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A Bird in the Hand: Leveraging ILL Requests to Improve Electronic Resource Access


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Presenter(s): Jeffrey Mortimore, Jessica Garner, Jermaine Bryant, Jessica Williams.
Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests reveal a lot about our collections, from development needs to access issues. This session focuses on how ILL and Technical Services personnel at Georgia Southern University are using ILL request information to troubleshoot and improve electronic resource access across our collections.

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A Bird in the Hand: Leveraging ILL Requests to Improve Electronic Resource Access

  1. 1. A Bird in the Hand: Leveraging ILL Requests to Improve Electronic Resource Access Jeffrey M. Mortimore Jessica Garner Jermaine Bryant Jessica Williams JM
  2. 2. Agenda • ILL – The Ultimate ERA Feedback Loop • Self-Borrowing • Teachable Moments • eTeam Troubleshooting Queue & ILL • Troubleshooting Examples • Borrowing-Related Issues • Lending-Related Issues •Observations & Next Steps JM
  3. 3. ILL – The Ultimate ERA Feedback Loop: GPM Self-Borrowing JG We fill our own requests!
  4. 4. ILL – The Ultimate ERA Feedback Loop: Teachable Moments
  5. 5. eTeam Troubleshooting Queue & ILL: The More You Mediate, The More You Manage Discovery Layer… • Mountains of metadata (306 million “full text” records; 1.037 billion total searchable records) • Vastly varied metadata quality and access Multiple (partially-overlapping) access points… • Discover @ Georgia Southern • Gil Find • GIL Classic • GIL Universal • Worldcat (3 flavors) • Vendor portals • Google Scholar JM How many links are you really responsible for?
  6. 6. eTeam Troubleshooting Queue & ILL: One Troubleshooting Queue to Rule them All • All ERA troubleshooting requests routed to the eTeam • Requests are processed as support tickets using a LibAnswers queue • Allows easy movement of requests between technical and public services • Requests submitted via online form or dedicated email address JM All eTeam members belong to queue. eTeam leader manages triage, assignment, and closure of tickets. All tickets triaged using a three-part tier scheme.
  7. 7. eTeam Troubleshooting Queue & ILL: Our Biggest (and Best) Customer • 520 tickets resolved in FY16 • 115 tickets originating with ILL (22.1%) • Borrowing – false negatives • Lending – false positives • Both – access & usability improvements • Most tickets have broader impact JM Source Closed Tickets Percent of Total Access Services 3 0.6% Library Administration 8 1.5% C&RS (eTeam) 253 48.7% ILL 115 22.1% ISD (Reference & Instruction) 113 21.7% Other Sources 28 5.4%
  8. 8. • Authentication • Discover/ Catalog errors • Incorrect metadata • SFX access • False Holdings • Technology issues from databases • Where is the Find It button? • WorldCat/ Google JG Examples
  9. 9. Database access… Where did it go?
  10. 10. False Holdings JB
  11. 11. No Databases found
  12. 12. Listed in A-Z listing but not catalog.
  13. 13. Where is Find IT? JW
  14. 14. SFX – Error Messages JW
  15. 15. ILLiad Request- Bad Metadata JW
  16. 16. False Negative Verifying citation information in Google for a requested article title can reveal free access for items owned through our institution, but a search of all Henderson access points shows that the item is not owned. JW
  17. 17. Observations and Next Steps Observations… • Every access-related ILL request is an ERA troubleshooting request • Evaluate access at every conceivable access point Next Steps… • Develop FAQ materials to support ILL-related reference consultations • ILL – A year from now we hope that Georgia Southern isn’t our top library that we borrow from. JM & JG
  18. 18. Questions? • Jeffrey M. Mortimore, Discovery Services & Data Curation Librarian • Jessica Garner, ILL Librarian • Jermaine Bryant, ILL Lender • Jessica Williams, ILL Borrower, Shelving Supervisor