the world.<br />All batsman plays the ball with the wooden type of cricket bat and the remaining members of the bawler's team stand with the different positions. In this game if the batsman not out, then they run between the wickets and exchanging ends with the second batsman.<br />Two-on fields umpires preside over a match. One empire stands on the behind of the bawler's wicket and the other one stands with a side view of the batsman<br />The main purpose of the bawler's team is to get the each batsman out and the purpose of the batting team is to score as many runs.<br />
  3. 3. HOCKEY<br />Hockey game is played on the natural grass, gravel, sand based and water based artificial turfs. It is played with the very small hard ball. This type of game was included in the modern Olympic games in 1908. <br />It is the game of 11 players between two teams which is completely against with each other and using their 'hooked' sticks to hit, pass, push and dribble a small, hard, usually white, ball, with one aim in mind-to score the more points by getting their ball into a opponent's goal.<br />It is played outdoors on a grass and synthetic field. Hockey became an Olympic sport in the 1908.<br />The first hockey club was organized in blackheath in the 1861. The first international match was played between England and Ireland in 1895.Hockey sports is very popular in India when the British regiments played the game in India and introduced it in the British Indian regiments who quickly picked up the game.<br />
  4. 4. Golf is the sport game in which the players are using several types of clubs and hits a ball into each hole on the golf course in the lowest possible number of strokes.<br />Golf equipment basically encompasses into various items that are used to play the sport of golf. Players usually carry many types of clubs during the game. In this game, there are three types of club that is irons, woods and putters. Golf is played with in the area of land that is designated by a golf course.<br />The clubs of the golf game are divided into six types such as woods, irons, wedges, hybrid woods and putters. In the golf games, the players are sinking the small ball with the few strokes into consecutive holes and the hole is divided into three primary areas like A putting green area, Flat starting point and A fairway.<br />
  5. 5. tennis<br />Tennis is a game of two players and between two players of two team. Along with its millions of players and millions of people follow the tennis as a spectator sport. It is played at all levels of society as well as by all ages in many countries around the world. Now the tennis is the Olympic sport.<br />It is played on a rectangular court of a grass and a flat surface area. The court for single matches is 78 feet (23.77 m) long and its width is 27 feet. The net is high at the 3 feet in the center and 3 feet 6 inches high at the posts. Net is also divided it into two equal ends as well as it is parallel with the base lines also. The court for double matches is 36 feet (10.97 m).<br />
  6. 6. badminton<br />Badminton is a sport which is played with the racquet between two opposite players or two opposite pairs. These two opposite players and pairs take the position on opposite sides of the rectangular and it is divided by a net.<br /> All players are score the points by just striking the shuttlecock with their racquet so that it passes over the net and land in their opponents half of the court. The name of shuttlecock is the shortened to shuttle.<br />The full width of the badminton court is 6.1 meters and the full length is 13.4. But the width of badminton in single is reduced to 5.18 meters. Generally the net is high, at the edges of 1.55 meters and high in the center of 1.524 meters. In order to play the badminton you need the shots, a net, racket, shuttlecock, short sleeve shirt.<br />In this game the court is fixed in two by the net. If you want to score the points, then you just hit the ball over the net to the opponent's side and the shuttle cannot be out of the markings on the ground. <br />
  7. 7. football<br />Football is the game which is played on the rectangular grass. It is played with the ball. In this game, the goalkeeper is the only player who allowed to use their hands and arms to propel the ball. <br />The main purpose of the game is to score by maneuvering the ball into the opposing goal and the remaining members of the goalkeeper are use their feet to kick the ball into a position. The team that scores the most goals by the end of the match wins.<br />The width of the fields for the non-international matches is in the range of 50-100 yards and the length is in the range of 100-130 yards. The international adult matches may be 64-75 meters in width and the 100-110 meters in length. In the front of each goal, there is also a one area for the penalty.<br />The basic equipment for the players are required to wear a footwear, shorts, socks, shirt and adequate shin guards. But the goalkeeper must wear the clothing for the easily distinguishable from that worn by the other players and the match officials. <br />
  8. 8. BASEball <br />Baseball is a bat and ball sport which is contested by a two teams and it is usually of nine players each. Players on one team take the turns into hitting them while the other team members tried to stop the running scores. The goal of a game is scoring more and more points which is called the runs. If you are interested to play the baseball game, then you need a helmet, a ball, bat, a baseball field, catcher's gear if you are a catcher and a uniform.<br />The field is divided into four basis numbered counter-clockwise, first, second and third bases are cushions shaped as 15 in squares and the fourth base they form a square with sides of 90 feet.<br />
  9. 9. Basketball is the game of five players between the two teams. Each player try to score the highest point. In this game, the players are throwing a ball through the 10 feet of high hoop under the some organized rules and it is the most popular sports in the world. Generally the games are played in four quarters of 10 (international) and 12 minutes (NBA). But the college games are used the two twenty minutes halves while the high school games used the eight minutes quarter.<br />Basket ball<br />In the basketball, most of the courts are made of wood. The conditions and rules of the basketball are:   The ball may be batted and thrown in any condition with the one or both hands.  Arms and body must not be used for holding the ball.   The ball must be held by the hands.   The umpire shall be judge of the men and shall note the fouls while the referee shall be the judge of the ball and shall decide weather the ball is inbounds, in play and shall keep the time   A goal shall be made in that case when the ball is batted or thrown from the grounds into the basket.   If the ball goes over the backboard and hits the top or side of the backboard, then the ball is out of play<br />
  10. 10. VOLLEYBALL<br />Volleyball is a popular sport that is played professionally, as well as in recreational leagues, on school teams, in backyards, sandlots, or beaches.  The game of volleyball can be enjoyed virtually anywhere a net can be set up, including over a swimming pool.  A typical volleyball game uses six players on each side.<br />  The aim is to deliver the ball over the net and "ground" it (have it touch the ground) on the opposing side while preventing the ball from touching the ground on their side .<br />The regulation volleyball court is a rectangle, 18 meters by 9 meters divided into two equal squares by the center line.  Above the center line spans a taut horizontal net that is 2.43 meters above the court.  The net is 9.5 meters long, and 1 meter deep.  The mesh features squares that are 10 centimeters wide.  The volleyball is 65-67 centimeters in circumference and 250-260 grams in weight.  The outside is leather, over a bladder of rubber or similar material.  It must be of one color and cannot have any laces.  Volleyball uniforms consist of a vest or jersey, shorts, kneepads, and rubber or leather shoes without heels.  Team members wear the same color and may play in numbered track suits during cold weather.<br />
  11. 11. SQUASH <br />Squash tennis is an American variant of squash racquets, but played with a ball and racquets that are closer to the equipment used for lawn tennis, and with somewhat different rules. For younger players the game offers the complexity of squash racquets and the speed of racquetball. It also has exercise and recreational potential for older players.<br />Squash tennis is played in various four-walled courts. The front wall (against which the ball is served) features a telltale (usually clad in tin) at the bottom couple feet from the floor, a service line about 6 feet (1.8 m) from the floor, and an out-of-bounds line around 16 feet (4.9 m) from the floor. The back wall out line is 4.5 feet (1.4 m) from the floor. There are two required lines on the floor: a service line about 10 feet (3.0 m) from the back wall, and a center court line running at least from the front wall to the service line. Unlike a squash racquets court, there are no service boxes. Required equipment is fairly simple and inexpensive: junior tennis racquets and standard lawn tennis ball. In decades past, modified tennis balls were manufactured for the game. They had higher pressure and were slightly smaller than tennis balls. <br />
  12. 12. THANK YOU<br />