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Cricket basics


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Cricket basics

  1. 1. Cricket
  2. 2. Origin Of Cricket Evidence suggests it was played in England in the 12th- 13th century In 1744 the London Cricket Club produced what are recognizably the rules of modern cricket
  3. 3. Some basics of Cricket There are currently 96 cricket playing nations in the world In the U.S., there are 29 established leagues, 500 clubs and over 10,000 players.
  4. 4. The Cricket Field The field consists of a large circular or oval-shaped grassy ground. There are no fixed dimensions for the field but its diameter usually varies between 137 m to 150 m. There are four main parts in a cricket field: Pitch Close Infield Infield Outfield
  5. 5. Some more basics 11 player per team 2 batsmen are in action at a time 1 bowler bowls 1 wicket keeper 9 fielders 2 umpires 2 sets of wickets on each side
  6. 6. Batsman
  7. 7. Bowler
  8. 8. Fielders
  9. 9. Wicket keeper
  10. 10. Umpires and Scorers
  11. 11. Bats, balls and wickets The ball is hard leather-seamedThe bat is made of wood and has the A wicket consists of three stumps thatshape of a blade topped by a are hammered into the ground, andcylindrical handle. topped with two bails.
  12. 12. More equipment…. Helmet Batting gloves Pads Box Rib protectors, shoulder pads, arm pads
  13. 13. And the very basic rules about cricket ? The people from Menorca Cricket Club will explain you how to play ,so pay attention to the explanations. Let’s go and enjoy